Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just a few days

Til Doll A Kon


I'm not ready!!!!!

Panic stage has set in. I'm flailing around like some kind of fool.

Physically, I am ready. The heads are done, the stuff for the artists table is done, things are (almost) packed...but mentally, I'm freaking out. Travel and public speaking do that too me.

It'll be fine.

The amount of Alexes traveling with me is scary. There will be four in my purse alone. Crap, 5 if Puki-Alex hitches a ride too, and he probably will so I have a teeny-tiny example of a faceup. Plus he's kind of my purse-dweller so he'll probably just be transferred over when I move my wallet and crap from purse to travel-purse. Alexes weigh a ton and a half (for real, my Kara Klums weigh as much as or sometimes more than most of my larger dolls - WTF, they're tiny!!!) so dragging that bag around will be death. I think can handle it, I'm tough!!!

And I have new luggage I'm excited to use.

I don't know how people actually put cons on. Just being a panel person is stressful enough for me! Lol

But...vacation!!! Or not, as I was telling my boss. But then he said I wouldn't be at work, so it still counted. I can't argue with that.

After Doll A Kon is over I can buckle down and really get to work on stuff. Yay for no more stress!!

I have all these new doll plans that include:
Selling. I've already managed to sell a few things, but I've some more I'll list after the con (if they're still around). If you happen to be curious, check Deviantart, DOA or Dairyland for sales.

Buying: Even though I swore there'd be no more dolls this year...if all or most of my stuffs sells, I'll be buying
Doll Chateau body for Alex V/Azrael 2
Migidoll Mir head (cause Migi is evil for releasing a mini-david after I already have one)
Peakswoods Mia de Butterfly (or whatever her name is) head
Luts Kid Delf romantic body (for the PW head - hopefully it works out)
Body for a DIM Laia head (I'm thinking Dollmore but we'll see)
Bluefairy May or Xaio WS

This is what I have planned. I'm not sure of the order....Migi is first, as soon as that order period opens up I'm jumping on him. I can't believe that head, not only does it look like David (Ryu), they have this line listed on his description "dreaming of a world of justice" which could not possibly be more David. I swear I think Migi has a direct line to my brain...XD

The DIM girl was kind of a perfect impulse. One day on a whim I decided a DIM would be a good choice for replacing Cassiel (Volks Midori), and like, the next day I got offered the head in a trade. I wasn't set on a mold and Laia was one of my choices so it was perfect. I'll try her on some of my bodies when she gets here and decide which way to go after that. I'm excited to get her! I ended up with more Volks resin than I ever thought I'd have, and in my never-ending quest to diversify my collection I think DIM will be a good addition.


  1. I passed by one of the tables in artist alley at A-kon and looked over and stopped for a moment and my friend asked me if something was wrong. And I was like "no, I just thought I saw Alex over there." Later I found the blurb about you in the A-kon book dealy and realized I had in fact seen Alex. It was neat to see him in person, even if only from a distance!

    I hope everything went okay with your panels.!

    1. Omg I wish you would have come by!!! I was...mostly there the whole time. When I wasn't running back and forth between the artist alley and the DAK rooms on the other side of the hotel XD
      Alex was a great sales person...people who recognized him would come over to see him, and people who didn't know what BJDs were came over because his hair was practically the brightest thing in the room XD I got a lot "I wish my hair looked like that" comments.

      I think everything went ok! I got some compliments, and no one told me I sucked, so I'm taking that as good! XD

    2. I seriously considered going back to say hi or something but I wasn't sure if "hey I recognize Alex from your blog!" was a weird way to start things off. XD Apparently other people recognized him too though so maybe it wouldn't have been too weird.

      His hair did look very exciting in person! Not that it doesn't in photographs too but one gets used to bright colors in photos. It's a little different in person.

      That's good though! You definitely don't suck so I'm glad no one said that!

    3. It wouldn't have been weird!! I got that a few times XD
      One person had actually bought my older comic and recognized the art...which was pretty cool.

      A little different yet still eye-bleedingly green :D The purple is more purple irl though...I can never make it look right in photos...

      not to my face anyway!! XD
      But I think it went well! We'll see if I get asked back or not...