Friday, April 10, 2015

A Wishlist for 2015

I'm not in a very good mood right now.

My birthday is this weekend, but so far this whole week has sucked royally (except for last night which was fun)....Work is awful, as it is this time of year -but just gets worse each year. The weather is crap, and I have no time for doll things which usually cheers me up some. I got a flat tire yesterday so now I get to spend all my money on new tires and anything else wrong with my car when I bring it in. I was planning on gifting myself a small doll and possibly a head this weekend - but thanks to my car, that's not happening. And I have Jury duty Monday...and that's just the things I'll actually talk about.

My Sionna still hasn't shipped (which doesn't really count, I still don't expect her and don't expect her soon) and the Fdoll body I purchased second-hand still hasn't shipped yet which is beginning to piss me off.

So basically I'm not looking forward to anything, and life sucks right now.

So to cheer up I thought I'd look at things I can't have XDDD
But it's ok, because I will buy them eventually, and that's good enough.

Well, I'll buy most of them eventually.

The List
Naruya IGO Echo head 
Yeah, this is the one I'll probably never get. He's so elusive I can't find anything when I do a search....just some owner photos and stuff Google refuses to translate. I will pine for him forever.

Withdoll tiny in SG 
What I was going to buy for my birthday and now am not. I really liked Tweedledee's cutes face, but it'll have to wait. I'm sure they'll come out with something I like in the future tho, and as long as it's cute and available in Sweet Green, I'm good.

Volks Dollfie World Cup Head (3)
According to VolksUSA they should be available soon, and I'd really love to enter again, even though I didn't even place last time. It was fun, and I thought it was nice they sent out rejection letters XD so we weren't all sitting around wondering. I like head 3 but might look at 1 again just to make sure. I love my 2 but have issues with him - His faceup IMO is one of my best, but doesn't match his style. So I don't want to wipe it, but I really should....I dunno what to do with him...maybe get another 2 and keep both? XD I've been looking at Volks heads a lot recently, kind of wanting another one, so this is decent timing. I'll probably get 3 if I get any at all.

Supia Ariel head + 63cm body 
The new Gabriel. I have two bodies in mind and I think either would work. One probably poses better but the other is prettier. Neither are set in stone, so I plan to just buy the head for now. Or someday.

Simply Divine Tatsuo head + DM Glamour Model body 
Hopefully he'll be Captain Kirk. He's my front runner along with Granada Uranus. I ordered Uranus as a just-in-case head, but Tatsuo looks like it will work better. Spock was a little smaller than I was expecting and looks great on the Dollmore Glamor body so everyone is getting Dollmore bodies!! Yay!

DM Model Doll Boy body 
For Spock. I requested and got a great photo showing there is very little size difference in the Model and Glamor Model, so for the sake of variety, Spock will be Model, Kirk and Khan get Glamor Model.

BlueFairy TF Boy (possibly Robin)
Well, I can't stop thinking about replacing Raphael, even though I am keeping his current shell - Angel Region Cien. I doubt he'll ever sell as he's not a popular mold, and he really is perfect for the character so I am trying to rework him into something I want, but it's hard as I'm not inspired, can't find his wig, and don't have time or the weather to do a new faceup. So I'm keeping the BlueFairy on my wishlist. Just in case. (I bought a BF body second-hand on the MP...looks like I'm replacing Cien after all! ^^;).

Lillycat Cerisedolls: Ombre
I'm going through a phase where I really want an art-doll and this one is at the top of that want list. Sadly they're going on sale soon...and I won't have money. But I am thinking long-term so I can wait for another sale or maybe find one second-hand or one of the few others I'd like instead.

That's it! I feel like it's a small, doable list other than the bodies....and I'm not in a huge hurry so I can wait, even though I wanted stuff now! lol
If I can stick to said list, maybe I won't end up with so many random dolls and keep it simple this year! One can hope.

I hope everyone is doing well! Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh man I had never heard of that Echo head but it is adorable! How sad that it isn't something that would be easier to get D:

    Very sorry about your car and all the things going wrong at work and such! Happy belated birthday though and I hope it still was okay despite all of those setbacks!

    1. I know, it kills me that I can't find one. I have been looking forever!! Well, a couple years anyway. I only know of one person who has one, and they have two! I should ask her how she got them...

      The car didn't turn out too bad. It was at least $100 less than I was expecting and I got a lot done (two new tires, front end alignment and small stuff fixed to pass inspection, plus inspection) so I guess it was worth it. And new tires are so fun!! I almost can't wait to replace the other two.

      Thanks, it was ok. Dog's birthday is the day after mine, so we had a birthday outing XD

    2. Awww! your dog is adorable! Happy belated birthday to your dog as well!

      Ooh yes you should try asking that person. I'm always so jealous when I REALLY want a sculpt I cannot get my hands on and someone else has multiples XD I mean I'm happy they managed to get their hands on them and all but.. the jealousy can be difficult to keep in check at times!

      I'm glad the car was less expensive than anticipated! That's always a nice kind of surprise! I hope it's running smoother now that all that work has been done. I always love the feel of new tires too. I'm always so reluctant to shell out for those things until I absolutely have to but the minute I start driving on them I feel like it was money well spent.

    3. Ugh, this's been doing this stupid thing where it won't let me reply to comments!!

      I should! I hate doing that tho, I'm always afraid it'll come across like I'm trying to buy theirs... >.<

      Right?? I hate doing it but after it's a nice relief... knowing i won't have to worry about it for a while (or at least until I buy the other two tires lol) and knowing the two i have are warrantied. Totally worth it.

      I'd still liked to have bought some dolls XD but being an adult came first!!

    4. Story of the last zillion months of my life (or so it feels like). Boring adult expenditures and no time for fun! No energy to even think about it. XD

      Blogger can be so buggy sometimes. It definitely drives me batty at times.

      I worry about that too though if I want to ask someone a question! I know that I probably wouldn't assume that if someone asked me (unless they were bein real fishy about their asking) but I still don't want to come across like that sort of person to others.