Monday, April 22, 2013

Project Chibi (Revisited)

This time it's for real!!

Though I've been saying that since really is this time.

As if I don't have enough projects on my plate right now, I'm actually moving forward with my Chibi Group...which consists of 5 Pukis, a Brownie/Puki hybrid, and the not-a-character hanger-oner; ElfiNdoll Pet Bunny/Puki hybrid (who was unplanned but part of the group now).

The original plan for this group of tiny dolls was to get 6 Pukis (or 5 and one Brownie), turn them into my 6 "main" characters, then make them sets. Or at least one set: the coffee shop Dante's Coffee House from my comic, which is kind of a central place for these characters.

I got as far as collecting a bunch of Puki parts, piecing together the dolls I wanted and "mostly" getting them to look right. Nothing else came out. My pukis spend much of their time in their carrier and only come once in a while for meets. I made them a cemetery, but it's in shambles now and could use a serious repair or redo.

All of them could use a few good items of clothing and several of them need new wigs and eyes. At least one needs a new faceup on both his sleep and awake face.

The coffee shop keeps getting put on hold because I can't find things I want for it's a non-entity.  I started wanting to do Aishe's Occult Shop too, because it would so fun to put together and I keep finding things he could have...but I never got any of it and just keep putting it off.

Pretty much a fail all aruond.

Two things recently happened to change this.

1. I discovered (or re-discovered) the "Homes for tinies" thread on DOA. I spent some time looking through it (boredom is dangerous, kids) and subscribed just in time for it to be shutdown due to post count and restarted XD
If you're even a little into miniatures this is fabulous thread to look at. It's full of helpful people and amazing inspiration. It kind of turned me back into the direction of wanting to mess with my Chibi group again.


B. Last week I went to friends' house who also collect dolls. They have some Fairyland Chicline dolls and after going to Idex, have decided to build sets for them. They have a room. They have props. They have furniture.


I HAVE NOTHING. I've been "doing" my chibi stuff for three years and have nothing, they've had C lines for...well, not as long as I've had Pukis, and they've got a room. A nice room. For MSD sized (if not scaled) dolls. ARG.

I felt - not jealousy - but shame. I should have done this. It's a fun idea, and might actually help me visualize the sets for my stupid comic.

So that very night I got on Evil Bay and bought two room boxes. They're cheep, but better than Foam-core ones I was planning on making my self (which never happened), so hopefully, I will be able to push them together to make one larger set.

The plan is too start with Aishe. He recently got a new, working body, and I feel like it will be easier to do his shop first, and start on Dante's when I find important things like counter-tops and furniture for a coffee shop.

The rooms were delivered today (though I'm at work, yay.) so - assuming they will work for what I want - I can start...getting started.

Along with all this prop/set making/collecting I want to finally get my Chibis finished. I started buy buying Uriel a new wig. His hair is supposed to be yellow fading to orange (like fire) and the Chibi-him only has orange. The new one is also orange, but I'm going to mod it so that it's hopefully the color I want.

Beyond that they all need something. I'm still unsure about Isis's sculpt (it was one that was left over, not one I picked), Alex needs a new faceup, Wyn could use better hair and a custom faceup...they're all kind of a mess.

I want to get them a few few "expression" faceplates (like a Pong or something) that they can mostly all share (Wyn is a Brownie, so he gets nuthin, and Alex is the only WS one so he has to have his own plates and Aishe needs mods on all his and they have to be sleeping - so really they can't all share! DAMNIT).

And I'm thinking of possibly adding two more characters. Possibly four over the next year.

My first baby-step, ordering the rooms, is out of the way. Next comes organization. I want to get my Pukis out and give them all a good once-over to see what else they all need. Then I want to go through my stuff and separate it by character instead of lumping it all in one box. Then I want to see if I can use what I have and figure out what I need and want. I'm hoping to work on that in the next week, inbetween facups on my Volks DWC head, Boo's head and Mini-David's new head.

I think I can do it!! Though priority One is the Volks head...I have to get him done soon if I want to make the deadline...bleh.

I'm so excited to start working on this! I can't wait to get through the rest of the stupid day and go home!! WHY MUST WORK BE IN MY WAY? WHY?!

Oh yeah, so I have money to do all the stuff I want to do XDDD

Good reason.


  1. Hurray, Puki sets! It all sounds so exciting, I'm kinda jealous. lol

    Can't wait to see what you do with your new room boxes. :D

    1. Ha don't be jealous! It only took me YEARS to finally work on my poor Chibs. The rooms came last night, they're really nice for being so freaking cheap XD I can't wait to shop!! It's killing me that I don't have time this week... *sniffles*

    2. Ooh, what kind did you get? I've been toying with the idea of making some sort of room box or set, myself--though not very seriously, since I don't have anyone to inhabit one.

      Yet. XD

      Time, the most precious commodity. If only it grew on trees, and money too. lol

    3. this is the one I got (two of)

      They're great for a start, but even with two I think they might be too small XO
      But I'll see what happens as I go. Other than wall and floor paper, I don't really need to affix anything permanently, so if they need to move to a larger space, they can!

      LOL if money could grow on trees I could FIND the time XDD

    4. woa...what did it do to my post?! D: