Wednesday, January 30, 2013


With pimping out my sales....I never got the finished faceups of Alexes up!

Little Alex (Dollmore Kid boy Pado)
smLittle new faceup1

Teen Alex (Tween ((Dollmore Eve Liebe Klum - Zaoll hybrid ftm))
smTween new face1

Alex I (Dollmore Kara Klum)
 smALEX I new face2

 I'm not sure how I feel about Little Alex. It's kind of dark, which I wanted...but I keep thinking "he's not the same!!" which is usually the goal, so that's weird for me. His eyebrows are a little uneven, something I didn't see until I took the photos - now it's all I can see! I don't know....It may not last.

Tween is fine, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Alex. I can't believe it took me so long to redo him. This is the best he's ever looked. He's actually got a new wig on now, one that took a million boilings and an evening of cutting like crazy to get into some kind of shape, but he looks good now. He stole David's camo pants.

So there they are! I need to trim a few eyelashes I think, but other than that (and Little Alex), they're pretty good! :D

In other news, Boo v2 came over the weekend. I was kind of....unhappy with him at first. He's huge, much bigger than I thought when I ordered him, the Ro head doesn't look anything like the pictures, he is way more mature-looking than I thought he would be....and I made him a wig I ended up not liking. It's been raining like crazy for days so he's not faceuped, and I haven't modded him yet for the same reason - but also because I was debating not keeping him....or at least getting him a different body. He's not good on the girl body, I tried that....and Lucifer isn't good on the new boy body like I'd hoped he would be. It was kind of a mess.

I took him to work with me for the last few days and finally last night made a different wig. HOLY CRAP what a difference!! He's so much better now. I think I'm good with him....

smbig boo1

The new DZ is spectacular, so I'm really hoping to get over the size issue and deal with it. Alex has always been a little on the small side, so maybe he would be littler than Boo....
The clothes I ordered are fabulous, Dollzone has come a long long way from the last clothes I bought from them. His ears are the Leeke ear of bunny I've had for a million years. They have yellowed a lot, but it's not bothering me....I can't wait for my DM order to get here so he can try on those puffy shorts X3

Now if only I had time for a faceup....


  1. The Alexes look great! I love how you do face ups! The lips especially are very impressive!

    Who is Boo? Another character you are attempting to dollify? I think he looks good but I'm not sure what you were going for so I suppose my opinion on that doesn't help much! I hope you can figure out something to help him work for you!

    1. Thank you! :D

      Uuuuuh Boo is a...thing. He's an imaginary yet not imaginary friend of Alex as a child. I have him as a doll already, for Baby Alex (he's a Soom Ai on a LTF body) this is the more "grown-up" version, for Little Alex so he can has a friend too. He won't get any bigger than this unless I win the lottery or something, and have nothing better to do than build a giant Boo out of different doll parts and hard-to-find heads XDD
      He gets weird as he gets bigger. And scary D:

      In my sketch blog I fail to update I have sketches of what Boo should look like....sorta....

    2. why can't I make links work in this stupid thing?! I fail at life.