Friday, July 17, 2015

I just can't keep up this year.

First I’d like to apologize for my disappearance (if anyone actually noticed. HA).

 Nothing really bad happened, unless you consider my getting blocked from this site at work bad.
Yep. It happened. No more blogging at work for me. Boo.

 This disruption in what I laughingly call my routine through me off completely and I have yet to get back on track. I’m left with two options.

 1. Do it at lunch. When I have an hour and usually use it to walk, eat, read, draw and sometimes take doll photos. Ok, lunch is probably out.

 2. Do it at night when I got to bed, which means dragging my laptop to my room every night. Or some nights. Which isn’t as horribly time-consuming and out-putting as I make it sound, but I don’t ever do it so it will take some remembering that I have too.

 Needless to say I have yet to figure out a work around. And this really isn’t the week to be doing it – my room is a disaster after the air conditioner leaked through the ceiling and ruined my mattress. I’m currently living in the living room on an air mattress, which is eating up all my sleep. I’m mostly a zombie right now. However I have things! Things that are goings on!

 First my last post was an “emergency” sales post – my hurriedly posted sales paid off. I was able to raise enough money in time to buy not only one but two Unoas from the Noppin sales (they posted a bunch of Unoas they had in stock). Originally I really wanted a Chibi Lilin…but as the days went by and poor B-el didn’t sell out, I caved and bought him too. Noppin being Noppin shipped right away so both have been home for some time. As is usual with me, my Nemesisesses, the Unoa Butt-tab, had to be eliminated from both dolls before I could deal with them properly.

 Chibi Lilin is Mini Kimi, and adorbs in all her short, chunky glory. B-el is called Clover, in my coffee-named group with Macchi and is also a unicorns. But dark and scary. Also glittery. And floppy. He needs serious restringing. I only tightened him before…I think he needs all new string. Macchi’s like a rock…I want Clover that way too.

I really had no idea I’d like B-el so much…maybe it was because he was new and shiny? Or more in my comfort zone being kind of evil? Who knows. I love him tho. Both of the new ones need better wigs and Kimi needs new eyes before I’ll even photograph her. I hate the eye mech almost as much as the butt tabs. Eventually I’d like to get all the parts for all the Unoas….hoping Noppin has a parts order again soon! Or the new Unoa B-grade shop….I’d totally take some B-grade parts.

 I ordered another head to see if I can make a Captain Kirk. I won’t get into it in case it fails like the last one. I have high hopes however.

 I ordered a Migidoll Elf Owen head, and got a 65cm Dollzone body for him in a trade. I now have Shae again as a doll. He’s pretty fabulous, though that DZ body needs some work before I can do much with him. I hate the hands, feet and omg it has butt tabs. They must go. Having Shae in doll form means all my elves are…complete. If you call not really having clothes complete. The only one with a wardrobe is Sage. And really, I want a new body for Wyn. They’re all whole anyway. Rowan is on his body, strung with a FL neck key and just got a wig I really like from, of all places, Leekeworld. I usually can’t stand their wigs…but thanks to their current sale I have four dolls wearing them >.<

 The doll formerly known as Chestnut Parline had a serious makeover right out of his old character (since I haven’t owned him all that long I feel funny calling it an old character) and I now have no idea who he is. Someday I’ll have to vent so I can figure him out. He looks a lot better (He’s a tan MNF Celine boy I got in a trade).

 I am awaiting the arrival of some rRabit stuff, and confirmation of a “secret” purchase that I am a little worried about and so don’t want to talk about it yet. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother wit the whole “secret” thing since I think it’s ridiculous. But I don’t want to go on and then have it fall through. Hopefully I’ll have it soon and all will be well. I think that’s about it.

Hopefully everyone is doing well and I can go catch up on your blogs. Stupid work. Wrecking my should-be-done-in-my-freetime-anyway stuff!!


  1. Congrats on the new arrivals! I was wondering where you had gone to. I missed your posts.

    Sounds like the 65cm DZ bodies aren't good? Is it the posing or more the aesthetics?

    The secret purchase has me curious. Fingers crossed all goes to plan with that one for you!

    1. Thank you! finally but the ban on blogs. I guess it had to happen eventually :\ still sucks.

      I really think it's ok other than the thigh locks. It's kind of like the Unoa body really - when I first got Macchi the locks really bothered me. His legs would swivel and get stuck that way and in pants it's really annoying. This body does the same thing, only since it's bigger it's worse. I'm hoping I can fix it with sanding. The hand thing is just me hating all DZ hands and feet and their detachable parts. So bad....

      It doesn't have to be a secret anymore! I got a Dollmore Fashion doll....the only reason I didn't want to talk about it was because it was one of those transactions I was unsure of - but it shipped and it's in good shape so I'm happy.

  2. I was wondering where you had gone! That's really unfortunate about work. How could they cut off your access like that! Tsk tsk.

    I'm glad your sales worked out well and you were able to get what you wanted! Butt tabs are horrible and I hate them as well. I understand the purpose behind them and other joint locking systems but I generally prefer for everything to move freely. I find them especially annoying with clothed dolls because then you have to feel around for tabs and other sorts of things and sometimes they just don't want to lock with the added bulk and if they can pose without them then I'd just rather not deal with it.

    I hope we'll get to see pictures of your new Unoas soon! I had a B-El ages ago but never had any good plans for him so he ended up moving on.

    I hope your secret purchase works out! And I understand. When I'm worried about something falling through I often avoid talking about it too much because I'm afraid that it'll jinx it or I'll get my hopes up and have to explain why it didn't work out.

    Anyway it's great to hear from you again! I hope you can figure out something reasonable for posting again!

    1. RIght?! Work should respect my hobbies dammit!! *shakefist*

      Butt tabs suck worse than anything. I really think they're a huge design flaw at this point...but so many people like them! Why?? I can't function with them XD

      I have a few pics of the B-el on my Flickr, but he looks better now - he's got pretty much new everything and I fixed his faceup which was bothering me. The Chibi is having eye issues so I haven't taken any of her yet. I really like B-el - a lot more than I expected to. Maybe his concept is what did it. I have no idea. There's so few of them out there right now I had trouble finding pictures of them before I bought him. He's just not popular I guess.

      Yeah I had some doubts about the "secret" doll due to the sale. But now that he's here and fine I don't have to sneak around anymore like it's a big deal. It's just a Dollmore Fashion doll. But he's really kind of awesome. I get why some people are so in to this size now.