Monday, April 1, 2013

Selling all my dolls



Ok, I'm not selling all of them, just a few here and there like usual. XD

I'll be listing my Alice in the Labyrinth Elijah head for sale on DOA this week. Also I will probably put up the Sleeping Sist head again, this time for good as I don't think I'll ever do anything with it. Possibly one or two more anthros as well....It's that time. I need to get rid of some of the dolls I have just taking up space. I'll probably post them here first if anyone is interested, then DOA, DA and Dairyland. Cause the more the merrier.

The Elijah hurts. I love that head, it's just gorgeous...but the body I got for her didn't work so well, and the more I looked at her them more I gave up. I spent some time on the MP looking for another head to use in her place and found....well what I found was exactly what I wanted, which was another dream doll of sorts for me. I've had a few of those over the years, and it's possible that this is one of the last...meaning my collection is becoming complete? That's a scary thought. But I guess it's possible. The Elijah was supposed to be the angel Gabriel, the last of the more important of my characters, and the last one I really want as a doll. There's really no need for me to have anyone else (except for Shae I guess...We'll see if that ever happens).

For now, here is a sneak peak at my newest who arrived over the weekend!

CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! Crappy cell phone pic beware....

ibtwbaby alex

This here is a Nappy Choo Popo. When Neo Angel Region or Soom in disguise came up with the Nappy Choo, I thought it was weird and pointless. Then years later I saw one and was smitten. I had to has. It's so cute in person it's kind of sick lol. He has temporary blue eyes on the way, but Dollmore does not make the size I need for him, so I need to find an eye supplier that makes eyes in Alexes color so I can get him some real ones...him and Tiny Alex actually, who's eyes are way too dark, but at least blue.

This poor thing is so tiny...he's smaller than a Pukifee, but a chunk. It poses amazingly well, and is...very detailed D:

I feel weird owning a cute little baby doll. I don't like children, and have never wanted one of my own...but who can resist that little face?! Someday I will have real photos (when his fake eyes get here) but until then this is all you get.

I'm not sure if he can be photographed with an SD doll....I'll have to find a real baby and see how it measures up to a 6' 2" (ish) man....actually, I don't know many men that tall. Dammit....why is everyone around here short?!

So I have yet another Alex. Probably going to be at least one more in the near future (after all my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks *winkwink*), and after that....I can no longer say this will be the last lol. They're like gremlins!! I have to stop getting them wet and feeding them after midnight D:
Maybe it's the dolls I'm getting wet - so they multiply...then feeding after midnight turns them into Alex. D: D: D:
Either way my Alexes have started to freak me out. They are always moving around on the shelf D:
Once they all looked like I walked in in the middle of a fight. I don't set them up that way, they just do it on their own (Snappy Dollmore arms? Or are they finally tired of sitting next to themselves?). They's scary.

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