Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Just a quick (heh) update on the old collection.

Alex III
Needs his claws glossed again, and he'll be as finished as he's going to get. I really wish I could get a couple pictures of him before I pack him away, but there's no time and I don't want clothes on him at all because I'm paranoid he'll get chipped, so just envision how cool he is. Awesome, right? XD

He's happy to have his head back on, and his hair (giant mega-Godzilla has been holding it for a month while he's been worked on. I think he's sad to let it go.) back. Though I put a net over his head to tame it. I used some leave-in conditioner on it and it's super-soft now XD

The Kara Klums as a unit
Well, things are changing for them. I beheaded II last night and gave him his old body back, leaving 2.5 a head again. I'm putting the DC body up for sale. If it doesn't sell I have an idea for it already, but I would really just like to sell it and replace it with another Y-03 body, sans extra joints. If that happens I'll decide what to do with the other one.

So I'm down to 6 again, since 2.5 has no body. Lol. Or I will be once I grab the new guy....who may not end up with the mods I planned - I might do it to 2.5. I'm not as attached to him as I am the others, and if I can get a junk body for him I'll feel better testing out things I've never done before. The new one will still get an open mouth mod, since I want two of them, but a lesser one...hopefully better than the first one I did. I'm not happy with it. So basically I'll just be switching them around again. Heh heh.

I'm dying to work on Azrael right now (of course, when I can't.) so I might clean him off after Dollism and start him. I don't have a concrete plan, I just want to draw on him a lot. >.<
He may also be naked for the rest of his life....

Skullface just needs his one hand finished (one of these days it will happen) and he's done. So that's nice. Maybe before Halloween...

I and III are as done as they're going to get, more done than they've ever been. It's a little scary...I'm terrified for them now D:

I think II is happy to be on his old body again XD

Speaking of Halloween
I have four dolls to faceup and blush before the Halloween meet.
Ghost, Damien(Still not sure about his name) and two Boo's. Ugh.
I'd love Skullface and Chibi Skullface to be finished. So that's the plan....yeah.

Even better if Angelbattle Cream would get here by then!! But I doubt that'll happen.

Is now a Migidoll River.
Seriously, I couldn't have picked a better head if I'd totally done it on purpose. It looks like him! I'm not kidding. I just got him yesterday and I can't wait to have him together. But he's going to Dollism to be my Faceup Workshop head, and then I'll probably have to wipe that faceup and give him a real one someday next it might be a while.

But he looks amazing on the body (not a resin match sadly), the wigs look great on him and I love him with Jean. So a big huge and excited yay!!

I'd still like to attempt Wolverine 2.0 with different mold, but for right now I just want the two of them. I'd like to finish them completely. Either get Remy his own body, or one for Marcus, so there's no more sharing (though I am not in a hurry - I need to work on Marcus first. I think I just decided the Granado body is now Gambits....), and find both him and Jean some really good clothes, get them both blushed and complete before tackling any more projects....I don't want to get overwhelmed again. Ha.

Moving on...
My sales list is gianty.

CP Fairyland Luts Delf Dark Elf Soo Art Delf (Anarchy in Heaven) with default $250
Dollzone Mo3B with COA blank $100
Dollzone Fei with COA and custom faceup $100
Dollzone Ro with COA and custom faceup $100
Leekeworld LE SP Honey head $100
Volks Heath head $400
5Star Tong Tong (no horns) with COA $50
Dollzone Cosmo $100

Full Dolls (OBO)
Volks Midori In Preschool version - custom faceup $400
Angel Region SOLD OUT Cien $275
Mushroom Peddler Fluff $230
Mushroom Peddler Floppy the lop $230
Luts Mini-me Delf cat on Dikadoll body $175 (with extra parts)
Luts Mini-me Delf cat on Dearmine body $175

Doll Chateau Youth Boy body NSP/Dollmore hands $375
Mirodoll 60cm boy body ns $125
Dikadoll 1/6 body with extra hands TAN  $175

COMING SOON (feel free to ask me about them if you're interested)
Iplehouse Kamau Sword Dancer (modded)
Dollmore Catcher Ripley Days LE10 Fullset (minus eyes)

I can't sell my Afi head. I can't. I tried, I really did....but I would rather he sit in a box forever and never get used than sell him and regret it. I am planning currently to attempt to join the next Soom Teeny Gem free choice or whatever they call it, and try to get another one, with maybe the bunny parts if that's an option, in tan to replace Hopscotch. If that happens I'll sell my head, but maybe I won't...I love the modded eyes on mine.  I just don't like him on the DK body. Of all my YO sized dolls it was my least favorite.

And I feel SUPER guilty selling my Ripley days. I mean really. Other than one DMK I don't sell Dollmore resin. But I can't deal with all the big guys anymore. Ryuji stays, Israfel stays, they can sit on the top shelf together and I will hopefully be ok with that. I just keep thinking "if" with Metatron...and I can't think about "if" anymore. He just needs to go. I'm glad I never wiped his LE faceup now XD

I hope I can sell this stuff. I think the key is going to be to just put it up and keep it up...and lower the price if I have too. It has to go, I feel better just having the bulk of them off my shelf.
The funny thing is, I don't even know what I'll use the money for!! Maybe a body for my last floating head? A body for the newly bodiless Kara Klum?? Who knows. I am thinking of shelling Sage's brother, I have a list of heads that might work as that could be fun. We'll see.

Anyway, that's what I've got! I hope everyone has a good week! :D


  1. I can just imagine your Kara Klum II doll being locked into one of those beheading machines looking mighty nervous. It was the first image that came into my head when I read you had beheaded him.

    Good luck with all the sales! That does look like a hefty list! I did see that you had changed the Wolverine head. Curious to see the new Wolverine when you're finished with him.

    1. Lol poor II! He's ok now...he's got the body back now - 2.5 isn't happy though...he's just a head. I'm already looking for a new body for him though, so hopefully he won't be a head for long!

      Thanks! i didn't sell as much as I would have liked, but I sold more than enough to cover everything I bought. No joke. Everything. I didn't spend anymore money than the original cash I bought that was going to be my emergency cash. I didn't use any of the money I transferred to I feel like I can look at a few other things now. Which is probably bad. I should just not buy anything (other than a new phone. That I'd like.)

      Yeah, Wolverine is on hold for now. I would really like to get some other stuff done before tackling him again, and I couldn't get the cosmo to work the way I wanted him too. I think I'll try and find another mold I like, if I stumble across one, and then worry about it.