Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hope everyone had a good new years! :D

I guess I'm ready for 2013...I mean, 13 is my number XD so I feel like good things should happen, right? 2012 was fine enough, nothing terrible happened, but nothing OMG FABULOUS either.

I already did a "Plans for" for 2013 so I don't need to rehash that. The only thing that's changed a little is my Wish List, which now includes a fullset Dollzone Raymond in WS, who will be the return of Shae, my former B&G Afra. I'm not in any hurry though, so it'll probably be a while.

I have a little doll $$ from selling my AS Kimi head, and I'm thinking of working on Little Alex's wardrobe. I am trying to get all my young versions of Alex their own wardrobes, including socks and shoes and accessories. Tiny Alex (formerly Kid Alex - tiny is easier to say) has the newest Alex-face and I want to update all the others to match him. Starting I think with Little, who is probably my most neglected doll period, and definitely the most neglected of my Alexes. Which is why I want to buy him more clothes. Up until recently he had one outfit, and then shared with all my other Minis, which he can do since he's kind of in between slim and regular MSD, but I want him to have clothes that are closer to his time-period.

I just have to decide if I'm going to order one or two Rosenlied outfits....I have plenty of money for one, but I'll have to add for two, but it would be worth it as I really want both anyway. If Dollzone would ship my order, he'll get more clothes!

Baby, Tween and Alex I all get to be redone too. Alex I will be 5 this year. :O He so old!!

Speaking of Tiny Alex...I caved and changed molds. Looking at the Zihu (which I still adore) I decided I couldn't get past the tiny eyes, so on a whim I looked for and found on the MP a Narsha head for half what I would pay new. Tiny Alex's new head arrived on December 31, making him my last doll of 2012 and my new years baby XD

He super-cutest
 tiny alex new1 tiny alex new2

It's taking me a few days to get used to him, the Zihu is so adorable (I'm not selling his head, it's in my head-box), but he looks so much better with Baby and Little Alex. Giant eyes, smaller nose and mouth...chubby cheeks like Baby Alex....And he looks a little younger to me, which works better. Still very realistic, but there's not much to be done about that.

I need to make a giant Dollmore order to get him a couple outfits and a pair of shoes....some socks, underwear and that's really about it. He's got a lot of clothes already, more than I thought he'd have.

Little Alex needs an outfit from DM too....Baby Alex has more clothes than any of my dolls and I actually need to stop myself from buying him stuff...and Tween only has two things that really work in his time period. I have so much fun with this style and color palate that I'm beginning to become obsessed with Alex as a child. David, Theresa and Marcus are all dressed in their Back-in-the-Day clothes atm, and I'm hoping to get Theresa a new and fabulous dress in the coming days. Then maybe there will be photos. I need to blush her hands though. Unblushed hands are starting to bug me....

I need to buy some White Blond Jojos in 6/7s too. I now have three versions of Alex that wear them - Baby, Tiny and Mini. The wig Tiny is wearing is Baby Alex's, but Mini has worn it a lot too...they all need more hairs!! XD

I think I might hold a record for the most blond Jojos owned by one person O.o


  1. 13 is a great number. I definitely agree!

    New Tiny Alex is very cute! I'm glad you found a sculpt with bigger eyes so that you don't feel like he looks out of place with the other Alexes.

    Good luck getting them all some new clothes! That sounds like fun! Always nice to have proper outfits (or spare outfits)!

    1. It is! lol

      Thanks, I love him. I have him in a curly wig right now XD and it's so cute it's killing me.

      Yeah, I'm something of clothes hoor myself, so I tend to go crazy with some of my dolls wardrobes (mostly the ones named Alex). Doll clothes are easier to store than my own, which are all over the floor since my closets exploded. And I think Tiny will be getting a few new outfits pretty soon! ;)