Friday, January 25, 2013

Desperate sale of Desperation

 OK, I'm not really desperate for money >.<
BUT there is an time-limited head I want that I can't buy unless I get the money from selling dolls, so seriously, if you or someone you know has ever wanted one of these heads or a CCT ruby, now is the time!!!

Fairyland Feeple 60 (F60) Mirwen head NS $125
Literally bought so I could get the NanB12, used a few times as a character I no longer want as a doll, faceuped by me with very natural look
Head only
 mirwen 1  

Elfdoll Wu, Normal skin (matches AOD NP pretty well, close to FL ns as well) $125
Faceup by me, second head for the same character as Mirwen XD so it has a similar look.
Head is typically a boy but I was using it as a girl.
Head only


Leekeworld Kyou WS $100 Bought new in 2012, didn't fit the body I had.
Never been used, never faceuped.
 LW kyou3  

Unoa Sleeping Sist Faceplate on Buff headback $125
Faceplate had some damaged from the first owner. It was horribly stained by a bad faceup. The owner before me sanded it out beautifully - honestly you would never know. I gave it a faceup to match an NS body but I think it might actually be WS. It's very pale.
Headback was bought new, I'm the only owner.
**If this head does not sell quickly I'm pulling the sale!**
 unoa head2  

Cocotribe Ruby in strawberry $200
Bought in 2011 new from CCT, I'm the only owner.
Factory faceup by CCT.
Eyes not included.

I will entertain reasonable offers. 
I can provide more info or photos of all dolls. 
Shipping will take place after full payment is sent and received. 
I'm not offering Layaway because I'm on a time limit. No trades either. 
Some of these heads will not be for sale anymore if I don't make my goal, so if you want them, don't wait! 
Contact me here or on DOA.


  1. Baghhhghg would have the mirwen if I wasn't all poor ;_________; <3 Gluck with your sales!

    1. omg tell me about it lol!! poor sucks!!
      Thank youuuuuuu <3

  2. Are you still selling the Mirwen head?

    1. Mirwen did finally sell. I have all my current sales listed under the sales tab of this blog, that I do keep updated, because, as you can now see, I usually fail to go back and update individual posts *epic fail of fail*

      Ruby is also gone, and I'm probably taking both the LW head and Unoa back down again, as soon as this afternoon^^'