Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Still trying

So it's been over a month since I last posted. That's insane. Remember when I used to do this all the time?? I barely do.

If anyone is still reading this, I'm going to try to get back into the groove (the grrooooooooooveeeee) by posting anything at all. My job has been overwhelmingly busy since March, like, I don't get breaks and have zero time to do anything "extra" at all. And since 95% of my internetting happens at work *cough* this means my net-life has just died a sad death. Add that to the weather and my general lack of time and energy to do anything at all, and I've done nothing with my dolls (or art for that matter) since coming back from Florida.

I haven't even posted things for sale, and I have a lot of stuff piling up in the sales dept.

Stuff has happened, I just haven't done much with it other than a few sad photos of a comparison and Sionna's arrival.

There have been some. In fact, all of them. I'm waiting on nothing. Nothing at all. Not even a book from Amazon!

F60 Sionna
She got here, was gorgeous for all of 5 minutes, and I pulled her apart and split her up as was planned. Her outfit fit Isis (she's still wearing it), Sage has her body, and her head is on the old Delf body, with Anna's clothes and wig. That's pretty much all I did with her.

Granado Uranus
Got him this week. Nice head, but looks nothing like the pictures so I'll eventually be selling him.

Supia Ariel
Grabbed a head second-hand. Perfect for Gabriel, I'm pleased with my to get her a body....

Blue fairy Robin
I was set on making my AR Cien work for Raphael in my last entry....and two days later I bought a body on DOA for cheaps and a week or so after that grabbed a head. They don't match, but I've been working on redoing Raphs character completely so I'm pretty happy with my decision.

Dollmore Dollpire Grammy
Ok, this was a total impulse buy. When I contacted the seller of the Supia head she somehow talked me into buying her Dollpire. XD She didn't have to try too hard....Grammy is WS, and A Dollpire kid, something I've been wanting since DM came out with their DPs. She has a gorgeous faceup and I was pretty set on buying her before I even saw photos. I was a little concerned about her sculpt since I have never been interested in Grammy or even really looked at it, but I should not have been - she's perfect for me. She's got that vague Dollstown-esque look to her I love and is exactly what I wanted when I owned my DMK Vian years ago. So she is a huge win.

The bad thing about all these arrivals is that (story of my life) they all showed up within days of one I have been a little overwhelmed by all of them. I'm taking it slow -- the new Raphael stayed in a box for awhile and I got him out just last weekend, Grammy has been hanging out with me a little more but other than finding a wig I kind of like for her for now, I've done about nothing constructive with her. She doesn't even have a name though I'm leaning toward Wraith. She hangs out with Ghost, my DZ Carter. They're even dressed similar right now XD

None of my blank dolls have received faces since like, Benedict is still blank. However he's spawned a whole universe at this point that I never would have even thought of doing. In fact, I think it needs it's own post so I won't go into it here. Luckily I didn't need to buy anything for this latest project, though I'm eventually going to need clothes. That doesn't count anyway XD

So that's been my doll-life lately. I'm slowly getting ready for Doll-A-Kon, but the reality of it has yet to hit me.....maybe this weekend it will XD

Also I missed Alex's birthday. It was may 6. I don't normally care about my doll's birthdays but since his arrival got me into the hobby I usually try to recognize it. Not this year! Totally missed. Luckily he's nicely dressed so I will try to take him somewhere and get photos of him someday. I took some of Tween on my birthday but never even edited any of them :\


  1. I'm sorry that work has been too busy for you to get online much but I'm glad to see you post again! I can see why you'd be overwhelmed with all of those arrivals! Whenever I have more than one in a short span I often end up with one sitting on the back burner for so long that I forget I"m supposed to be working on them and then six months later it suddenly occurs to me.

    1. Yeah that's exactly how it is! I don't know why so many have to show up at once lol I swear I order/buy them all months apart, and in one case, years, and I still get everything at once. Never fails. The funny thing was a friend of mine and I were talking about this very thing a couple weeks before the flood of resin came in...

  2. I always end up finding interesting blogs and following them right around the time their authors get too swamped to write new entries... it's like a law in my universe. that is a lot of stuff going on! hope you find the time and the inspiration to work on your dolls soon =)

    1. Lol I think that might be the way of the universe for everyone! Half the blogs i follow kinda died right after I started following them. I keep hoping they'll return - along with others I followed for a long time before they disappeared - but so far....I just keep waiting.

      I'll try to do better - Work should be dying down, if not right away, for sure after mid-june. Hopefully I'll get my life back after that!

  3. I know exactly what you mean, been in the same boat myself! Definitely looking forward to the summer holidays here, the teaching just never seems to stop!!!

    Looking forward to seeing some photo's of your new arrivals though, as always!! (and even some new shots of old ones ;D) <3

    1. I bet! I have a lot of friends who are teachers so I feel for you. At least it's coming to an end soon!

      Thanks! I took a couple crappy shots of Alex yesterday...I might go on and post them....