Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finally going to do it.

I am going to start 2014 off with something I should have done years ago.

Put my Iplehouse Sword Dancer Kamau up for sale.

I can't stand him...he's too big and heavy, I hate his body like a plague and because he was so expensive and an LE I am afraid to do anything with him...I've been waffling about it for a year or more and I think I just need to do it. Which is why I'm writing this XD It's my way of gearing myself up for the sale!!

It just makes me sick that (other than VLKS Michele) he's my most expensive doll and I know I won't get back what I paid for him...Which is why I've hung on to him for so long. Thanks to Iplehouse's full choice system why would anyone pay for an expensive LE? He is getting discontinued this year though, so maybe that'll help.

One thing is for sure, if I can sell him I am NEVER owning another IP doll again, ever. It will be a relief to move him on to a good home....


  1. Good luck on the sale! I hope he goes quick for you! I hate having to sell on the MP. It moves so slowly. But hopefully with yours, someone has been wanting one of those sculpts for a while!

    I hear you on Iplehouse dolls. I really love the look of them, I truly do but there are a few things that bug me about them, the most troublesome being their posing. Or lack thereof (if you want them to do anything other than stand that is). I really loved my JID Asa, she was a gorgeous sculpt like most IP sculpts are but she couldn't sit worth a damn, not without leaning against something and it used to drive me bananas. Shame. That was why I sold her on. Plus she looked huge with my other slim MSDs. Those IP dolls do have quite the bit of resin to them don't they.

    1. IKR? They don't pose worth crap. And they're so expensive!! I did a mock order for an Ebony Kamau and it was over 1000. And that's without all the extras I got when I bought mine due to his being LE.

      Thanks for the good luck... I feel like I need it.....I don't want to post him anywhere but DOA after the trade mess on Dairyland, so I feel like I am only covering a small part of BJDdom with my sales post....