Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Tastes Like Christmas

Because I put way too much cinnamon in my coffee this morning XD

We're having Snowmaggedon 2014. It's a Blizzard!! Warnings to stay indoors, extreme temps (it's going to be 4° tomorrow! As a high! YAY! :D  .... not.)'s pretty much doomsday out there. And I have to go to work tomorrow. :(....

My car got fixed yesterday at a stupid-low price. They looked at it and decided it was flooded. Eh?! How the hell does a car get flooded sitting there? But they were sure that was the problem, so I went to get it, asking my friend not to leave, because I was pretty much 100% sure that it wasn't starting....and lo. I was right. They charged my $62 for half a diagnostic (nice discount!) and that was all...and since the car still didn't work, they had to take it back in. Later that evening they called back with the real problem -- the starter was corroded, so it wasn't starting, but the car would get flooded when everyone turned the key! A real answer (because I know how to start a car without it flooding...) at last!! And because the problem wasn't fixed when they told me it was, I didn't get charged for the real work XD YAY!!!

Now for the bad news. My trade for the Unoa has gone south. I shipped the day agreed, and she dropped off the face of the earth. She's not logged back in, no communication, and if she had shipped when she said she would I'd have the doll.

There could be a reason for this...the doll I sent should have been delivered yesterday and wasn't, a notice was left. Something could have happened that means she's not been home...for a week.

So I could be out a $600 doll...or she's totally disappeared (I hope not...) and it'll get shipped back to me when it's not claimed. Or she'll show up and send the Unoa -- which is the one I am hoping for. I still really want the doll.

I really hope this isn't my first bad transaction...

EDIT: Holy fucking hell. I just went out to clean off my car...we have at least 6 inches out there, it's insane!! Work closed today (of course...on a day I'm off anyway) so I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow....especially since it's still snowing as hard as ever out there. I dressed four dolls to take one outside for snow pictures, but it's too deep...they'll be buried! WHITE OUT!!! Everything is's the end of the world...

EDIT AGAIN: more than 10 inches!!! SO CRAY! And I know I'll have to work tomorrow...nothing on the Facebook or the twitter D: NUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

ANOTHER EDIT: WOO HOO! work closed! I is sleeping in again!! Vacation never ends! Or I'll be insane from being in the house for so many days in a row! The high tomorrow is -3 (for reals), so it's probably a good thing no one will be out and about....
Now the only thing I have to do tomorrow is stress about the possible failed trade....


  1. I can't even imagine what all that snow looks like. I hope the blizzard blows over soon (and you get the day off tomorrow!). The only time I have seen snow was when I went to New Zealand for a holiday and it was surreal. It was the first time I have ever seen snow and I wasn't prepared for the absolute silence it brings when it falls over everything.

    Ack, I hope the Unoa trade ends up going well even though it does sound a bit worrying that the other person hasn't communicated with you yet. Are they in the same country as you? I've only ever done a trade once and that was with someone in the same country as well. I don't think I'd be game to do international trades.

  2. Ha I hope I get off tomorrow too! My vacation will never end!! It really sucks...the snow is so poor dog, she's s Shi-tzu and the snow is over her! She can't do anything out there XD Sucks for me too, living in the city we have to walk her D:

    I am freaking out. She's in the same country and I have her name and address, so I'm not as worried as I could be, but I'm also so scared she's just going to go off with my doll. If it finally gets delivered I will have to consider it stolen...I so don't want to deal with that....