Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hobby Frustrations (long rant)

BEFORE: uuuuhh sorry about the giant wall of text...if anyone gets through it, kudos to you, and thanks!

A post or two back I was lamenting about selling off some of my bigger guys because I can't seem to do anything with them. Last night was almost the end. I had Marcus out (Switch Taeheo on the Granado 64 body) and a huge pile of clothes to put on him...and nothing fit. NOTHING. His shoulders are too broad for everything I have that's not 70cm clothes which are too big. I got so frustrated I just put everything aside (including him - he's now naked on the shelf) and gave up. I thought again about putting them all up for sale - Metatron, Thomas, Ryuji, Michael, Marcus and even Gabriel....and realized the obvious problem all of them have. Lack of wardrobe. Literally they can wear what they have on and that's it, and in all of their cases what they're wearing is NOT at all what I want for them.

My greatest foes are:
Dollmore Glamor Model male
Iplehouse EID superhero (the old and crappy body that can't even stand)
Resinsoul 70
Popodoll 68
Granado 64
Resinsoul female 68

No clothes. None. Does anyone anywhere have any idea where I can get anything to fit them???

Besides the obvious, Dollmore and Iplehouse I mean. Neither company makes what I'm looking for, which in some cases is elaborate military stuff (which should be easy!! But so expensive I am afraid to buy them in fear they won't fit and I'll be screwed), or as easy as freaking khaki pants and a polo shirt.

The problem is each of these guys dresses in different styles and they're such odd sizes that I can't find what I want for them. Ryuji, the Popo hybrid, might be easy, as he's pretty much standard 70cm, but I want Cyber-wear for him...and no one makes that. Or anything close to what I'd like.

Marcus is a disaster as he apparently wears SD13 pants and SD17 shirts. Outfits are out of the question because they aren't going to mix sizes like that. And he has two styles: the PA Future/casual that most of my dolls wear, and steampunk/neo victorian/victorian (which is my way of saying doesn't-have-to-be-accurate-as-long-as-it's-fluffy-back-in-the-day-looking stuffs). Both styles I can find and have available, but since not everything fits him he can't wear any of it.

The Resinsoul Hybrids (Michael and Gabriel) are  hard because I can find clothes for them I want but they're in the triple digit range and I don't want to spend that much on stuff that might not fit: the boy body is skinny and the girl has huge boobs. If I could get answers out of the RS community that would be nice, but I've gone into that large doll discussion group and either they don't know themselves, or just ignored me because I got nuthin.

Dollmore makes clothes for their glamor models but, like everything else they make, they're a tad large, and they don't have what I want for Metatron at all. AT ALL. Nothing. One outfit is all I ask...

And everyone who owns an EID has the same clothing rant, so why bother to put that here.

If someone really wanted to make a fortune in this hobby they'd start a 70cm and over company and make things that really really fit all these guys....and make them in styles that aren't 3-piece suits and weird crap no one wants.

Israfel has the largest wardrobe of my bigger guys, and it's because 70cm elegant goth is so freaking easy to come by in this hobby. He sits on the shelf looking smug because he's got one full outfit, a couple pairs of pants and shirts. That's it, and it's way more than the rest. But because of this I have no desire to toss him out the window with the others.

Last night in the despair of being afraid of regretting selling all these dolls (bad grammar alert D: ), I came up with a small plan.

In a couple months when my life slows down a tad (read: next year :\ ) I will take one doll a month and work on getting them finished. Weather it's as complicated as the Alexes who all need a million tons of body/asthetic work, or as easy as a body blush, or costly as finding them some kind of outfit somewhere that works.

Ryuji is the worst, as he needs everything. Literally. He'll be first. I might start him soon. Alice seems to have a bunch of new stuff I hadn't seen until last night, and several of the shirts will work for him. I'll get him a wardrobe of sorts, and start on his million tattoos, and maybe I'll want to keep him. His character is in my top favorites, if I sell him I'll regret it.

This wardrobe frustration is affecting my other dolls as well...I've been looking at a lot of them thinking I should sell them. This is what happened in 2010 when I sold all my MNFs. I hated one of them and fixed by selling all of them. At the time it was good and I didn't care....later I regretted it. I wish I'd kept Soshi's head, and the Breakaway at least. Now I will never own another Shiwoo because it won't be the same and I had to buy the Breakaway head again.

It will cost more money and time if I sell all these guys and try to buy them again in the future (and two are LEs that I paid way more than what they'd sell for anyway). If I can "fix" my issues with them it'll be much better. And if I can't, and I'm still freaking, then I'll sell them.

I almost wish I had somewhere to pack them away in their boxes so I don't have to look at them, but I don't. Shelf space I have, storage space I don't :/

In other news I am buying a ResinSoul Li tomorrow. I'm kind of excited about as I have plans and I really like Li. I sorta had my roommates for a while but she was fully, beautifully customized, and I need to do that myself or the dolls go. And I had no point for her. Now I do, and it's a fun one. She's evil and has an elaborate hairstyle I have to do myself (which is something I love working on). If she doesn't work out I'm not out tons of money and she's small so she won't sit there being huge and in the way. She also wears clothes I won't be able to find :|||||| BUT she's kinda got a 'before and after' look, so I can find her a 'before' outfit to sit around in until I finalize her look and find someone who can make her clothes. Also I have ideas to "fix" her if I don't end up liking her, and I'm excited about that too.

All of which is good because I think I'm in a doll-slump lol. First all these clothing problems are freaking me out, nothing is selling second-hand so I don't really have doll money to play with (using my own monies to buy Li and now have to put a self-imposed ban on shopping D: ) and Alex has been sitting around all week in no pants. I never do that....but I can't bring myself to bother to put any clothes on him. Maybe I'll drag him over to dinner at a friends this weekend and make them help me dress him XD

Or he'll just stay no-pants man forever.


  1. It was interesting to read your post here. I had been thinking I must be the only one who goes through this with my dolls (I am on a bit of a culling mission at the moment myself).

    My biggest pet peeve with wardrobe is that I can never find the style I want. And like you, all my dolls wear clothing that isn't really "them" because everything I want is either really expensive, non-existent or costs a fortune to commission.

    I can however help on the Popodoll body as I have one myself. I have my Bomu currently dressed in SD17 clothing from Nine9Style which fits quite well. I have him wearing the SD17 jeans from Alice Collection though which is also a nice fit. But that's about the only places I have tried for him so far.

    Congrats on the impending Li purchase. I had one myself but I sold it on to a friend. I love her sculpt but couldn't make her work for me. Hate when that happens!

    1. Ha ha it's almost good to know I'm not alone! I really do think it's mostly a matter of what I really want for each individual doll being something that doesn't exist in BJD land. Or at least in their size. And something I don't have to sell a kidney to afford.

      Yay, thank you!!! 9style might have somethings for him, but it's largely not Ryuji's style of clothing...but I will definitely look at Alice pants since they have some shirts I want for him. SD17 fits better than 70cm stuff?? He looks so huge to me lol

      Yeah I hate it when that happens too. I've sold a lot of dolls that I liked, but they still didn't work out. I avoid buying a lot of them for the same reason! (and lack of fundage lol). But thanks, I'm excited for her to get here! I ordered last night - she was in stock at DDE - but I haven't gotten my invoice yet *impatient* I am really hoping to have her by Saturday, but if she's not here it won't be the end of the world...

    2. From Alice Collection, I choose the 70cm and SD17 at Nine9style. I think SD17 is 70cm, at least according to Nine9Style as they list those two measurements together.

      Hopefully you get your invoice soon. DDE are usually pretty quick. I love that they and Junkyspot have dolls in stock. I ordered my Limwha Mono that way. I am so tempted to get one of the tan Limwha girls too but I need to sell dolls first to get funds.

      So when do you think some scientist will develop the Money Tree?

    3. I dunno, but they'd better do it soon! *shakefist* I could use a Money Tree right about now...

      Ah that makes sense. Well kinda, SD17 is technically in between SD13 and 70cm, but I think some 70 clothes do fit them. I need to scrape togehter the funds to make an ALice order now. Ryuji can finally have clothes!! :D

      I did get it, then shortly after I paid I got my shipping notice! :D And it was early enough that it might actually go out today and if that's the case it could be here by Sat *crosses fingers*
      I love DDE, so many of my dolls are from there....I ordered my Mono from JS too, but I seriously can't remember how long he took XD (and it was only a few months ago....)
      BOth places had a WS li in stock and I'd checked out the wait times for junkyspot and it looked like a weekish, where I was hoping for two days lol. That and DDE had Li with no faceup, so they were the winners. I'm excited! YAY! I bought her eyes this morning, so she'll at least have that eventually.