Friday, August 2, 2013

long time no post...

It's been a while since I updated....almost a month! That's long for me. But really, I have no reason to update. I've done nothing with my dolls at all. Recently I managed to change a few of them out of clothes they'd been wearing since....april. But other than that... :\

Summer usually means a little break for me but I swear I've been so busy I don't have time for anything! And I've been working on my comic in what spare time I have (I've done really good with those updates!! Until this week...) so that's eaten up my doll time. I have done one or two things...

I got some new eyes for Gambit, they're red now, not orange.

My Luts Fabric Delf came this week.

I ordered some things from rRabit and they came the same day the FD did.

Restrung Alex I with 5mm string. 5mm!! I can't believe he could take it...I got that string for Thomas or Marcus who both really need bigger "bones" to support them. Marcus sucks, his channels are too small for big string, so he's always floppy. But I got it in Alex and now he's a rock. Then I was redressing him (he's a loser now, wearing a torn sweater, wrecked jeans and no shoes) and noticed his knee wasn't right. It wasn't fitting flush together like it should. I thought maybe the bigger string was the problem or that I somehow broke him - and then I saw the other knee was doing the same thing and freaked out that somehow he'd warped or something....and then I realize I had restrung his calves on the wrong leg. After 5 years, and god only knows how many restringings of those guys I still do it wrong....I took his legs off and switched them around and he's good again. But he's been wrong for more than a that alone should tell you how much time I've spent with my dolls lately.

I havn't gotten around to any of the many mods I need to do, which means I have three MD Ryus and one Mir to faceup...and it will never happen if I don't mod them. I have to sand the boobs off Boo....and there's a few other thing I can't even remember now.

The second-hand market has sucked lately (I know it's not just me, I've been paying attention) so nothing I have for sale has sold, meaning I don't have money to complete Cassiel or get Tween his new body or the other few minis I would like to the only thing I'm waiting on is my DC body for Az V2. I'm two-going-on-three payments in but I doubt I'll have it by my fourth payment. DC is still nice and slow and they keep coming out with new stuff to distract them from filling orders.

Mini Uriel has a pair of eyes on order, that's all I'm expecting. When they get in I'll try to get his photo. I'm not sure I like him all that much but maybe with better eyes and clothes he'll be good. It's his mouth...if it didn't have that dimple in it he'd bee fine...I've actually thought about trying to fill it in, but I'm not sure how I feel about mods like that yet. I don't want to ruin him either!

Oh well! That's where I am right now...pretty much nowhere lol

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