Thursday, May 28, 2015

Doll-A-Kon, Etsy, stuff and more Alex.

I'll be at Doll-A-Kon again this year - not for faceups, as I've done in the past - but for body blushing. So if you have ever wanted to learn how to blush, this is the time! Hint: it's way easier, and much less stressful than doing a faceup, especially the way I do it. I highly recommend it.

I'll also be doing a posing and styling for photos panel and something on doll sizes...which I'm good at as I have them all XD

When I'm not doing a panel or workshop I'll be in the vendor room, so if you miss my panels n' stuff, come visit me there! I like to talk. I'll have Alex III with me, as he's better than a name badge for identification XD

It's hard to miss that hair.

You may remember a time or two of me mentioning that I have a roommate who sews and often makes clothes for my dolls that I can't buy anywhere - she'll be there and we'll be selling new, handmade items as well as used things and dolls. All the dolls I've been stockpiling up and not selling. So if you feel the need to buy BJDs, stop by! It'll save me from having to post them all on DOA. lol

I splurged a lot over the weekend and bought a Cricut (which autocorrect hates like mad) we'll have t-shirts (doll-sized) with stuff on them as well. I am the queen of vector art, so I'll try to have some original designs (gotta do it fast tho) as well as plain old boring stuffs like ribcage shirts and my personal favorite; NOPE. Who doesn't need a NOPE shirt?!? I want one for me. I'd wear it every day. There may be profanity, because Alex...but maybe people will want shirts that say F  CK    U or whatever ends up being on it. Or they'll just be Alex's shirts because I feel like all his shirts should be R-rated. Or at least PG13.

Because we're working on all this doll stuffs, our Etsy page is being revived. Finally. I may post a link next week or this weekend after there's more on it, but hopefully in the future it will be full and pretty. Macchi, Mini-Isis and Chester are all modeling skirts along with my roommates three girls. Of course I had to sneak my boys in there. Boys can wear skirts too! Macchi was happy...his had a Unicorn on it.

In other news, David. I am trying to prepare for my Nano book already, and I've been looking into developing David's character more since I usually run into road blocks with him, both in the comic and anything else I write. He's more important than I am often able to make him.

I have had similar trouble with the doll versions, from his eyes to his hair to his clothes (and body) he is so hard for me. So this week I started him a Pinterest board, something I should have done but was afraid too - because I thought I'd find nothing to pin in it. I'm so happy I did it finally. I feel like just finding some clothes was a huge step, and now I have a few more things that really helps me understand him better. David has always been my "boy scout" character. My version of Superman, Captain America, Cyclops (before he went cray) and Angel and Riley (Buffy) smooshed together.  That's how I think of him -  as Alex's polar opposite. I even figured his looks based off Alex (nose bigger, jaw squarer, eyes smaller, taller, more masculine) rather than coming up with something on it's own. Now I want to make him his own person/character....and it's hard. But starting to work. Now that I have the Cricut I can do what I've wanted to do forever which is make him a Superman shirt (Alex gets Batman. SEE HOW THEY ARE??!). Then I can start working on getting the doll a wardrobe, something I've been trying to do since day 1 of my owning him. It's not easy. He's tough. And Alex has a tendency to steal his clothes (in character that happens too so it's ok).

Speaking of Alex, it's Alex II. Don't get me started on him. He's on my list again.


 But hey, shirt!! And hat really, we'll be selling hats. but not this one, it's his.


 3 things of note:
 I haven't replaced his eyelashes yet
You can see his eyes - they're new, Gumdrops in Periwinkle, making him the final Alex in Kara Klum form to get Urethane eyes. I love them.
He's no longer on the DC body. I couldn't take his tallness anymore. Now I love him again.

The shirts we'll be selling will not be that off the shoulder - it was a fluke, but since I draw him like that I love it. They fit SD13-SD17 but fit will vary (I tried them on David (Dollstown 15), Pilot (Volks Chris) and Gambit (Granada 64))

One more!


 He looks weird to me with no tattoos.....Him and Seven are so weird and blank.

So that's it for now, hopefully I'll have more pictures after this weekend...I'm on a Kara Klum kick (like that never happens) so III is next to be shot. Heheheh shot.

He's dressed good, so it should be easy! RIGHT!


  1. I wish I was going to Doll-A-Kon this year. Or A-kon in general. Sadly it's looking like I won't be so I won't get to see all your cool stuff!

    Alex II looks really good!! Why is he on the list? is it a bad list? I think he looks awesome! HIs new eyes are lovely! Did you make the shirt he's wearing??

    1. aw I wish you were going too!! I'll probably be at my booth most of the time this year so I'd have more time to chat too :(

      He's always on my bad list. There are reasons, but I'll get into them in another post (by the time of which I'm sure he will have destroyed himself again somehow....). And yes! Well, I did the ribcage part on the Cricut and my roommate did the shirt part. It's slightly defective XD so he gets to keep it instead of selling it.

    2. oooh I didn't know you could do that sort of thing with a Cricut! We sell those at my store and I honestly had no idea what people did with them that might be interesting (we get a lot of people who do scrapbooking and that sort of thing and most of what they talk about doesn't seem like anything I could really get much use out of)

      I am not working on Saturday while A-kon is going on. It's a 3-4 hour drive to get to Dallas but if I'm bored and feeling adventurous perhaps I shall meander over in that direction and buy a one day pass or something. XD

    3. Yeah I wasn't really sure what a Cricut was for myself (I can't actually imagine a world where anyone would be so into scrapbooking they'd spend the $$ on one, but I guess if that's your thing...@_@) but my roommate always wanted one for school (she's a teacher). turns out they have this fantastic iron-on stuff that looks like real shirt! I made a Marilyn Manson shirt for Alex III that he's got on now and it's amazing. It looks professional. I'm so excited to finally be able to make any shirt I've ever wanted!!!

      Well if you decide to go I hope you stop by!! I have two panels sat but they're both short, so I'll be in the sales room most of the day. Probably trying to fend off crazies from the Ringdoll table XDD
      Apparently one of them is a famous cosplayer and they expect people to try and mob him....

    4. I will definitely stop by if I end up going! Hopefully the Ringdoll crazies won't be too much of a bother, but that does sound like a potential mob issue XD

      That's so cool though! That would be awesome to be able to make any shirt customized to your needs! I had no idea you could do that sort of thing with a Cricut! YOu need to take many more pictures of shirts!

  2. Hope you sell lots at Doll-A-Kon!

    Characters that are difficult, I hear you. It's a pain when they are like that. Are you planning to do Nano again this year?

    Even without tattoos, Alex II still looks lovely.

    1. I'm so happy to hear from you! I couldn't find your blog so I never saw the reason you were gone until last week....*manymanyhugs*

      I am doing Nano again. Even though I fail horribly at it every year, I have to keep trying! I figure part of my problem is that I'm a serious planner when it comes to writing (it took me 10 years to really get my comic going) and for Nano I think about it for a week or two and dive in...this year I've started my planning already and will force myself to do it all year until I have the whole thing ready to go. Or I'm sick of it and have to do something totally different, One of the two.


    2. Thank you for the kind words.

      I really wish I could get into doing Nano again but I always seem to find so many excuses; it's a bad time of year for me, I have a lot of renovations to get done, my scrapbooking projects need updating, etc etc. I think it could be that I hate using the computer to write because there's too many easy distractions. I need to get a notebook and do the good ole thing of using that to write my stories in.

      Hoping you have a good time at the con. Ack, everyone seems to be going to cons except me. Just wish we had more here in Australia.