Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Alex

Four years ago today I got my first BJD! I can't believe he's so old X3

For his birthday Alex got to go to the scariest place on earth: The American Girl Doll store. D:
Which for me is fun lol
For Alex not so much. It's a lot of pink and a lot of little kids pointing at him and parents glaring or running into us because they don't pay attention to anything.
After that, it was California Pizza Kitchen! Which was for me, not him. He actually spent most of the day in his bag lol which is why the hair is...yeah.

alex birthday

XD I did a real photoshoot with him too...I don't usually use props. Which shows.

 smAlexI 4BDAY6

smAlexI 4BDAY2

smAlexI 4BDAY8

smAlexI 4BDAY5

smAlexI 4BDAY9

smAlexI 4BDAY7

smAlexI 4BDAY4

smAlexI 4BDAY3

I took so many! >.<
He is my baby it's not so surprising.


  1. b'aww happy birthday alex.
    I always really wanted to go to the american girl store, but the closest one to me is atlanta (which is still a few hours away) and I don't think I could talk anyone into going with me.
    alex looks super thrilled on the tiny pink bed xD
    I do love the bag though.
    I wish that the american girl stuff wasn't so awfully expensive 'cause I'd love to get the piano even if the keys aren't really in scale.

    1. Ugh tell me about it! Everything I really wanted was about $80! The sets do come with tons of stuff, but of course half of it I don't want XD A lot of it makes me wish I had a "trendy" girl who would use some of the stuff they make. But I don't >.< my girls suck.

      I went to the Chicago one a few years back...Alex was dragged there too, so we could try out furniture. The employees literally followed us around to look at him...they'd never seen a boy doll before XD

    2. haha yeah. I have a molly doll and her bed plus a few extra outfits that I got when I was in like 6th or 7th grade (I was totally the weird kid that played with/collected dolls until like high school, so this hobby was definitely just right for me xD) and I don't even know what my mom spent on all of it but I know that just molly and the bed were close to $200.
      the bed is just the right size for an msd, but it's not really lena or livi's style so it's just stayed in the closet and I got a doll bed from ikea for lena 'cause they're a good base for customization, and are only like $20

    3. Yeah the dolls are 105 so anything on top of that...>.<
      It's funny while we were there, my roommate and I were all "105! That's a great deal!"
      Lol bjds have warped my sense of whats expensive XD

      I do want one of the beds would be great for Baby Alex as his first "big boy" bed! So primitive country!! I've heard of the Ikea bed but never seen it. No Ikea near me :(
      I guess I could look at it in a catalog or on line, but that's to easy!

    4. what's bad is I don't think we even paid that, I feel like the dolls were only like $85 or maybe $95 back when I got her, and I think the bed is the same price at $65 but it comes with more stuff now than when I got it xD
      I got got the bed and a single pillow, but now her bed comes with a little foot rug and throw pillow too. her bed is actually probably my least favorite of all of them though and it isn't particularly well made.
      before I found the ikea bed I'd considered re-upholstering the headboard and making new bedding for it but it's made from pretty thin chip board and I figured I'm better off leaving it as is and keeping it forever 'cause I'm a sentimental baby or keeping it to selling it after she's retired.
      the closest ikea to me is about two hours away in charlotte, but I do visit friends up that way or go up there for meet-ups on a semi-regular basis, so I can stop in to pick up things when I'm already up in that area; I really do wish they'd build one closer though 'cause I could seriously walk that store for hours looking at all the massive amounts of stuff xD

  2. Happy birthday, Alex! Did you get those props for him at the store? THat's neat! I don't feel like it shows that you don't normally use props. Even after reading that statement I didn't process the whole 'props' thing when looking at the photos at first. They're so convincing that I forget how hard it is to find things in the right scale and just assume that somehow, magically, normal accessories will work for the job. I was like "he look so comfy on that park bench..." and then it hit me that a normal bench would be huge next to him. XD

    1. The bag is AG, there was a doll's name on it, hence the tape lol
      The coffee came from Crobidoll, so when I bought it I was really hoping it would be in better scale...but no. It's huge :P But better than anything else I have. Plus it totally looks like a starbucks cup!

      LOL Thanks! I was actually afraid the bench was too small...His butt barely stayed on it. I think if the whole thing would have been in the photo it would have showed...thank god for zoom! :D

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!! I love that bag! And that is the out of scale cup it looks sooooo cool!! I am so in love with his wig seriously everytime you post pics of him in that wig I fall more in love with it!

    1. Thanks! :D I love that wig too >.< It wasn't even meant for him but now he's stuck in least for a while longer. Til he wants to wear a hat XD

      I still think the cup is out of scale lol I seem to be the only one though! maybe it's because Alex is so small it just looks out of scale for him??