Friday, April 27, 2012

On the Horizon

Today I put the Doll Chateau Youth Boy body on layaway. It will be a million years before it gets home but I can wait (I know it won't be more than a year, so it'll never get close to Dollshe :|). This will be Alex 2.5's body...assuming the hybrid works out and I like it. I compared measurements and I think it'll be ok. But I do have 4 full Kara Klums at home already and I am really used to the way he looks lol so it might be too weird for me. I'm hoping not. Small hands and small shoulders will be an issue...the hands I can fix (I have spare DM hands if they'll fit, and if not, Dollzone jointy hands will be on order). 2.5 will be thrilled to have his own body finally. I've had his head sitting around for almost 2 years now, and he only got a body twice, once right after I gave him a faceup and then again when I was making III's wig. Since his head is the same as II's, having a different body will be a nice difference between them.

Before the body gets here I just have to modhis  head...I'm going to attempt to open his mouth, something I've never come close to doing. I have two practice heads to do first, but I've got to get a respirator before doing all these mods I have planned.

I also bought a Migidoll Owen head. In the near future I have to get it an AOD girl body...It's exactly the right build I want for this girl, but I'm a little afraid it's going to be too small. I don't want to go bigger...I wanted her at least the same height as Alex (who's so freaking short) if not shorter. I'm excited for this girl, she's a relatively new character, but one I felt I needed, if only to explain Isis. Then I thought of her as a doll and of course became obsessed for weeks until I knew exactly what I wanted...and since I have to buy her in pieces it's easier than getting that Supia Rosy I still need for Theresa, who was supposed to be the first (full) character I shelled this year. OOPS!!
Parts are so much easier to get a hold of sometimes.

Speaking of parts, the new Kimi head arrived last night, making four days from order to arrival from Dollmore my shortest wait for a new doll EVER. I'm sure it might have broken some record somewhere lol. Miso is an older DM head, so her headback hooks on, there's no magnets. It's also HUGE. I mean GIANT. I have five Adam heads (though since they're all the same I guess it only counts as one) and now three Eves (all of which are larger than Kara Klum - poor tiny thing) and Miso is larger than all of them. It's something I have to get used too, but because I was going for a certain look it actually works out. The only problem is she doesn't fit in any of her wigs XD I ordered her a new one last night, right now she's got one of them stretched over her giant noggin only staying on because of the wig cap. The resin color is also different...very very pale. My Liebe head doesn't match his Zaoll body either, but it's much less a difference than this one. A little blushing took care of that however! Now she matches perfectly! It's actually kind of fabulous...She looks better than Tween does XD
Looking at her I think I need to bevel out her eyes some, they sit very far back, there's lots of resin there. I've got some bevelers so that shouldn't be a huge issue. I've never done it before though....

All in all she's a huge improvement over the Zaoll. Much better features, I was able to give her a faceup that I want for Kimi instead of what works better for the doll, she's cute and girly looking and so expressive - exactly what I wanted!! I'm hoping to grab a camera and get some pics of her today. As usual when I get a new Kimi (this is #4!!) I want to draw her, I have two sketches of her I like so maybe I'll get some art out soon...woo!


  1. Wow... that is SUPER fast for the new head arrival! I know Dollmore is pretty fast with these things, but that's extremely impressive! I can't wait to see pictures of her once you have her in a photo-worthy state! :D

    1. I know!! DM has always been good to me, the longest I've had to wait for anything from them was one day over a month (Azrael, the evil bastard) which is still a short wait for a doll new from a company...but next day shipping is still kind of a shock! I think her new and fitting wig should arrive today! I would love to get a pic of her with one of my Alexes...I never even took a pic of Kimi #3 with any of them D:


    also you like the DC bodies? I saw a head to DC body comparison on DoA of Dollshe on one of their bodies and am intrigued...but you are the only person I know who has a DC so that you are buying a body makes it all more interesting!



    1. I have nothing D:

      But since her wig should get here hopefully today, I might try for some later!

      I only have my Colin, but I LOVE his body. It's possible that the only reason I do love it is because it's so fitting for Alex in all of it's hips jutting out and ribs showing. The Youth one is a little abtastic, but that's actually fine Alex-wise...just different from my Kara Klums who barely have any abs at all XD
      anything different freaks me out when it comes to them!

      Colin actually poses well, I love the torso joint, it's locks well and twice so he can slouch and then really slouch. The feet are kind of small, and so are the hands, but if I get jointed ones that'll take care of that. Double joints always make me panic, but I don't have issue with his. The larger one might be different...but if the joints are the same I doubt size will matter much. LOL
      Probably the worst problem is head movement, he can't look up. That will be different with the Kara Klum head on it though, so who knows what will happen!

      He will be two cms taller though. That's going to take getting used too....D: