Friday, May 11, 2012

Trying to come with a name...

For this little guy here

deer boy 1

Normally names don't take so long for me...but I've got two with no names right now, one more on the way (SECRET DOLL OMG! technically he has a name already though) and I gotta do something before I end up selling some of them due to lack of character/bonding. So far I am considering Briar, Thistle and Meadow, but if anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate it!! He currently has clothes...some supercute shorts and a fluffy deer tail, this is him before he was totally finished. His eyes are blue (stupid phone camera). You can't see his giant antlers, but they're there. They hold on the wig :B
He also has white spots on his butt...cause you know, deer.
I don't want fawn or faun. Or Bambi. Or anything bambi related. Something naturey would be great. Not's being used for another doll in the household atm.

Something star-themed might be cool too, because he's got a star-shaped bead in his hairs and I can totally give him a star birthmark. Not Star, because = lame.

Next up will be my Pixiu. He's ice themed but I don't want him named Ice. I thought of that and it's lame too.

Also, I have this guy.


Currently his name is YU. He's a dragon, but I painted him to look like a betta fish, which is what I had him as...but now I'm flipflopping. I was thinking of changing it to Sushi, or making him back into a dragon and giving him a different name all together. A nature name, which would go nicely with the other NON-FC dolls I have. He's the only weirdo that's not a bunny in FC, he's Alex's fish...but I didn't get him a bowl like I wanted too and I don't need him as a doll, the fish can just stay in the comic lol if that makes sense. I JUST DON'T KNOW!! arg.

I love these Dollzone gift-dolls. I wish they'd sell them, I would maim to get a hold of the three tiny flower fairies! I have a Moon coming in too...I was going to name him Haku, but I'm feeling wishy-washy about that too >.<

maybe I just need them all together (with Renata, also coming in from dollzone. She needs a plant name too, like thorn) and go with a theme. Yeah. Arg.

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  1. Sooo Cute! love his little nose!
    About a name....How about Nova?

    let me think might come up with more