Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another post about Sage

This might be the last one for awhile. I won't have anything new to update! Maybe some Wolverine if I get his head done. BUT NOW IT'S RAINING A-FREAKING-GAIN!!!1111!1!!!!!

Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick post about Sage again because I have a tentative character and back-story for her, based off other characters in a story that is parallel to FC, but I will probably never do anything with. The other two main characters have both been dolls at one time and both sold to be reshelled sometime...never, so far. But now I at least know what mold one of them would be!

So anyway, Sage.


Sage was the daughter of a very prominent family of Sidhe in Faerie, her parents were treated like royalty and she was engaged to the son of the King himself - Shaelean. She has a twin brother named Caelan, whom she was very close too growing up. They did everything together, including sneaking off to the human world to pretend to be people.

She had everything, wealth and popularity, looks and an amazing future....until she caught her fiance with her brother. With realization that Shae was only marrying her to be close to her brother Sage fled, intending to find her parents and call off the engagement. The two men followed her, and an altercation resulted in her plummeting down a flight of stairs into a suit of armor.

The horrible scars on her face from the accident (uh huh, I got it now - no redoing her faceup!!) were the perfect excuse to call off her wedding, but her family insisted (with encouragement from Cael and Shae). Rather than marry someone who didn't feel anything for her (Shae is hardcore into guys) or rat on her brother, Sage ran away to the human world to pursue her secret love -- writing.

Fast-forward several years and Sage is living in a crappy apartment, working as many hours as she can at the local coffee house (Dante's) and failing miserably at her writing career. She writes various fanfics and manages to keep up a blog of how much her life sucks (which only has about three readers, one of which is her co-worker, friend and one of many crushes, Jacob - who would be Uriel), but still has yet to find success in her chosen career.

She's often got her head in the clouds, or in her laptop. She's very envious of people with friends, lives, real jobs (not that being a barista isn't a real job, but she's a writer!)...and loves food and fashion. She's painfully shy, her scars and having to hide elf ears (huge elf ears!) have hurt her chances of making friends (in her own mind), so she's a loner. Her social life starts and ends with Dante's and the internets.

So yay! I not only have a story for her (which I thought of yesterday), but she fits into my Elves like a glove.

What you should know about my Elves:
Shae was a doll for many years: B&G Afra on the Volks SD13 body. He's Wyn's half-brother (Wynners is a prince! Who knew!!) and cursed by his step-mother. I sold the doll because even though I oringally came up with the character of Shae for that mold, he took a totally different shape in my mind after a while....as he developed I could no longer see him as the Afra. Someday I'd love to reshell him, but pretty much no one makes a masculine Elf sculpt....Some day....

Cael was also a doll for a time - B&G Nailo LE Fullset. He is the only doll to wear the wig Sage now has...but I never bonded with him at all, did anything with him, and I don't think I even owned him the same time I owned Shae....so he was sold off in parts. His character was created just to be Shae's boyfriend, he never had a sister until now. It's forbidden for him to be with Shae because Elves are all about procreating....and you can't do that with two dudes. If I ever reshell him now, it will be as that mysterious Juri 12 - the one that no one knows what line it really belongs too.....it looks a lot like Elf Karsh, which is Sage.

Wyn is half troll - his and Shae's father had an affair with what he thought was a human woman, but was really a hulder pretending to be human. She dropped the resulting baby off at daddy's house so her family wouldn't eat it. Poor Wynners grew up in a dungeon of shame, and was kicked out as a tween. Shae knew his brother and treated him well (was probably the only one who ever did) but did nothing to stop him from being tossed out on his rear. Neither Sage nor her brother ever knew Wyn existed.
Wyns half-trollness explains why he's so odd looking in my collection (huge face and massive eyes and floppy ears), and makes it easier to find a mold to be his brother...they don't have to look alike at all. Other than Alex, Wyn is the only doll have with a younger version.

Wyn is Isis's roommate and works at a Scene/Fairy Kei/Street Style fashion shop which explains his unique style (Wyn dressed like Wyn before it was cool *dons hipster glasses*). Unfortunately he will eventually be let go when the store closes and have to take a job as the daytime receptionist (reception person?? Receptatroll?) at the vampire infested Black Rose Agency, where he will not be hit on by Alex as he is actually a guy. Even if he doesn't look like it.

My entire universe of elves was invented just to explain Wyn XD

One more pic to show her whole outfits which is my favorite so far and most of it is parts of what I got in the recent trade


The socks and scarf are the only thing I already had....


  1. Her new outfit looks awesome!

    Also that's a really neat backstory. That's awesome that you came up with all of that just to fit her in! Also neat that elves exist just to justify Wyn's presence. XD Was fun to read about all that! I am a wee bit sad that the others no longer exist in doll form so I can't see what the other characters look like.

    1. Thank you!

      Well, I would love to get Shae as a doll again someday. I have been on the lookout for one that would work since selling the first one. I would love Soom to release something I could use...but if they ever do I know it would be one I can't afford at the only time I'll be available XD

      There's a Jury 12 head for sale right now on the MP. I almost bought it the other day for Cael. I have money burning a hole in my PP but it's supposed to be for a Shiwoo. Still it was tempting.

  2. I like her outfit. It really suits her and also that scarf makes me think she could possibly hide behind it whenever she feels shy. Kind of like a barrier.

    Her backstory sounds really interesting. I feel a bit sad for her that she was virtually chased out of her home, first by her fiance's antics, then her parents' insistence of marriage despite the lovelessness aspect to it.

    Now aren't you glad you recycled the sculpt to be Sage?

    1. SO glad!! Lol
      I'm really happy I was able to work her into my "main" storyline....I do better with dolls that fit in.

      I think I could hide behind her scarf, it's huge. It's from Dollmoe and they like to make everything "one size" even though they have tinies and dolls that are 72cm XD