Friday, July 31, 2015

You can call me... Joker.

This is gonna be fast, I'm on my lunch (which is over now!!! OMG)

You may have seen my photos on Flickr, but if not, I mentioned I had redone my Dollzone Carter and given him a completely new look.

He was blank for months, then he was a ghost for months - with a very nice asymmetrical faceup out of black and grey that had splatter paint all over one side of his face.

Now he's The Joker.

You can call me... Joker.

Why So Serious?

Needless to say, I'm utterly entranced. I should have done this a year ago when I got this doll. It was totally a whim, and also a very long time coming.

I've loved Batman and The Joker since the Tim Burton Batman was released, when all my friends did the "which celebrity" are you going to marry game, I said Jack Napier (I was like, 6. And apparently insane...give me a break). When Batman the Animated Series came out Mark Hamill's Joker is so phenomenally awesome how could you not love that? Then of course there's Heath Ledger's version.

Sometime between BTAS and TDK came Alex. Who's color palate is the same as Joker's in what might have been a fan tribute induced by many drawing when I was in college.

Like my X-Men, it seemed right to do a BJD.

Of course I blame an upcoming SuperHero-themed Dollmeet and a weekend of watching all 6 Star Wars movies followed by searching for Hot Toys action figures and clothes on eBay before deciding they were way too expensive to justfy buying. Which is when I thought "What mold would make a good Joker...DZ Carter would be awesome! I own Carter! OMGINEEDTODOITNOW!" I stripped my Carter that night, covered his wig in green pastel and dressed him in this colorful outfit that's kinda Jokeresque. I regret nothing.

I'm working on Harley Quinn this weekend. She is going to be the extra Unoa head I have (Sist Bully) on Isis's DM Judith body. It'll be a while before she's camera ready....I have nothing at all that is even remotely Harley-like. Not even a blond wig. :\

In other news, I'm thinking seriously (which means it'll happen this weekend) of putting several more dolls up for sale. I need room. I also need new bodies for some that I'm totally fed up with, and I really think it's time to let others go. I might need moral support! lol Some of them I have attachment too...

One more of Joe Kerr. Meh heh.

Let's put a smile on that face!


  1. I can't wait to see a Unoa Bully Harley Quinn... that's the perfect sculpt for Harley!

    1. I think so too! And that DM Judith body is made to be a comic character - the first time I played with her I said she looked like a superhero.

  2. Oh wow, wow, wow. You did a fantastic job on carter. He looks positively amazing and I can totally feel the joker vibe going on. And those lips ...I'm kinda getting the shivers, he looks very dangerous.

    That sale list is indeed epic. Looks like you'll be parting with a good chunk of your crew. Good luck for the sales!

    1. Thank you!! He did turn out a tad creepier than I thought he would. He got a new outfit this weekend thanks to my roommate...she made him orange Arkham "pajamas" XD

      yeah..I'm hoping they sell. I got everything together today - it took forever and I had to restring a couple...but I am happy because I cleared a lot of space. Two of them survived the cull....El is staying so I can use his body for Rowan and I caved with Soom Flint, which is surprising since I thought he was the one I liked the least. I can't bring my self to part with him XD
      But it'll be good to lighten the load some.

  3. Oh wow he looks fantastic! Would have never though of that myself but now that I have seen it done it just seems like the perfect thing to do with that mold! He looks both cute and disturbing! (but in a good way!) I'm very excited to see Harley too!

    1. Thank you!! I think Carter is perfect too - I feel like I should have come up with this sooner :\
      I need to post Harley here. She's on DOA. I still need to work on her face I think. She needs better eyes and a larger wig or something. I another crazy idea and now I have the Penguin as a doll, and if the trade I'm working on goes through they will be joined by Scarecrow.

      Pretty sure I've lost my mind.