Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here we have

Spring. At 30°. IT'S COLD!! And it's supposed to snow!! Sometime this week.

Ugh. I'm over this weather.

So I'm caught in some drama over in my DA that's got me down now, and I decided to go on and post the two not-so-great shots of my newest in an attempt to cheer up. I took them yesterday afternoon at lunch, so they're nothing special.

michele 1

This is Volks Michele Summer Night's Phantom version, which is the version I saw new, many years ago when he was first released. I was totally smitten by him for some reason I don't even know. I wasn't a fan of volks at the time, and this kind of proportion didn't appeal to me at all. Still I thought he was fabulous, and dreamed of someday owning one and naming him Panda. I'm not sure why I was set on that name...but there you go. Fast forward to nows and YAY HERE HE IS!!!

In all the fantastic fullset I'm not sure I even care about lol other than it has left me with no doubt I got the real thing (I know there were Michele recasts, so I was a little paranoid to buy blank heads with no papers or anything). And a temporary faceup and wig for him while I figure out what I'm going to do with him. Well, I know, but gathering clothes and finding time to work on his new faceup will take time, so he's at least got this.

The outfit sorta fits Tween, though it's a little big, and the jacket (not pictured) is too big for both of them. He may wear parts of this (I love the necklace - it might be his sword) but probably not the whole thing, and certainly not the wig or eyes once I chip out all that hot glue :P

So say hi to Ai lol
Full name: Aiel (goes by Ai or Love)
Occupation: Drummer in the band Fallen
Angel of: Air (Wind, I think) and Music
Twin of: Leiliel (Leila - Volks DWC02)

So he's not Panda. While I was bidding on the first one, then losing it, then winning this one I looked at a lot of angels and Aiel, who only appeared in one entry in one of my books (lesser known Angel, this one) stood out for me. He's also the angel of Sunday and Aries. I'm an aries, so I thought that was nice.

I'll be honest, there was a lot of anxiety over this one. First there was YJ, the shopping service, the fear I paying for something I thought I was buying but actually getting something else, the fear that the seller wouldn't ship to rinkya or that rinkya woudln't ship to me...that he would be damaged in transit, if he ever got to me at all...And the biggest fear of all, that if/when he did get here, I would realize that I didn't care for him so much at all, and I wasted all that money. I was properly freaked out. stressstressstressstressstressstressstressstressstressstressstressstress

So when he finally got here I realized I hadn't had time to really get excited! So my excitement has gone on a few days XD I dragged him to work a couple times, I've changed his clothes and popped out his eyes and cut him a temporary wig and then redressed him back in his fullset an forced the eyes back in. I would have brought him to work again today but he's too big to keep hauling around.

I have to say, my worries about not liking him were just silly lol he's as fabulous as I remember thinking when I first saw him!! I could stare at that weird face all day X3

The only Michele-break I've taken in a week was last night to play with Aishe, as my roommate found his lost wardrobe and he can has clothes again!! Somehow one shirt was still missing...but I may still find it. I'm hoping Alex has it in his trunk somewhere (and since it's small and black I'll never find it) because I've searched all the other wardrobes and it's not there. But Aishe looks more like Aishe and his hands are back and he's awesome again <3

Oh and I got this guy too

flint 1
Poor Little Ashes...he's been a little neglected. He arrived the same day as Michele and I've only managed to string him and make him a wig...No face yet. That brings my total to four. Four dolls I have blank. Actually it's five. That's sick...

At least two of my commissions and my one freelance job are done. Maybe I'll find time. I need to get that Volks head done's body is coming and I need to take good pictures of it for the contest....and I y'know, need to like the faceup. That's going to be tough...and this weekend is shot already. Bachelorette party for a friend, lunch with my Mom and oh, yeah, a dollmeet at my apt. *dies*
I'm exhausted thinking about it!!!

Seriously, I'm so tired sleep. I was freezing all night, I thought maybe I was getting sick until my cat crawled under the covers with me.....he NEVER does that. He must have been freezing too...stupid drafty apartment. Stupid freezing spring weather.

I think I'll go in search of more coffee...


QUICK EDIT: I have a Volks SD10 boy body on the way for my DWC02 head now...Bought and paid for last week, but shipped today! Yay! Ai's twin! And, other than Gabriel's body which I'm hoping will also be on the way soon, the Nappy Choo, a possible birthday doll, and some extra or replacement heads, my last doll of the year...srsly. I'm done lol
Too much work on the current crew to worry about... Not to mention I ran out of space about 4 SDs ago...O_o


  1. First of all CONGRATS!!! ON GETTING YOUR VOLKS!!!! He is soooo cool I can not wait to see more. Second that chick on dA needs punched in the throat it makes me mad she is doing that to you and I know what you mean about wanted to avoid it and worrying about what random people will think when they see what was said. You did nothing wrong and you know that but the online realm is not a realm of truth all the time. I hate that she did that and has made a safe and fun place to share the things you love has been tarnished. I think I honestly would punch her in the throat and I am not a violent person at all!!

    Second DOLLIES SO MANY NEW DOLLIES!!! Also I don't know if I told you but I bought a DC mini and she is SOOO CUTE I need to post pictures but you and your roomies posts on the what fits thread has been a life saver!!!

    1. That thing on DA really got to me. It was so violating...It really upset me and pissed me off like burning. I kept wanting to scream at her. Or kick her or something.

      Thank you for your comments **hughughughughughughug** it means a lot <33

      DOLLS!!! Which DC did you get?! And I'm glad we could help lol!! I'm dying to know what she looks like now!!! I love all of them...I have to seriously stop myself from buying more they're so awesome. But I have Alex, I don't really need more (he's enough trouble on his own lol).

      POST PHOTOS!!! pooooooooooooooost!!

    2. I got a DC Debbie she is one of the conjoined twins I need to take pictures I got some cute pants off esty that fit her really well maybe I will do that today she is super cute

    3. I'm not sure why the reply button is always missing, but YAY!! I wanna see her! The roomy had a debbie for awhile but she had to sell her, I thought she was gorgeous though. If you posted piccies gives me a link!!