Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's the end of the world as we know it

EDIT THE SECOND: ok for real I am so done with today. Another power-outage, then yet another one (though this was planned and I was shut down before it happened) and we seem to be finished....but who can tell for sure?! And a run to the PO at lunch proved to be a huge waste of my time other than I found out I have a new mail person who apparently doesn't do things right. At least not yet. I am not happy with this change. I really trusted the old mail person...she was awesome. this one has pissed me off twice in one day now. Not a good start. >:|
And Blogger is pretending I only follow one blog. XD At least I have that one....

Today's weather consists of: Severe thunderstorms, deadly lightening, flooding and tornadoes. It's bad now and only supposed to get worse throughout the day and into the evening.

YAY! ......   :\

EDIT: Holy crap. After I had this all typed out but it was just sitting open on my desk our power went out for like, two seconds. Only half the power came back on. I don't have lights, and only one of my outlets works. We thought my computer might be fried but it finally came back on after unplugging everything and replugging it back in. Alarms are going off, lights are flashing, the building attached to ours but not technically ours was evacuated and people were running all over the place.....

But hey, Blogger saved my entry! :D

Also, today I am a girl!! I have a slip on under my dress!! I have never worn a slip as an actual slip and not as a shirt or extra layer of dress. I'm not even sure where I got this one from, I just found it one day in my room....but I thought it might help to keep my jersey dress and leggins from clinging together all day and riding up which is annoying and totally unattractive XD

So far so good. Who knew these things were supposed to be functional? My grandmother would be proud.

I know I've updated a lot lately but I have more pictures, and I'm expecting a lot of newness in the mail in the next few days so I'm all excited.

First some more Sage, rocking a new outfits. Well, old stuff I put together in a new outfits....and new to her...


She is so much more fun as a girl, I'm almost embarrassed that I didn't want her head anymore....


I don't think anyone has ever worn that sweater....
I would so wear this if I wasn't too tall for those skirts. I've never found one that would actually cover my ass :\\ Lucky for her she's a doll and can get away with that look.

This week I should be getting a bunch of clothes in the mail as a partial trade/sale. There's an AnotherSpace outfit included that I don't own....I kind of made it my goal in life (sad sad sad) to own all the SD13 boy AS outfits (I have like, two left to buy and I'm done. Maybe three. I think it's three. I need to get to work on that) so I'm kind of excited. I brought Uriel to work with me today with the intention of trying it on him first. It looks like something he'd wear.

There will also be a girl outfit that is perfect for Sage, which is great since this trade was negotiated about a week before she existed XD

My Dikadoll Aqua head shipped Monday. Or I can't remember XD

Iplehouse shipped my very small order of a plaid shirt and Cowboy hat for Wolverine the day after I ordered it.

I have my Dollstown Elf body on order for Tween (I can't wait!!! Another Grail body crossed off the list! But it was a preorder so god knows how long it will take)

My Steam Bunny Rose LTF has been paid off so all I have to do is wait for that to come in (a million years from now)

I made a Tata's Paradise order of a few basic things I feel like my dolls need including a white wife beater for Wolverine (who will almost have his whole outfit...minus shoes XD -- my roommate is going to work on making him a jacket so that will be taken care of), and some pants I'm hoping will fit Alex, but if they're too big (which I'm sure they will be) they can go to Gambit. To makeup  for the pants that won't fit, Alex is also getting two shirts. There are some sleeveless shirts that almost everyone will be able to share....and I think that's it. I put way more thought into this order than was necessary, it took me about three days to double make sure I wanted what I was getting....and the two things from Iple were almost more than my whole Tata's order :\

And there is a Dollzone Carter I will eventually be getting as my birthday giftie! SO EXCITED!!
And so many dolls lol. I think I will be holding off on getting the Aqua head a body...I'm sure I have something he can share for a while.

And now some pictures Uriel, trying out his new fur wig.


I like it, but it needs some more work. I really need to fix the bangs. And good god it gets messed up. I think it's because like Alex, Uriel has a certain hairstyle that need maintaining...and fur just goes totally cray. He needs some industrial strength hairspray.


The colors are better than his fiber wig though. By far. It has been so long since I photographed him that the last pic I have he's still on the Souldoll body and has his old eyes. This is the F60 body that Sage's head came with and used to be on. His new eyes are from Safrindoll, and they're the same ones the Chibi and Mini Uri have. Consistency is fun! They look much better than the Dollmore eyes, though those served me well the first.....many years I had them in all my Uriels. I've had so many Uriels and combinations of Uriels...he's a pain in the ass. And the first version was really so perfect...I should have never sold him. But then there'd be no James, and I don't want to give him I guess it's a good thing. And Uriel should be in NS anyway, so this really is better.

He's still a pain in the ass.


  1. Ack, I hate power outages. They happen here when we have heavy rain but the Electrical company has to notify us first if they have a planned power outage (I stress the word supposed to). Hopefully you don't experience anymore for a while!

    The reader on Blogger is playing up for me too. A lot of times now, it tells me I haven't got any blogs I am following at all. I'm researching some 3rd party readers (came across something called bloglovin' but haven't tried it yet.) I don't know what is up with the reader on here. It's happening quite a lot actually.

    Sage is going to be one of those versatile dolls that can pull off any look I feel. I love her in this outfit as well. She really rocks whatever she's wearing and seems to make it gel.

    I have the opposite problem to you. I am short so all the skirts and pants I manage to buy are designed for taller women and they always have to be taken up!

    Congrats on all the orders and incoming shipments. Are Tata's still all right to order from? I haven't ordered from them in about four years now but they have some stuff I have been debating about ordering at some stage.

    Uriel looks great in that outfit. I love how you have his fur wig styled. It really suits him. I always have a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to style the fur wigs I have.

    1. *Potentially somewhat rudely pops her head up into your conversation - haha* Just thought I'd mention that Bloglovin' is probably the most popular reader at the moment, it's a little confusing to set up - especially if you're planning to list your own blog on there, but you can only follow blogs that have already signed up to Bloglovin', which is the problem... So anyone on your Blogger roll who's not a member won't be able to be followed.

      I actually gave up on it personally, because it was too much of a faff in the end and just refresh the page until Blogger is behaving again :'D

      *scuttles back under a rock*

    2. Thanks for the tip! I hadn't realised about the member thing with that place. That is unfortunate. I was hoping it'd just be one of those standard third party readers. I try refreshing my blogger reader but sometimes it doesn't work. I usually have to try again the next day to see if it's back online. I don't know what's going on with it but I wish blogger would fix it.

    3. Blogger likes to tell me I'm not following any blogs as well. It ticks me off because it's always when I am so in the mood to read peoples blogs but too lazy to search them out XD

      I have friends who are short enough that they have to get all their pants hemmed. I always thought that would suck, to have to spend more money on something you just bought in order to wear it. At least I can cover up too short pants with boots sometimes.

      So far Tatas seems to be ok. I had a payment error on the site but she said she got my payment and order so I'm guessing it's good to go! I have ordered from them in the past with no problems (other than long waits, but that's normal) so I didn't even think not too. She did have a warning that she was on her honey moon until April 1st so not to order until then - which I didn't even see until after I ordered. Luckily it was on April 1st XD

      Fur wigs are tough sometimes. I have better luck with them when they have to have a specific style like this one (which I fixed over the weekend by thinning out his bangs - so much better!). When they're just regular fur = normal hair like David's I have more trouble. I don't know why....

  2. Eww on the electricity front! Glad your PC came through unscathed though, sounds like that would have just topped the day off otherwise :'D

    I feel your pain on the dresses front too! I'm not sure how tall you are, but I'm 6ft and like you have legs up to my armpits, which means the majority of dresses and skirts I buy end up being too short! I do like a good slip though... there is something rather sassy about a good slip. *snort*

    I'm really loving Sage's look and you can never go wrong with a sheep-skin waist coat! Uriel's colour combination is brilliant too - those eyes are intense!

    1. Omg you do feel my pain! Even more! I'm almost 6' but not quite. I wish I was...I love being tall except for the clothing thing. Everything is too short. I can't wear dress shirts either because my arms are too long for my size - long enough sleeves means the shirt is way too big. And I want to stab Old Navy for not carrying longs in all their pants. Tall women who are too cheap to spend $150 on pants exist dammit. And I refuse to use their web site because i have two pairs of pants in the exact same style and size that are just different colors and they fit completely different...all their clothes must be tried on.

    2. Oh god yes on the sleeves front!! My arms are always way too long for the size I wear too, these days (regardless of the weather!) I end up just rolling/pulling everything up and wearing it at 3/4 length. I roll the bottom of the jeans up so they look like they're supposed to be shorter too *snort*

      I have to say, I don't think I'd give up being tall either, though I wouldn't mind being able to readily wear more heels and not terrify everyone in my path - haha

      I used to shop largely at DP ( for jeans/tall staples, but the one nearest to home randomly decided to stop stocking anything from the range!? Apparently tall women no longer exist in the backwater of the world....


  3. Crazy power outages. That's no fun at all! I'm sorry. And getting new mail carriers is never fun. I loved our old one.

    But on the plus side Uriel and Sage look really awesome! Good luck taming the fur wig. I love fur wigs for certain things and they are at least theoretically easier to work with for certain styles than fiber wigs, but getting them to do the right thing and stay that way can be a bit of a pain.

    1. It's really not. Especially now, because I know I should get a head today, but the new carrier won't leave like the old one did (she knew lol) I'll have a slip and have to go pick it up tomorrow *siiiiiiigh*
      Just when you have one trained, they up and leave....

      Thank you! Fur is a pain. I love it because it's so cheap to make, and fun, and the only way to get certain looks for some dolls...but holy hell I wish it would stay. Actual human hairspray has worked for me in the past, but I don't use it on myself, so I don't have any....I need to just get some cheap stuff for the dolls lol