Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quick update

I finished my Michele's new faceup! :D

Here is Ai, drummer of Fallen and twin to Leila. Who isn't finished yet *stress*

I have to say, I'm super-pleased with how it turned out! I was a little afraid after I was about 2/3s done. He looked ok but I was scared I would hate it when he had eyes and a wig....nope. LOVE.  He looks exactly how I wanted him too!! :D :D

If only my photos weren't so crappy. That wig is from Dollmore, and I cut and boiled it into some kind of shape. I like it though it does need at least one more boiling....part of it kinked and it looks off. It's also WAY too big for falls off. The wigcap he has SUCKS. I don't know if DDE is no longer selling the old ones, or if they're just out temporarily but the new ones are awful. They don't fit or stay on any of my doll's heads so the wigs fall off with them, which totally defeats the purpose of a wigcap! Very much hate. Now I'm going to have to make a Luts or Dollmore order and get some that work. And pay a fortune in shipping. But I need to order from one of them anyway because I need some clothes

For my secret birthday doll.


bigchibs1 OMGfljdfvoerhgoaerhglk I love it.
I had never realized that SQlabs made "chibis" until I found the thread on DOA...then of course I got obsessed with getting one and making another Chibi Alex...I originally wanted Moe, but then decided I'd get (eventually) all the heads, so it didn't matter which I got first....Then I got totally lucky when my best friend said she'd get me one for my birthday. We found a WS Tsubaki with clothes and wig (not these) for the same price as a basic new on DOA and Big Chibs was born. He came with this faceup, but I changed the soft, brown eyebrows to these harsh black ones (cause that's so much more Alex). He's freaking adorable....their body is so cute. It needs a few swipes of the sandpaper to turn it genderless (don't ask) but then it's perfect. I keep taking his clothes off to play with him nekkid XDD
Someday I'll order him a few extra heads and hands, but for now...I really like him as is. And he's SO FREAKING ANIME!!! lol who would of thought?

On to my other odd sizes, I ordered a Limhwa Mono from Junkyspot yesterday, almost as soon as I got their email that they were in stock. I'm going to try to make him Mini David, either whole or as a hybrid. If he doesn't work out, both the Mono and the Lati Rei will be sold (hopefully) and I'll use the funds to get yet another attempt: An Iplehouse Kid. If that fails I don't know what the hell I'll do.

*giant sigh* I don't understand why Mini David is such a pain. Oh wait, big David was a pain too (all his stupid bodies!!). I guess it's just him.

I need to get him figured out...if I can that's it, no more dolls for a while. I'm actually eager to take a break from buying and work on the ones I have that need so much work!! C'mon with me here!!

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