Thursday, June 6, 2013

Photostory crazies

Soooooo....if you're not into my Kara Klum obsession, this may not be the post to read....

I'm back from DollAkon!! Yay! It was tons of fun <3 And A-kon...holy crap. It's HUGE! D:
I wish I'd have taken more pictures. I fail at that.

But I had a great time, I made some new friends (which is always fun), and didn't really want to come home XD
Then I did come home to no internet and work. Yay.

I actually had a table at Artist Alley where we sold stuffs, much of it moved on, but a lot was left, so we're putting it all on Etsy...sometime in the future. Since a portion of it was doll clothes (mostly tshirts), photos have to be taken. The shirts were made for a generic SD13 boy body, figuring that they'll fit a variety of dolls - if a little tight or loose - but because it's me, instead of having a variety wear them for said photos, I just used Alexes.  And since I was off Tuesday, and had no internet, I dragged them all outside into the bug-infested backyard to attempt to get a few usable shots.

I got carried away...

Part of it was because I don't have a group shot of all five of them. I have four, but for all of them but 3 it was at least two faceups ago. And then I got 2.5 so I really needed a new shot of them all a while ago. So my new goal was a few good sales pictures, and one decent group shot. IV refuses to cooperate though because his hair is always a wreck...and really, none of them cooperate. Ever. Especially with each one picture became many...and I ended up with a kind of photostory. I posted it on DOA (my first ever) but I want it here too, because I can add all the "extras". And elaborate. This is my blog, I can do whatever I want! Ha HA *Snake laugh*

Once upon a time, there was Alex.
alex1 1 2
Even though you can't tell, he's happy being the only one.

Then one day, someone new arrived...

comicpg 2 2
Though Alex would have preferred to be alone, he eventually got used to the newcomer.

For a short time, all was well. Yes, there were two of them, but there was still plenty of room, and they didn't have to touch each other much.

group 3 22

It slowly became obvious that this might not end any time soon...

comicpg 32

comicpg 42
heh heh heh there's always room for one more...

Thank you for reading my first (bad) "photostory"!!
Alex I (green shirt): Dollmore Kara Klum
Alex II (purple shirt): Dollmore Thinking Kara Klum - Doll Chateau Youth Boy body - Dollmore hands/feet
Alex 2.5 (pink shirt): Dollmore Thinking Kara Klum
Alex III (blue shirt): Dollmore Cold Heart Broken Kara Klum
Azrael ((sometimes Alex IV)) (grey shirt): Dollmore Cold Heartbroken Thinking Kara Klum
Coming Soon: Azrael V2 ((sometimes Alex V!!))....meh heh heh heh....shut up.

If I ever do this again I'm taking about 3 hours to style their hair first so it's not all over the place D: and the two with jointed hands are either getting their old hands back or cigarettes to hold or something...messing with 5 dolls and 20 jointy fingers is just too much...

In my head, the dynamic of Alexes goes like this: 
I and III do not get along at all
I and III both tolerate II
I, II and III hate being touched. By anyone. (except me. They know who supplies the clothing around here)
2.5 is generally wasted on something, and is a little more touchy-feely than the rest, but because he's the newest, none of them like him.
I thinks he's the boss of everyone.
III is the boss.
Azrael is a whole different creature and none of the general Alex-rules apply to him.
None of them like Azrael, and he's usually indifferent to them all.

Alex I does end up talking to me in the third-to-last panel as he's looking straight at the camera.

Azrael is Death. Just sayin. There's a reason they don't like him.

Alex as a character is somewhat based off my cat Rocky. All his "relationships" with himself remind me of Rocky with all my other pets.

They're all numbered in order of character and of me buying them except 2.5. He took II's body and exists somewhere between II and III so he's totally out of order. With V (still a head - omg lol that's such a bad pun!!), the order goes back to normal. 2.5's just an anomaly.

II and III have always been and still are the most photogenic of all of them, it doesn't matter what they wear, what wig they have, or what faceup they've got...they take the best pictures.

a few more

group 4 3

 alex4 alex3 1alex 2-5 1alex2 1alex1 2
These photos required A LOT of editing (except II and III. they always turn out good).

And this again, because it's my favorite
group 5 2


  1. Look at all the lovely Alexes! They all look really good and it's really neat to see them all together! I knew there were many of them but this definitely gives a better sense of just how many. (And then to think there are all the little ones too!)

    That last picture was my favorite too. Alex I looks so squished and uncomfortable.

    1. Thanks!
      It's kind of weird to look at pictures of them...I see them on the shelf every day, but in a photo it's like I have to admit how many I have (though since one is still missing, not really ha ha).

      Someday I will go completely crazy and get all the versions in a photo!! At least the resin ones.

      He does lol though I think III is my favorite...he looks so pissed to have the others leaning on him.

  2. I love seeing all these Alexes together! You should do more photostories, I'd to read of the continued misadventures of these boys. :)

    1. Thanks! Lol this one almost killed me!! Posing that many dolls...D:

      And really, I didn't really realize how many of them need to be restrung. Like right now. I, III and 2.5 are a disaster. Which is why I(one) never got off the couch. I don't think he can even stand right now...