Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stupid Doll Companies and their Stupid Dolls!!


Seriously. Just when you think your wishlist is safe from anything new that is put out, there's Fairyland and Dollzone.

 Dollzone is company I've always enjoyed, my third doll came from there. True she was the first doll I sold XD but it was because it was Kimi, and she wasn't right with that doll (or the next 2!). The last couple of years DZ has gone above and beyond when it comes to innovative sculpts, and their whole style has been changing, and it's something I really really enjoy.

Now look what they did. 



I want the whole freaking thing. He's going on my long-term wish-list, and the only reason I'm not saving for him immediately is because I kind of wish he was smaller, closer to 65 than 70. I'm mostly done with the big guys. But DAMN, I want that fullset so bad. And his face....I love it. I even love the faceup, though if I got the whole thing I wouldn't want it (but I might do something similar!!). I really want the wig too, though smaller...actually if his outfit was for a 60cm doll I'd buy it right now!!

But really, if I had the money on me, I'd get now as is.

Then there's Fairyland. *sigh*
I was not a CP fan when I started collecting dolls. Years and many many many CP dolls later I still claim not to be a fan, though only Dollmore dominates my collection more and that's only because with one exception, all my DM dolls are full DM dolls, and most of my FLs are hybrids. Only in the last few months have I grudgingly admitted that maybe I have more than an accidental interest in FL.

Now looky at this

Giant Breakaway!!!! My Breakaway is in the group that i consider my first doll-wave. He was my third FL doll and the only one of those three I didn't and would never sell. I have a soft spot for BA, always will.

And I LOVE this one.  Again I want the whole set though I wouldn't even use the clothes or wig.....the scar head and the ice arm though.....oiwhghfkdfnoierhgoireehrg

The funny thing about both these dolls is, I want them for the same character! lol
Wyn (my B&G Sapphira) has an older, half-brother named Shae. I used to own Shae, he was a B&G Afra, and I created the character for this doll and he's the only character I ever made up for a doll that outgrew the mold so I sold him. I just wanted something...better.

Either of these guys would work great because I have no issues changing him up to better match the mold. Shae is cursed anyway (so either fantasy arm would be perfect, though I'd rather they be the left), and huge. He's an elf, so they'd both need some modding...but still.

If I got the BA I'd get the basic, even though I want the extra parts, because I can't justify that much...but Raymond (lol that name) is fine as is. And I want that fullset so freaking bad.

Arg. Arg. Arg.

Luckily Shae is not uber-crucial on my want list. I might hang out, wait for owner pics of both guys, actually save instead of doing a layaway and really give it some thought. I sold the original Shae about 2 years ago, he's waited this long, he can wait longer!

Plus something new might come out XD

But Dollzone....Damn they want my money. This time last year I ordered my Renata which came with my Star and in a round about way, moon head. Though I sold the Renata head the rest I still have. Deerboy is still here an not going anywhere. I ordered Ro and cannot wait to get my hands on him....I want at least two more of their new boy bodies! One for Lucifer (I decided it would be perfect for him too) and one for Mini-Wyn should such a thing ever happen (it will)....

They just keep making these fabulously imaginative dolls!! It is really getting harder to resist. And I respect them so much for taking such chances, and being so original. They rock. Doll Chateau rocks too....somehow they're part of DZ, so they all rock together. XD

*sigh* Now I'm off to rewrite my wishlist....


  1. That DZ guy is amazing!!

    I know what you mean I saw a dollie today and thought....WANT when I had literally sat thinking...I am happy with what I have no desire for any more right now...
    (I don't know how to do a link on here so here it is full tilt)

    1. omg Dearmine...There's a local that has one, they are amazing in person. I saw hers before I ever saw any online and was blown away. Not that I'm trying to enable you or anything ;)

      Thia is weird...I didn't get any notices for comments on this journal :(((((

  2. That Dollzone guy is quite gorgeous. I looked at that and cringed. I am well and truly at my quota for SD dolls. Shame.

    You're getting a Ro? That is awesome. I was looking at him but decided to go with Hid. I might still get him later though. I do like their new MSD bodies.

    I've given up on wishlists or rather I have two separate ones these days. The "If I ever won lotto..." wish list of dolls I have no intention of getting unless I happen to win lotto one day because they're not exactly within my budget and the more realistic wish list of dolls I really need. That list is very very small these days.

    Dollzone Hid was almost my first doll back when I first joined the hobby. I kinda wish he had been. But at least he will arrive ... maybe in a few months. I think you mentioned on DoA maybe 5 months. That wait is gonna test me I am sure!

    1. I know who you are now!! HA HA
      I'm not good at remembering names but pictures I can do.

      I'm really hoping it's not a 5 month wait. I'm already getting really impatient >:| I was good last year, I barely noticed the wait, this time, not so much. It seems like a lot of the people before us (other than the order that got delayed) has been close to two I have my fingers crossed!!

      I am a little smitten with Ro. He very much looks to me like a dreaming-eyed Raphael, which is a mold I've wanted for a while but wasn't able to justify. When I saw Ro I had a character in mind, and dreaming eyes are something I have a hard time resisting >.<
      It doesn't hurt that he belongs with the dolls I'm currently obsessing over, so I really want him now! lol

      I love Hid, you're getting him in tan aren't you?? What was your first doll if you don't mind my asking?

      Lol I have a "if I won the lottery" wishlist too!! Dolls I will probably never own because they're more than I really want to pay for them. I think F65 BA will go on that list now...I'm kind of set on Raymond for Shae.