Thursday, May 21, 2015

7 Years! Plus one week!

I am going to go from no posting to over-posting, meh heh.

Anyway I took these pics of Alex, and even if they aren't interesting, he's pretty and I bothered, so I shall post.


not my favorite but it's a good "this is what he looks like now" photo.


 This one I love - he's actually standing all bent over like that - it was a straight photo, no weird angle like I like to do and those blobs are dried roses in the corner.


 I also really like this one - It's a view I don't take of my dolls often (or at all) and that's Paper Skullface in the background XD
Does that mean there's two Kara Klums in this picture??

Yay Alex! He's 7 now (ooooooollllldddddddd - ok not compared to people who've had their dolls for a decade or more, but still pretty crusty) which means I've officially been doing this doll thing for 7 years too! One good thing I will say about him - he has looked better every year. <3

Maybe that's a good thing to say about me XD I did something right! One thing. lol

Oh and that's a new wig. Cause I need more blond wigs.

I do kind of think he needs a new faceup - if nothing else this one needs some help - his nose is getting kinda shiny. More MSC!! I've never liked his eyelashes either so those could be redone. Meh. I have a lot of blank dolls right now, redoing this one is low priority! 

I wish I could take the kind of photos that would show off how well he stands. He stood for this shoot, all contorted at times, with no help at all, on one leg for some of it, with not one moment of OMG where he threatened to fall. I feel like I could have left him standing all day. People never want to give Dollmore a chance because the knees aren't double-jointed and there's no 3-part torso. Having owned plenty of double-jointed dolls with 3-part torsos that can't sit up or stand, I can safely say I'd much rather have this one (Which is good since I have five of them! So I might be biased, since he's my favorite. *whispers* other than III. Not sure that counts.). He does everything I want him to anyway. 

Which is be AWESOME.

(when I type 7 I can't spell it out since I named Seven Seven and it's confusing. To me. XD)


  1. Alex looks amazing, as always!! I'm quite impressed with him and for the life of me I can't figure out what it is you don't like about his face, because he looks fantastic to me, but I'm sure he'll be even more fantastic when you redo him!

    I also love Dollmore's bodies. I only have the one but I once left Doppelganger standing for something like six months and he never fell. Have never been brave enough to let any of the others stand un-supervised.

    Happy 7th birthday to Alex!

  2. Alex looks great in that wig. I really like the style and colour on him.