Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stuff and Thangs

EDIT: The amount of typos in this entry is STAGGERING. I am not going to fix them just because the eyebleed is too funny. Deal with reading my horrible typing skills!!! XD

Holy ef I've not been on here in weeks. WEEKS! I'm so behind now. So before I start trying to catch up with everyone, I'll do a quick (hur hur right) post of updates.

I'm not sure what I've been doing the last couple weeks, but it's not doll stuff. I haven't really touched them in weeks. Well, Sunday, but I'll get to that. Between the week-long struggle with my computer at work, and becoming obsessed with stalking Food Network Chefs on Twitter and Instagram, horrible, horrible allergies and general life, I've no time for dolls.

Well, I've had time for Alex, but not in doll form.

It did take a huge chunk of those weeks, but I did (more or less) get all his tattoos redesigned. I feel so much better about them now, they look more cohesive and less scattered around. I did it right this time, working on them as a group. There is a little tweaking to do still but if I had time and it wasn't raining every other day, I could start working on the dolls. I have a couple faceups to finish first though, so that won't start for a few weeks still.

After finishing them I had to do some art, cause he's 13 this year. If you haven't seen it everywhere I've posted it (seriously everywhere), here it be.

You can't see all the redesigns in that pic, but a few of them. I simplified the rose (hopefully making it easier for me to duplicate) and made it look more my style. I drew the 13 instead of using a font (now I want that tattooed on me somewhere lol), fixed the ones on his arm and back and added one. Now my logo and blog banner will be changing. I'm using the PiB on his arm as the header here, and my personal logo will have the 13. I just have to, y'know, do it. The computer debacle is keeping me from opening any of my files right now, so it might be a few days. Or I'll have to do it at home. Wat? No.
EDIT: I changed the banner. I bet no one noticed XD It's almost the same anyway....

If I'm brave, I will be getting my first (lame) tattoo this year. I have several, finally, that I think I could live with. Which has always been my problem....I'm an artist, if I'm getting a tattoo I am drawing it. I just change my mind so much, I can't bring myself to do it. Several years ago I realized I should get Alex if I got anything...he's been constant for 13 years, I doubt I'll get tired of him...but coming up with something I like has been hard. I've done lots of chibis, and not liked any of them enough, but I think I have it now. I need to consult, I don't know if it's doable...but if it is, I'm so doing it.

So I said I wasn't doing much with dolls - not since my birthday when I went doll-shopping and then took hours and cleaned Alex off (he's so shiny and new).  That day I was with other doll friends and my Dad and his wife kept calling me because they knew this guy who was selling all sorts of doll-things, and so my roommate and I went in on a huge lot of stuff (totally unseen except for a few phone pics) for 100. That was April 12...we just got the stuff on Sunday.

Holy fuck it was worth it. Tons of really nice acrylic eyes, a drawer of eyelashes of all colors, lots of elaborate Kemper wigs, some of which are too big, but many of them can be sewn smaller with no effort at all. Lots of socks, some shoes and tools. It all came in this cute metal cabinet. Going through it was so fun! Some stuff was really for baby-sized dolls, and can't work, but we got so much that the 100 was well spent.

They also tried to get me to buy all this furniture, but having gotten lots of furniture in the past for really good prices, I declined, thinking he was over-charging. Yesterday my dad's wife called and said he'd sell me all of it for 40. DONE!!! Lol no clue where it's going, but I could probably seat all my dolls at once now XD

So the other doll things I did, was shuffle hands around. Poor Sage...she really has the words hands. I'm not a fan of those claw-like AOD hands at all. Plus I wanted diffent hands for both my Zaoll hybrids - I don't hate their hands, but they're kind of...manly lol for such petite girls. And Kimi and Cassiel are my girliest girls. I had put up a WTB for girl hands, including Delf girl hands, becasue the colors could be similar, and I would love extra hands for Jubliee anyway if they don't work for AOD or Zaoll. I got lucky and was able to buy two pairs, and finally Sunday I tried them all on everyone.

I tried them on Cassiel first, she's a Peakswoods Goldie head on a Zaoll body - the one that used to belong to Tween and now has no boobs. I had also blushed his hands naturally and sanded down the nails - cause he was a boy - so they were extra manly lol. The Delf hands are SO cute on her!! So she kept a pair. I tried them on Sage, but the match was extra horrible, and I really wanted to try them on Kimi anyway, so on a whim I put the Zaoll hands on Sage. OMG. So much better!! The match is not too horrible, and because she's so much bigger than Cass or Kimi they don't look so masculine on her. The posision is way more relaxed too, which is what I really wanted. Plus the Zaoll hands are all one piece, so there's no separating at the wrist, which I hate so much. She's even got better hand movement. Since her hands were my biggest pet-peeve with that AOD body, I think she's pretty perfect now. And she got new clothes on my birthday when I went to the doll store! Alex got jeans. XD They fit him too!!

Kimi got the other Delf hands, and I ended up giving her longer-nailed, purple manicured hands which even match better, as she's the newer of the two, to Sage, and the extra Zaoll hands will go in a box with all my other extra parts.

So that was fun. The Delf hands will need some toning-down as they're darker than the Zaoll bodies, but I can do that easily. They're just so much better this way. I left my WTB up, because I figure I can always use more hands. lol

So that's it! Hopefully I'll have more time in the coming weeks, and my work stich will be resolved so I can get some pictures of...someone. Anyone. lol

I hope everyone is doing well! :D


  1. That's really neat about the wigs and furniture! Why don't I ever know people selling tons of doll stuff?

    I'm glad the hand shuffle went well! I definitely have a fixation on making sure all my dolls have hands I like when possible. Sometimes it's just hard to get the right match but I'm always really pleased when I finally get something that works. That's neat that the Zaoll hands work well with the AOD body though! Zaolls do have oddly large hands for their size.

    I already commented on DA, but your new picture of Alex is great! Definitely looking forward to seeing how that goes in doll form. Definitely don't envy you the task though... I wish you luck!

    1. Zaolls really do have giant hands. Proportionately it doesn't bother me much as both the heads I have on the bodies are much bigger than Zaoll, but they aren't very dainty for my two girlies. They work great for Sage though!
      I'm a hand obsessive too...but then I obsess over anything that makes my dolls better. Especially when it comes to hybriding lol

      Thanks! I'm happy with the new work...and I agree, I don't relish the work I have ahead of me with the dolls. III will be first when I finally get around to it. He gets all of them, the rest will get less as the numbers go down. Which is good, I only have to draw those wings once. Three times if I do them on Mini and Chibs. D:

      Lol I never knew anyone with doll stuff either! I still don't, but my Dad and his wife do! They're throwing in a bunch of stands for 10 bucks now too. Yays!! I can't wait to see all this furniture....I hope it's usable XD