Monday, September 15, 2014

The Road to Dollism and other things.

I leave Friday for Buffalo. I'm hitting panic mode now as I don't really feel like anything is ready.

Over the weekend my roommate and I went through all our things and pulled out everything we're selling. Holy Mother of God. It's so much we need to bring both our allotted two suitcases. one for things like clothes, and one for sales! D:

I feel like I'm literally cleaning out half of what I own. It's a good feeling. It'll be even better if some of it sells.

My Resin sales list has doubled. I really looked at my dolls over the weekend and added some to the pile that I never thought I'd get rid of. After Dollism I'll be putting even more up for sale. It's time. I need to cut my collection down, and even if I regret it (I adore my Afi, but he's just not right) I need to try and sell them. Most are going with me (a lot are just tinies and anthros) but the three big guys might now. Well, I'll take the head from one.

Everything is listed in my sales page if you're curious. I may be adding my Doll Chateau Youth Boy body to that list. I haven't 100% decided yet. I just really like Skullface's body and Alex II is just too tall like that. He will of course get his old body back - leaving 2.5 just a head again XD That's it goes guys!! You start out a head and end up one in the end...or something like that. In the future I might try for another DC Y-03, without the joints for II. I still want one. But there's the price to think of *dies*

Metatron is another one I may regret - but I can't have the bigger dolls laying around anymore. They take up too much space. Ryuji is getting a chance at survival and I have no desire to get rid of Israfel (who knew I'd like that stupid Hound so much?!) as he's the only one of the big guys I like. I'll have to take a huge loss on the Ripley Days and Kamau. No one wants them and they were both LE's and really expensive when I bought them. But I have to get them out. Someday I may buy another Ripley Days (a basic, with no frills) but I probably won't. I do NOTHING with him, and I can't find him clothes I like. And I would much rather concentrate on other dolls.

So I have a lot of dolls, clothes, shoes, eyes, wigs - the works - to sell at room sales! If it all goes it will fund my whole trip lol. Would be nice.

Alex III
He's finally a doll again. Mostly. I put him back together last night, sans head. I have to say, he looks amazing...but he chipped a few times already and I actually broke his wrist part while stringing him. He has 3 pairs of hands (plus the jointed ones) so this wasn't a huge deal, but I was still a little down. I want to spray him a million more times before he gets his head back and packed, so he's not totally done. Though it's supposed to rain he may not get sprayed! Dammit.

Migidoll River
Got shipped just in freaking time. I asked them last week what was up (at least one River arrived already) and they said they'd ship the next day...but my order didn't update, and I didn't get a notice. BUT I got the email today, and when I tracked it it said it was in customs already! So it'll be here. Unless customs eats it. Lets hope not. I really wanted to see him with Jean and the Heath head before Dollism because heath is going along in the sales bin (I'm feeling optimistic) and I'll feel better if I'm sure River will be a good replacement. He was also intended to be my faceup workshop head. So now I won't have to worry about a replacement.

DikaDoll Aqua
The head I bought to enter the contest with. I probably would have had him done, but his ear chipped (again. What the fuck,) and I had to fix it. So now I'm not finished and have to work on him some more. Arg. At least I'll have an entry of some kind.

Chibi Skullface
His status was elevated from my not owning him (I mean I've only had him a week lol) to going to Dollism with the other two YO sized dolls I'm bringing. Lol he moves up in the world fast!! I bought him a skelly suit like Baby Alex's...and then I grabbed one for Chibs too because I was buying off Amazon and I could. So all three of them can be twinzes!! Or something. He's too fat and tall for it lol but my friend fixed it so it fits better. He can sit in it now! XD


Is that the most perfect thing ever for him, or what?? XD He's wearing it now, but might go back to the other outfit for traveling.

So these are the dolls I'm planning on brining to Dollism for sure.
Alex I
Alex III (assuming I finish him enough *prays*)
Chibi Alex
Baby Alex
Chibi Skullface

DK Aqua (head)
MD River (head)

The problem is I also want to bring
Baby Wyn

That's a lot of dolls. The first 7 aren't too bad....but the next three just seem like too many.
Uriel is one I always want to bring places and never do. I really want to shop for him and that F60 body is awesome.

Baby Wyn also needs clothes. I am selling most of his. Plus I dressed him. Now I feel guilt.

Ashes I don't care too much about bringing, but he's my only Soom doll and I plan on going to their panel. More guilt. But I could leave him out. Maybe I will. I'll cross him off now. (He should be lucky he's not getting sold. All the bunnies but Boo, North and Ashes are going up. And Latte. But I don't count her since she's not in that universe. And I really like her now. )

Somehow that seems more manageable. I should bring Wyn. Baby Wyn usually gets to go to meets but hasn't for a while and I've never brought him anywhere else. Uriel is kind of big, but he'll pack easily and I can take off his hands for travel. I'll see what happens when I start putting them all in my bag and carryon.

So that's it. I have to do laundry and buy a couple things (hair stuff) that I need for traveling, and maybe I'll actually be ready to go ^^;;;;;;; I'm excited, but I'll be more excited when I get to the hotel with my million bags lol with nothing to look forward too but doll fun!!


  1. Good luck with the preparation for Dollism. I'm kind of jealous you guys get those sorts of things over there.We get nothing here in good ole Australia. Nothing close to where I am anyway. I'd love to go to one of those doll conventions one day. You'll have to take some photos if you get a chance.

    I hear you on the big dolls. They do take up so much space. It's one of the reasons I limited myself to only five of them. That number fits nicely in my glass display cabinet. They're only spread out over two shelves and I use the others for my MSDs. The Tinies can pretty much squeeze in anywhere. They're such a cool size.

    1. Thanks! Right now I feel a little crazed. I keep thinking of things I need to do and running out of time lol
      Don't you guys have some big doll thing?? I swear someone I know in AU does it every year. I can't think of it though D:
      I'm excited about this, I hope they do it again. I will try really hard to take photos!! I bought a camera and everything!

      Yeah, I'm over trying to make them work. I just want to move on. Says the person only selling two of four >.<
      But they're the ones that really bother me.

      I do love the tinies!! I seem to get more of them all the time D: