Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's that time again...

I'm thinking of selling some of my dolls.

Normally I don't have issues with selling and don't worry about it, but these few are a little different. Two of them are dolls that are limited and I won't be able to get back, and one I bought off someone I know and would feel really bad selling.

Of the 4 dolls I'd like to sell, two of them are blank, have been blank for awhile and are in need of more work than I think I have time or desire to give them. I also have two Dollzone dolls on the way, Renata and Moon, and lately I've been thinking I don't want them either. >.<

One of the problems I'm having with these dolls came to me in the form of a gift...I got a Rapa's Factory Serath from some friends for my birthday and holy crap is he cute. He's so cute I've loved just playing with him blank! I want to carry him around everywhere! I don't feel that way about these other dolls, even though I had big plans for them, and really liked them for awhile....I'm not sure I want to continue on with them. Plus, I was happy with all my tinies being bunnies. Serath (who's name is Ebils) kind of fits in with my bunnies even though he so isn't one, and I think it's not the doll it's me. I love him so he works. The others I'm kind of "meh" about so...they don't.

The other problem is money. I don't need money to live or anything, but I feel bad using my own $$ to buy dolls...and I really need a body for a floating head I have coming in, Mini-David will need a body, and I'd like to get Uriel a new body (he's on a Delf body right now and I don't like it much), and the one I want will possibly be around $500 >.< which I can really only justify if I can get at least some of it from sales or other income. I don't think the few dolls I have to sell will cover the whole cost but it would help, and then I could sell either his Delf body or Aishe's FDoll one, and that might take care of at least some more or it would definitely be enough to get an AOD girl body for my incoming head, or a Lati blue boy body if I can find one. Bleh. To many heads.

Yeah. Dilemmas. I guess I'll have to wait for my DZ order to finally come in but I'm already planning on selling at least Moon. Renata I might give a try since I'm for sure going to repost my Dollmore Vian and then Renata will be my only girl. Other than Cassiel *sweat* I always forget her!!

I should just put them up for sale and not worry about it any more. I always like to say that dolls should make you happy, even if all you do is look at them and smile. Right now they're causing me anxiety >.<

That's never a good sign.

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