Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Behind again. But Success!

As it seems to go these days it's been awhile since I updated anything. I haven't done much with my dolls other than make a few wigs and snap some crappy pics of a few new arrivals and such, so I guess there's not much to get excited over. I would love to get photos taken of a lot of the current crew, but I'm sick of taking them at work...which leaves me with not a lot of options.

Also I'm attempting Nano again this year (which hopefully won't be indefinitely postponed by sickness and death like it was last year. No one wants that.) and it's taking up time (I should be writing - but I'm actually a head for once so it's ok. right??) and a lot of energy.

But I do have photos!

Fiirst is the little guy (technically a girl, but y'know. No.) I won at Dollism for coming in second in the faceup contest. He's a Doll Family A JiMing (it took me forever to remember the mold name, and then I sort forgot I had him. *shame*). I had NO idea what I was going to do with him. He looks a lot like DK Aqua, which is the head I'd used in the contest, so I was stuck on him being that doll smaller - but that doll is nothing right now. No character or even a body, so having a small version of him was totally unappealing. He's also a sleeping mold which through me off even more. I stuck him on my shelf and thus my forgetting I owned him. Then while I was looking at photos of some Withdoll Tinies, in preperation for my own eventually getting here, I saw the cutest thing ever, and was told it was a DF tiny.

This caused me to remember I had one. And when I realized it was Lati Yellow/Pukifee sized I got excited because I was still expecting the AB Cream, I had Ebils and had just ordered that Werewolf baby from WD... So really the DF would fit right in. And on the spot I came up with something for him. His name is Morpheus, or Morph for short, but I call him Sandy, cause he's the Sandman.

The Sandman who needs practice. He's always putting himself to sleep >.<


That wig is like, three times the size of his head. I have since made him a new one...but he's wearing a dreadful outfit right now as someone else had to take that one....


D'aw, Ebils. He never fails to make me happy with his sinister cute and weird little self. Ebils still refuses to wear the clothes, even though I have been happily collecting a wardrobe for these guys.
I have realized why I didn't get along with this size the first time around. Both Jethro and Circus never changed. They wore the same outfit (sorta) and just sat there. I never had a problem with Ebils being nekkid but the other two I had no interest in because I did nothing with them. Sandy changes clothes. So he's already been fun. He's a little tough to deal with though...I'm used to Ebils being a posing dream - I had to suede and wire poor Sandy half to death and he's still not right. I'll work on him some more late.

The day before Halloween this happened.


The day before. Halloween. The day before. I'm still laughing. One more day and his "birthday" would have been freaking Halloween!! lol YOU FAIL BONES!

AngelBattle surprised me by including their current free gift - a pumpkin head which I love to death, and 3 extra pairs of hands I was unaware were included! So I was especially happy to open him - you may not have noticed this but I obsess over extra parts like a cray. I have boxes. I want them all.
Right now he's got a fist hand and a ROCK! hand going on. I love them. And that face!! I had a hard time choosing between all of the Dark Chocolate band members but I'm really glad I went with Cream. I never thought a boneface could be so expressive.


His elbow and knee joints aren't fantastic but he must be really well balanced because he can stand all over the place and with his arms and legs everywhere. I love the head/neck jointing along with the pelvis/spine joints. I just love this guy! He's on my desk right now, looking extremely happy. XD

So one last yay of the day. Last week I got a response to my WTB for the Lati Yellow Laches, the one I was so sad to have passed on at Dollism. It didn't come with it's fullset, and was on the SP body (which is the larger one), but I jumped on him anyway. I don't think he was popular at all, so there may not be too many out there....She shipped him Saturday and he got here in record time on Monday.

I regret nothing.


That's the face I fell in love with!!

He has the default faceup, which I'll be keeping for now (I like it, no desire to change a thing yet), and the eyes, which I also like. I made the wig and he stole this outfit from Sandy because, on the larger body, it's the only thing I have that fits him. 

Ultimately I would like to get him the smaller body, but I'm happy to have any right now. I don't care for how tall he is next to the rest....but I'm in no massive hurry. I was kind of hoping to get a Luts body for him, but it's a dreadful match. This is his true-to-life color - I have yet to find another tan that orange. I'll put a WTB/WTT for this body for a regular Yellow one, and if that fails I'll buy another full tan doll and switch heads. Which is probably what I'll end up having to do.

I calls him Fang, though I can't think of a real name for him....Bones is Mcoy from Star Trek, and I have the Sandman, and Sterek is incoming (Teen Wolf for those who don't know)....but for some reason I'm blanking on vampires.

Anyone else find that sad? I mean really :\
Of all the things.

I'm debating trying to get a vampire Noa as well, but if that doesn't happen it doesn't happen...other than a possible Noa, I don't really want anymore of this size. Fairyland just doesn't do it for me at this size, and Luts hasn't grabbed me yet either (though I bet they will - I don't put fangs past them at all) and I'm happy with my current little monsters. Or I will be when Sterek gets here XD

In other doll news, I put several of my Puki collection up for sale. I'm keeping my most favorites and that's it. Two have already sold (I have to update that!!), but there's still a couple left.

My LTF Rose - Latte - might be gone for awhile, or forever. I gave her body to Baby Alex's sleeping head. And I like it. A lot. I was looking for a body for him anyway, something cheap, and since I had this one already that's about as cheap as it comes! And truthfully I wouldn't have wanted anything other than LTF anyway.....and as much as I like Latte, I always kind of thought I'd end up selling her. This is better.

I modded the eyes on my Little Wyn head, they're not as crooked as they were, and bigger and more Wyn-like.

I think that's it. Not much else. I would really like to come with good photoshoot for Alex. I need to get a shot of his tattoos before they get ruined. Because they will, it's Alex. My 7th Kara Klum is still blank (and being tormented by Alex I) because I don't want to just do any old thing to him. I got the alpaca hair I want to make his wig with but I've yet to touch it. Someday I'll get everything to a point when I can work on that....someday...

Have a great week! <3


  1. Oh I see why you wanted that Latidoll. He is all sorts of adorable. I rather like their Lumi sculpt. How many bodies do they have these days?

    Gorgeous photos as always. Ah, I haven't even thought about DollFamily in a long time. My very first doll was from that company. I do remember they had pretty good posing.

    Good luck with Nanowrimo! How are you going with it so far? I am supposed to be dong it but I think I may have writer's block. I got two sentences down and just didn't like them. I know you're not supposed to dither and edit but I got hung up on those opening lines for the past week. So now I'm most likely just going to let it slide again for another year. Good intentions and all but I fail on the execution!

    1. Omg I haven't actually done the beginning of my Nano yet. I'm way ahead on word count, but so far I've been jumping around like a fool because I can't get a good beginning! I'm just working on whatever scene strikes me, so I literally have nothing linear at all, nor anything pertaining to the main plot because I haven't been able to get to it, if that makes sense. I've been kind of messing around the site and other writing help posts and things found on pinterest hoping to get inspired but so far....nothing. So I keep avoiding it lol
      Other than it's going great! *shot*

      Isn't he so cutest!!! I love him. I keep dragging him to work with me so he can cute up my desk. I think I might miss this big body if it's gone >.< I really like the proportions, but he's too big for the others (it's like Alex II on the DC body. Alone he was great. With other dolls - bleh.). Plus if I ever get his full set outfit, he needs to be able to wear it...

      Doll Family is not a company I ever really looked at until I suddenly had one. He's cute. I might mod his face at some point, something about the chin area bothers me, but until I get some time he's fine. Plus I gave him a faceup lol. Not taking that off yet.