Tuesday, May 1, 2012


LOL I so funny! :B

Kimiko Matsumoto is a character damned near as old to me as Alex...she's his on-off girlfriend of almost 5 centuries. Yeah, I know. How the hell does anyone put up with him that long?! D:
A relatively decent picture of her...
omg art! no stealings...
Ugh. Lack of rose >.< when I drew this I hadn't figured out where I wanted it....

and with Alex
smZephyr cover2
As you can see, she's short. And he doesn't have all his tattoos, and the ones he does have are wrong. DAMMIT!!!
I would bet because she's hanging all over him here she's actually a little taller than that XDD Alex is short too, both in character and in doll. So finding a doll for her was going to be hard right away.

Dollzone Shoyo (MSD) - Kimi version one, my third doll. Nice doll, didn't work as Kimi. There were issues. Lots of issues...Starting with Leekeworld and the wig disaster and ending with her faceup being so wrong and me too chicken (at the time) to redo it. Bleh. This was the first doll I ever sold.

Minifee Ryeon - Kimi version 2. Stylistically a better match but too small. I gave up on MSDs for her after being tired of seeing her tiny head next to my SDs.

Zaoll Ramie - Kimi Version 3. LOVE this doll...she's so pretty. Not Kimi. AT ALL. I was worried when I decided to go with this doll, but the height was right and there isn't much in that size that's available. She's a very Asian looking sculpt so I thought I could make it work. Newp. She's just too real. If you ever look at my art, when/if Kimi is present, she's drawn very stylized...That's just how I "see" her... there is no realistic vision of her that only exists in my head, that's how she looks! If FC was ever made into a movie she'd be the easiest person to cast...short and Asian. Bam. I don't care what she looks like "IRL" because to me she looks like my drawings XD

Finally, Kimi version 4 Dollmore Eve Miso/Zaoll body



Not the best pictures, but I THINK IT WORKS! I want to get her new eyes...I might try the Ramie's eyes in her again, I liked those and they were really low domed...or she's going to have her eyes beveled out because the eyewells are really deep. She's a little awkward thanks to the long neck, but it looks fine in person O.o and if it starts to bother me I can sand it down. Which will ruin the body for the Zaoll head...I'm not ready for that yet. Maybe in a month or so...

She looks so good ;^;


  1. She looks great! I'm impressed! I was trying to envision what she'd look like based on the company photo from Dollmore and your previous Kimi, but it wasn't working in my head. But she's lovely and definitely looks more like your drawings! (which are also really awesome! I love your style!)

    1. somehow I managed to comment instead of reply >.<

      Thank you! :D
      I think she looks like my drawings too...the few people who've seen her IRL agree. Not that matters, but it helps! I put some smaller eyes in her head last night and it's much better. She may not need beveling! Which is good cause god knows when I'd get around to it...

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  3. I Love her she has such personality I would be interested in seeing her with the new eyes when you post. Can not believe I didn't comment on this already!

    1. X3 Thanks! :D I love her too, she's so much more fun now! I'll try for more pics this week! I'd love to get her with an Alex...I never took any photos of the previous one with him.