Monday, July 8, 2013

New dolls, old dolls that are new

So Mini-David's third head arrived today. I swear, I have only had this much trouble shelling a character twice. He's a pain in my ass...but now I know why. I was apparently meant to have bought and not sold two full Davids, so I could end up with one perfect one and a Uriel. And an Aishe. But that's part of another story...

First Migidoll Mir! :D
mini david

This is it!! :D :D It's David!!! For reals this time...I mean, I have thought Ryu was a perfect David since year one, no other mold is close. So finding the perfect Mini-David has been hell....nothing works. Then Migi released Mir. The Migidoll pics were good enough, but really, in person he looks even more like Ryu, the head is large (I hope it's bigger than Colin/Mini-Alex. I think it is, but my perception of size is non-existent when I'm away from the dolls) -- he's perfect!

I'm having a bit of trouble with the bodies...I hope restringing one of them is all I need to do but I bet I have to mod the neck. It's too big. The body in this pic is the Limhwa Mono's actually too small! So Mono will stay with me as Mini-Uriel. I'm pretty sure with a totally different faceup he'll be fine....and he's the right height - about Alex-height.

I hope to get him together tonight. It'll be a late night, but who cares!! I'm dying to see him whole, with a wig and eyes. No face...but that can wait a few days. It has no choice. lol

On to some other dolls...

My Switch head arrived. I had a moment of panic thinking it would be too small, but it's perfect. A faceup later and it's really's exactly what I wanted as Marcus (with the bonus that is I get to keep my V Heath head! :D). Unfortunately I blushed him way too dark :P So eventually I'll have to redo it. The faceup part is pretty good, so this kinda sucks.

My Dollzone Ro has been giving me trouble...I just never liked him. The body is huge, and the head doesn't look like the promo pics. I've waffled off and on about selling him.

Then the mess with the stupid girl arms that are actually boy arms happened. More boo.

A week or so ago, I sat down and took everyone apart again, and forced those stupid arms on the girl turns out that if I flipped them around (right arm on the left and viseverse) they work. They're still big...but Ro has a giant head, so on the girl body I once thought too small for him, the huge arms balance him out! :D
With Ro on the girl body, I was complaining to my RM that I'd have to take all that green and pink blushing off (the body is the one that belonged to my Moon/Renata vines girl - do not fear, she will be back with a better body) and she traded me her unblushed Anson body! So she's got the pretty blushing I liked so much on her flower girl, and I have a blank body to sand the boobs off of! YAY!

Here's the new Boo


Complete with boobs I'll be sanding off as soon as I get the chance (so months from now lol) and
with wig n stuffs


 I still thought he looked a little bobble headed, so I thought I'd move the eyebrows down...I wiped them off and liked that just fine XD so now he's eyebrowless! And in a different outfit (that I LOVE) he looks even better. I am SO happy I didn't sell him.

Also because I moved my bodiless WS SL Scar Breakaway to his old body, so now I have a Mini-Aishe!!

I was so upset when that buyer flaked...but it looks like it was a good thing after all. Aishe would have been too short on a girl body...the DZ one is great. I liked it a lot anyway and didn't want to sell was just too big for poor Boo who was a giant next to Little Alex. Now they're so cute together!

And even though this is getting really really long, a piccy of Trevor, my Volks DWC02. I am in love with this doll, and I swear this is one of the best faceups I have ever done!


I can't get enough of him! I love this head so much I want a second one to be Cassiel. Which is another long story about body-swapping. That's my new theme for 2013...


  1. OMG I am loving the lips on that last face up AMAZING

    1. :D thanks! I really worked hard on his face, I'm happy you like it!

  2. I've been lurking here for a little while now, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love Boo. Everything about him, from his ears to his toes. He's really really adorable and I think you've done a wonderful job on him. I'm really glad you were able to mostly get him where you wanted him with the new body he's on. :) And DAMN but your faceups are gorgeous!

    1. Oh wow, thank you! <33

      Haha I'm glad you like Boo! I have had him in YO-size for years and he tends to creep people out. Could be that he's always nekkid....

      Big Boo was kind of a pain...I'm really happy he turned out after all!

  3. ooh, Boo looks awesome and I'm glad the boy arms worked out when switched around!

    Also dang... that last face up just really pops out at you. It's quite impressive.