Monday, August 26, 2013


You can still vote on the contests.....*nudge*

Until then, I have some quickie shots of a few dolls seldom seen...

  new mocha1

Little Alex and Boo
 little alex1

 I would like to take them outside someday...but it's very hot and hasn't rained in a while so everything is pretty dead :(

I think I need to give Boo a new faceup. I like it, but it makes him look old...and I would like to freshen him up with maybe lighter colors. I hope that helps. His eyes are the same size as Little Alex's but his mouth and nose are bigger making his face look huge. The giant wig doesn't help either...he  might need a new one of those too...maybe a fiber one! Oooooh scary....


I'm not sure there are any pics of Raph since I got him in 2010. Sad...but really, he looks like this. He's pretty done, and I tend to love on the dolls that give me trouble XD

Raphael is what he sounds like, the Archangel. He's also a famous child-surgeon (cause his form is that of a young child - even though he's not), and the boss of Uriel, Israfel and Cassiel, and by default almost all of my other angels except for Gabriel, Michael and obviously (to me anyway) Lucifer and Metatron. And Azrael, cause no one is his boss. He's wild.

Like everyone else, he needs wings. One day I really will figure out a good system to make them myself...

Holy carp I have a lot of angels!! How did that happen?

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