Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Redoing dolls, and I broke Alex.

After seven years of existence, Alex finally broke. I'm kind of heartbroken...

It was just his hand, but, it was his original hand, and it was just so sad. He fell on the freaking carpet! He's fallen a million times and NOTHING. This time, broken finger. It was the ring finger on his right hand - which was so hard to glue back on...I couldn't reach it! Luckily I have two things: his jointed hands (which I don't use much anymore because they annoy me, and they're much yellower than he is), and an extra pair of Adam hands I bought years ago when he broke his freaking wrist. So now the hand that goes with the wrist is on him, and the broken one is on the table in front of me.

I shouldn't be sad...it was only a hand. But it was Alex's hand. If one of the WS ones had broke...they're not wearing their original hands so who cares!! But no...it had to be the first one. I guess it had to happen sooner or later (still, 7 years!!).

My "secret" doll came in - it's not exciting lol but the sale was weird, so I felt if I didn't say anything it would be fine (and it was). I am now the owner of an actual Fashion Doll! But he's from Dollmore, so he doesn't feel like one XD
The sad thing is that's the main reason I bought him...if he'd been from another company I probably wouldn't have bothered.

So I have a Dollmore 16" FMD Jeremy - he's made of resin, and is pretty much on the same body Alex had, though it's smaller, has better knees, arms and is really really buff. Like, has muscles and veins. I took him too a dollmeet the day after he arrived (bald and naked lol) and 1. Everyone thought he was a Fairyland Chic-line and 2. couldn't believe he wasn't going to be an Alex. Seriously, if you saw him you'd understand. The guy is manly. Way too manly to be Alex. Maybe in his wildest dreams...but poor Alex would be more likely to be a girl doll than this one. In any case he's kind of fabulous - it's the same body design other than breaks in the upper arm which help his posing so much. His body is about the size of any slim mini, but his head is so small that certain clothes look odd and bulky, so shopping for him might be tough. I have no idea who or what he's going to be, though I'm leaning toward some kind of superhero or something...I have no idea who because I don't have the ability to sew so costumes are kind of out.

The fashion doll was my obsession for about a week, then was replaced by my Dollzone Carter I've had for almost a year now. He has had a faceup, and was a ghost, which was what I had planned for him....but thanks to the Jeremy and to a dollmeet theme that will happen months from now, I got reobsessed with something I have been obsessed with off and on for my whole life...and now Carter is getting a makeover. Omg I love him. I mean, if I can make this work it could be cool. Or a disaster. either way it'll be a success XD
I'm hoping to get pictures this week, so I'll do a real post on him then.

That's all I got. No photos - I've been been fail like that.


  1. It's really strange how that happens. They can fall so many times and leave not a scratch but just that one time and wham, something happens when you least expect it. Glad you had replacement parts though but I can see why you would be heartbroken. It was part of the original doll.

    Ooooh congrats on the Fashion Doll. I've looked at Dollmore's Fashion Dolls a few times wondering what they were like. I vaguely remember seeing a Chicline in person a while back. I remember I wasn't used to seeing a "bjd" like that mostly because I'm used to the bjds head been a tad bigger! Looking forward to seeing your Jeremy though.

    Ah DZ Carter. I've seen some great work done on him. Curious to see what his new makeover will be. Is it just me or do you think DZ have changed their style recently? Their newer sculpts remind me a lot of Doll Chateau. I know they're sister companies or what not but I kind of miss their old style.

    1. It is weird when they "decide" to break. And on carpet no less :\ Part of me is like "that's Alex! He would break." but it's still sad.

      Poor Jeremy lol he's a great doll but I kind of pushed him aside while I was dealing with redoing Carter. I just bought him some eyes and clothes tho so maybe when they all get here I'll see about photographing him. he's a fun size. My friends have C-lines so if nothing else he'll hang out with them.

      I think DZ was moving toward a style change with Raphael. He was so different from what they'd had before, but similar enough that I don't think most people noticed the change. When I saw a picture of him I couldn't believe he was from Dollzone....so their constant refining of that style isn't really surprising to me - but their very newest couple of dolls is. I had had the thought that maybe since DC is really making some weird stuff now that that's how it would be - DC does the uber-weird and DZ just does their thing....but DZ has gone weird too. I sort of wonder if the "split" happened so people would get used to the asthetic and draw more people in who might be Dollzone haters. If the company failed, DZ would stay the same....but since it took off they're all going crazy with new. Or something.

      I'm a fan. I love weird, creepy dolls and I love change (to a point lol) and I think their current style is far more interesting than the old one.....but I do worry that some dolls will get phased out like the old ones. DC has discontinued dolls already. They're so new! That makes me sad.

    2. My prediction is that DZ will eventually phase out all of their old dolls and replace them with all the newer sculpts. I do have to say though, they look like they changed whoever did the default face ups because the newer sculpts have come out with some pretty nice face ups. My issue with them is their tan resin. I always loved their tan resin but then they went and stopped making that colour for a time. When they came back with the tan again, I ordered straight away not wanting to miss out in case they stopped making that resin colour again. However, the tan I got was so much lighter that to me, it looks in person like a darker NS with some really really light tan tones. After that, they redid their tan resin again and the latest batch look more like the original tan they used to sell which kinda sucks for me because it was the one I wanted. But what can you do?

      I do however love the Ivan sculpt of the newer style but I never order from DZ anymore because of the really long wait time. My Hid took 3 months but I've been hearing people are waiting 6 months at the moment.

      For me, their older style has the same appeal to me as the AOD dolls do. It reminds me a little of the earlier styles (back when I stumbled on bjds in 2005). Back that, that was the style when I saw the term bjd. It's probably more of a nostalgia thing with me.

    3. I think you're right - they're looking to eventually get rid of all their old stuff. Which is sad from any point of view but especially for those who love the old look. Yeah their tan is iffy. It's been horrible and orange too, and now I think they do in environmental resin even though none of their other resins are enviro.

      God their wait times....All of my waits have been in the 6 month time period from them. It's what keeps me from ordering more for sure, and even just parts. I want all sorts of extra parts right now but the wait...WTB's on the mp for me.

      I understand the nostalgia! It's so depressing when some companies discontinue right out of the fond memories you have. :(