Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Accidents

So a couple posts back I outlined a doll plan. It was a good plan. A plan I was happy with. Sell some dolls, buy some new dolls to replace those, and add a few. I expanded that plan by putting my Volks Heath head up for sale even though I figured no one would want him. He's not a popular mold, and there are several for sale now. I haven't really been happy with him as Marcus though, so in order to buy a new head for him I had to sell the old one.

Well, things happen. My Midori hasn't sold yet, two layaways I had going fell through, so I didn't have as much doll money as I had hoped I would.....

Migidoll released Mir, which I didn't see coming, so soon after buying the Limhwa Mono. One of the failed layaways was for my Lati, the former former Mini David, so I have both dolls laying around looking like David as I wait for the third Mini-David's head.

I put the DC body on layaway as planned, and had some left over for one of the other things I would now need thanks to the failed transactions - a body for mini-Aishe, or Mini-Anna's head. I was waiting on a DIM head that would be the next Cassiel, so she needed a body and I decided I wanted Dollmore. Easy, I had just about enough but I wanted to wait for the head to get here first.

Head shows up, and as soon as I take it out, I know it's not going to work. She's gorgeous, but too small, and just not Cassiel. Boo.

Then I find a Bluefairy Sarang for a great price on the MP, so on a whim I bought her. So now instead of Cassiel, I have Sauriel. I am in love with this BF girl btw. Seriously, best impulse-yet-not-really-since-I-was-looking-for-a-BF-anyway buy ever. She sat around blank, because I've no time to do anything, for a week.

Friday I was planning on buying a camera at target, with a budget of about $200. I was on the internets trying to decide what I wanted when I realized I really needed to do more I decided to wait a few weeks. But then I had that money burning a hole in my I bought Marcus's new head off the MP - Switch Taeheo - my first choice of a new head for him. Hopefully it fits and looks good on the Granado body D:

I had a commission I was going to do yesterday, which fell through since it was SO FREAKING HUMID!! But I was at a friends house to do faceups, so I did my own. Because if I mess up my dolls, who the hell cares.

Really, don't do faceups in humid\rainy weather. The MSC rubbed off like it wasn't there :\ But whatever, I fixed it...sorta.

Sauriel is amazing. I'm so happy I went on and grabbed that girl. Sarang was in the running for Cassiel, and she's got the Blossum body, and I really wanted a flat-chested May, but crap. She's perfect. I still kinda want the flat chest, but I'm over May. Sarang is Sauriel.

I also brought along Heath. I intended to give him a less character-centric, more accessible faceup for sales, and I sorta fell in love with him >.<
When I got home I made the mistake of trying on wigs and eyes and started thinking about my other dolls...and came to my Fairyland F60 Elf Karsh, Jax, who I never do anything with. He takes up space. I had already thought about selling him and decided against it. Karsh is still one of my favorite sculpts and he's a limited head I would not be able to get again. Also my first eye-opening and I really really love him. But I still don't need him sitting around collecting I unstrung him, restrung him without the neck part, and put the Heath head on the F60.

Terrible match and proportion is a bit off imo, but hey, new doll.

About 20 minutes later I dragged out poor Uriel, and put his head on the F60 body and Heath on the taller Souldoll body.

Yeah. I wish I'd done this 6 months ago.

First, Miho is one of my top favorite doll sculpts. Uriel is probably my second\third favorite character after Alex...he used to be my other favorite doll until I ruined him by selling off my first Miho and going through 3 other sculpts before going back to Miho. His Delf body was a mess and I lvoed the Souldoll body but god it was too tall. There is a huge difference between 60 and 64 cm and seriously, Uriel should not be as tall as David. But it looked good, and he wore his clothes well, so I dealt. But I never do anything with him...

He looks amazing on the F60 body. AMAZING. It's short, has broadish shoulders so he looks slim not chunky like the Delf body. I love the F60, it's not kicky and it poses so well I've always thought it was wasted on a doll I never touch...but now Uriel looks like he should. Just like he should!!

My Heath is much better on the Souldoll body (he doesn't match at ALL, but I'll worry about that later - the only reason Uriel matches the F60 is because he was already blushed to match the SD body), and I've made him into a character I kind of wanted since getting Sauriel...Raziel. As Raziel, he's wearing the eclipse21 wig I had ordered in the wrong shade of blond for Alex, and have never used.

Now I don't have to go through the stress of selling my Heath, who I actually do like, I get a character I'll enjoy more than one I made up for a doll (Jax) and the only money I have to spend on him is for a suit, since that's all Raziel wears. Raziel and Sauriel are both tied to my other dolls, and the whole group is a little more...cohesive. And Uriel is perfect again. The most important.

Cassiel is still up in the air...but if Midori ever sells I'll deal with her.

I am crossing my fingers like mad that my Migidoll Mir head fits the other body I have so I can use my Limhwa Mono to make a Mini-Uriel, cause I would love to keep that doll. And I really hope the Switch head fits the Granado body. That's where I am now.


  1. I love when body swaps manage to magically fix things! It makes such a big difference. You wouldn't think something like that would, but it does..! Glad to hear that helped you with some things!

    1. It really does!! This is seriously my new favorite thing now. I switched a few more heads since this post lol. I think I ended up with one or two less dolls, and two more heads in the basket, but I was seriously getting ready to sell one I'm happy with yay!