Friday, June 12, 2015

Emergency Post of Sales

It's not really an emergency, it's for doll stuffs (I have never had to sell for an actual emergency, and I hope I never do.....but you never know).

I wanted to do a nice Doll-A-Kon post, as it was awesome, but I am hoping to sell some stuffs in a couple days so it will have to wait for this. Tell your friends! Tell your family!! Tell everyone you know who might need a Delf type 1 girl body, or a Granado Uranus head or a Sleeping Sionna head or a Migidoll El!!! EVERYONE!!

CP / Luts Delf Type Girl body Type 1 NS $350
I got her in a trade. No damage that I've seen, but it seems to me that her hands aren't the same color as the rest of her. She has normal yellowing expected from a CP doll of this age (meaning: old)
I sueded her, so she's actually pretty sturdy. Any questions please ask!


Granado Uranus head NS $165
I ordered him the second he was available...but when I took him out of the box I knew he wasn't for me. *shame* he's gorgeous, but the really mature dolls and I don't get along. This head is brand new, it will come with it's COA and in the box I got it in.
Any questions please ask!

uranus head

Migidoll El head NS B (matches volks) $160
I bought this guy in the last sale they did with the old A and B resin....sometime in the spring of 2014 I think. He arrived the day I left for Doll-A-kon last year. He was on a body once, and has been in a box ever since. I gave him this one faceup - MSC, pastels, Water color pencil. I may have lost his box (but then that  might have been River's I might still have it), but I've got the COA.
Any questions please ask!


Fairyland Feeple 60 Sionna sleep head $90
Came with the fullset, I'll probably never use it. Brand new, never been on a body or had a faceup. I am keeping the rest of the doll so the COA stays with me.
Any questions please ask!


Also for sale but not yet listed:
Luts Kid Delf Summer 13 Event head (elf ears) NS
Dollzone 1/4 Fei (sold out) head NSP
Dollzone MO B 1/3 head NSY
Latidoll Yellow Lea Bloody Moon head with Lati faceup in tan

I might be willing to part with my Dollzone Star and Moon heads - both have fantasy faceups I will not wipe, both are in WS, Star has extra horns glued to his head. I would like $200 each - firm. I can get pictures if anyone is interested but I'm not putting them up for sale for real (on DOA) because I'm not sure if I want to part with them yet or not.

If you're interested please make me an offer, I am more likely to go cheap right now than I will be in two weeks! Just saying. Prices are currently firm on everything above and I will accept trades for Sionna only at this time.

Aaaaaand super-fast sales post activate!!

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  1. Hi! Is your granado Uranus head still available? :D
    I was searchng for a really realistic manly head! But found out this one was allready sold out...
    I'm seriously interested! If you like, we can move on to fb to further discuss.

    love, kirrie <3