Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Post

I need something somewhere to not be about my "stolen doll" saga, so I'm making a new post here finally!!!

So what's been going on lately?

New dolls
I did get the Unoa L-Bi finally (in case you missed the update). He showed up yesterday (Jan 21) and I've been messing with him as much as I can -- which isn't much. I wasn't home last night, and I don't have the materials I want for him (basically everything --> wig, eyes, clothes, parts, faceup) so he's all temporary right now. BUT despite all the drama and mess, he is my first official doll of 2014! :D

My intention is to make him into a sparkly unicorn. So I need to get him some sort of floppy ears, a horn, wings...tail. The works. Originally he was going to be a stand-alone in my collection, but since I sold/traded my MNF Karsh, poor Mocha is all alone again, and I accidentally came up with a small story that puts him together with Unicorn Boy and a hopefully future MNF Shiwoo (yes, I enjoy self-punishment), again to be Soshi, only a revamped version.

I think the three of them will work nicely together, and I don't have to worry about fitting them in with my other dolls :)

It is a little weird for me, I never rework already established characters this much, but both Soshi (my former and future MNF Shiwoo) and Mocha's (RS Song) characters only came about because of the dolls, so I'm not too hung up on it.

Because of a layaway I was doing (as a seller), I managed to save enough for a down payment on the FL LTF Rose Steam Bunny! And I ordered her a week before they sold out!! Which is awesome, because I was going to wait until I had more money stashed away, if I'd done that I would have missed out!!

Rose is going to pull dual duty in my group, alternately being a bunny with the rest of my YO sized dolls, and also acting as a boy -- Shogo, Jubilee's adopted son in my X-men group.

Speaking of X-Men, I ordered Wolverine his body!! And got him some jointed hands off the MP! And some black fur for a wig! I'm so excited...everything I've been told or found out on my own leads me to think that yes, the DZ Cosmo head I'm so set on will fit the Miro 60cm just fine, and while I may have to mod it to work, the 70cm hands should too (cause he needs big hands!!). I can't wait to get him together lol it's killing me!!

And while lurking in the Mirodoll threads I found out they sell a blue that is perfect for Mystique! So once I figure out what head I want to use (or they come out with a new one), I will be ordering a girl for her character. I've kind of decided against Storm, since finding a perfect blue for Mystique, I think she will fit in so much better, since I like the odd grouping I've got going so far. The weirder the better. I'll stop with her, unless I get another random trade. I have a few more characters in my mental "waiting room" so if that happens I'm ready!

For those of us in the US, Denver Doll is now carrying Dollmore.


I might be a little excited.

I have wanted a Dollpire Kid forever but never got one because when they come out I don't have the money!! And I know DM does layaway but I've never done one with them...but I am a pro when it comes to DDE lol. So later this year I will be ordering a Dollpire....I kind of want to wait a month or two to see if they release any new ones because the only WS Shiloh (and Shiloh is the one I like the most) they have is way more than I want to pay, and while I am intrigued by the blue skin, I have a feeling I really want white.  I'll go blue if I have too though ;)

It's been a while since I've gotten a Dollmore doll, I'm going through withdraw XD

Other stuff 'n'projects
I'm working on making more wigs. I'm trying out a full dread-wig, using yarn, I want to use the same technique to make a short wig with fur cut off the material, and I want to buy some angora to make wigs out of that. I've started already, but all I've managed (damn time -- I have none) is the wigcap.

I wiped Wyn's (B&G Sapphira) faceup and cut the hell out of one of his wigs so he can maybe get the new look I've been promising him. Now he's blank and naked on my table next to Alex II who is my wig model.

My Volks Midori went through another character change: I was working on chapter three of FC and decided I needed yet another new character. While sketching her, I actually thought "Crap, I hope I won't want to make her into a doll..." and then "Omg, Midori would be perfect!!"

So no Ghost character for me, still. It's better this way as there are several dolls I would rather have as a ghost, and Midori being NS was a huge inspiration block for me. I actually started doing the faceup work on her and couldn't...leaving her body hanging around naked and her head on shelf for days.

Her new character is an angel again -- her name is Muriel and she's the angel emotion (her nickname is Chibi) and the attendant of Gabriel -- so again, poor Midori is paired up with a 70cm doll XDDD
though I'd like to get Gabriel a shorter body someday. She got a new wig yesterday and I cut it to the length I wanted (I might go a little shorter still) so all she needs is a faceup and she's good to go! I'm happy with her this time around...Every time I look at her cute little face I don't want to sell her but she was so pointless in my collection! Now she works, and I have another angel.

With my putting Thomas up for sale I barely have any vampires left (maybe I need to be AngelVampire13.  :\\\\  No.) and my angels just keep multiplying!!

I think that's it *nodnod*. It's a lot, but I haven't been able to update in forever!!! Drama sucks. I'm done with it lol.

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