Tuesday, August 20, 2013



So my biggest and best accomplishment of late is something I can't post yet (and I highly reccomend you head over to DOA's anniversary celebration to check out the faceup contest when the entry's are up. Just sayin.). I am going nuts because it's something I am in love with, and it's sitting in a box. Long story. I wish DC would hurry up and send my order.

A few updates:
Alex I ruined his faceup (ok, I did it, but I'm sure it was his fault somehow) and I was pretty devastated since other than Trevor's (Volks DWC02) and my secret project of doom, it's my favorite that I've done in a long time. It took me about 2 weeks to get it fixed, which is ridiculous because it was a tiny scratch on his nose.  He's better now.

All my Kara Klums are current wearing Dr. Suess Thing 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 shirts. It was a dollmeet thing. Don't ask XD
They look weird all dressed the same (ish) though.

I found out that Blue Blood Doll SD16 Girl jeans fit Kara Klums perfectly. Alex is thrilled. Unfortunately they only have the one pair :\

I'm on another tea-dying kick. No white clothing is safe!! Pink either. I figure a way to make any article of clothing better is to dunk it in tea. So far I'm right. I might dig through my whole collection and just have another massive tea-dye. Last night I did two tiny dresses, and I used chai, so they smell good too! :D

I have a mini Uriel now. In this years tradition of just using dolls over again (a bunch of tinies, Volks Heath and now Limhwa Mono) I turned the second version of Mini David into Uriel. I think it worked. I have some gripes about the wig, but that can be worked on later.


I need longer pile fur. It should look more like this:
UPDATE: I ordered long-pile orange and yellow!! I can remake his wig now, and possibly make one for big Uri (Migidoll Miho)


He needs that shirt too. But he's the right height and body type, so yay!! He's stretching Mini Alex's jeans out though, I need to find him some that fit better.

My Mini count is now up to four....though Aishe is still faceless and Mini David is in pieces because I still have to mod him. Boo.

I'm seriously thinking of letting some of my bigger dolls go....starting with Thomas (IP EID Kamau). I NEVER touch him. NEVER. He's dusty. I hang onto him because he's so perfect as Thomas and was an LE....but what's the point?

I was also thinking of axing Ryuji, who is several years old now and hasn't moved either, has no tatts, and no clothes. But I'm not sure I could do that. I seriously love his character and might regret getting rid of him. I think I just need to buckle down and finish him, then I could photograph him or something and he'd be fun again. OR I should find a Mini him and sell the SD one. :\

The problem with that is that there aren't any bodies tall enough to be him or Thomas in mini form...I would love it if there were....Both of them would go then. My angels interest me so much more than the vampires (other than Alex, David and Kimi lol), I actually thought about selling Metatron for a minute but I just don't think I could do it. Even though I can't find him clothes either. Big guys are such a PAIN!!! I can't do anything with them. How do people handle them??

The funny thing is, I have no desire to sell my Hound, even after all the DS issues. I think all that hate was attached to the Saint head lol. Hound make makes me happy. Israfel makes me happy too. That could be part of it....

I dunno. I should wait on it. If I sell Thomas I'd probably regret it, and it would be hard to get him back. Though I think I could, and with a better body now (thank you for nothing Iplehouse.), it would still be a pain. I would miss Ryuji if he was gone and probably Metatron too. Damn dolls. They take up all the space and do nothing.

My biggest problem is I have so many that need epic amounts of work....I should just pick one and start.

Too bad the one I want to work on has no body :\

Stupid dolls.

Maybe I'll start small and wipe Alex I's body and start him from scratch. Then do all the others...*ded*

Or blush David, get all three of his heads done and redone, and then tackle the Aishes.

Or do nothing and complain about it.



  1. Oh my goodness, I also love to tea-dye all the things! I'm hanging on to old tea just so I can make things look tea-colored. :D
    I also seem to sew mainly with white muslin and can't be assed enough to remake the things in "proper" fabric, so I should probably get to dyeing things soon... The white is killing me with their inappropriate whiteness.

    Anyway, I love Uriel's face! And I love how he looks with mini-Alex! And that he has somewhat rounder features than Alex, just like in your drawing! :D I love how burny his eyes look. Burny... yes.

    You can really tell I'm an English major here.

    1. We should have a virtual tea-dying party!! :D Take all the not-so-attractive clothes and see how we can make them better with tea! Or coffee for those Alexes who are insane and don't drink tea. I've also been using all the tea I don't want (usually it's old anyway since it's been around). The coconut chai was a good idea - I recommend that. It smelled like Christmas at the beach lol Baby Alex is delicious now.

      Thanks! Hee hee I dunno, burny seems like a good word to me! I love thoes eyes, and since they're safrin doll they come in all the sizes so all my Uriels match!

    2. Yes, I am down with that! I wonder if the red stockings I made will hold the color--it's too bright red for what I want. :P

      And oh my gawd, that coconut chai sounds amazing. I want Christmas at the beach! I'll have to keep an eye out for some. I just have a bunch of old Earl Grey that should be nice. :D And jasmine, but it doesn't smell like jasmine anymore it's so old.

      Safrin doll has so many great eyes. :D It's awesome that all your character incarnations can match. x3 You know, you tempt me to have multiples of the same character, and I can'tdothat. D: But I want. It's a brilliant idea.

      Or we're both crazy--you more so, since you actually do have multiples, whereas I only think about it. XD

    3. I will never deny my cray lol you can't own 6 of the same sculpt and 13 versions of one character and not be a little nuts. You are totally welcome to join me in the crazy...it's fun!! :D
      If you ever need help in justifying/enabling multiples...I'm really really good at it ;)
      I can justify anything.

      Ooh Jasmine tea would be good! I'm sure I have some of that laying around. Might be green though, I've only ever used black for dying. Have you used green? I wonder what it looks like. Or red tea! Now I want to play.

      Dying red might just mute the color some which would be great if you're wanting to tone down the bright. That's what I wanted for the pink dress I dyed. The way I see it, if you aren't going to use them anyway, you can't really do anything but improve them! lol