Monday, April 8, 2013

So many new Resins

I don't get how I can space my ordering out just fine, but then everything I order shows up about the same I feel like I'm on some crazy buying spree. :\

Anyhoo, last weekend Nappy Choo arrived. I can't take pictures of him, becuase MOC sent the wrong size eyes and now he's scary. So we'll have to wait until Alice ships his (dear god hopefully) "real" eyes...along with other Alex-eyes and Alex I's bday gift. Which is win. I can't wait for it to get here XD
I do hope it fits.

I can't believe he'll be five in a month. SO OLD!!

Anyway, I gave up on my AiL Elihah head of ever working for Gabriel... within the next hour, I discovered, fell in love with and did a total impulse buy (believe it or not, I don't usually impulse buy dolls) of a Dollstown Rian head from Dollstown. This was last Friday. She arrived on Saturday. Holy hell are they fast. One week?! Who does that?! She's now on the Resinsoul body I bought for Elijah, which is...nice. Finicky, and was really in need of a lot of work, but nice. She's perfect, exactly what I wanted, and from's always been a hope of mine to own a DT girl.

Migi shipped my two alternate Ryu heads and they should be here today...they're in the STL already so it's possible they're already on my porch.

My Birthday doll also arrived Saturday, but I can't have him until Saturday which is actually the day after my bday, but when we're having a I have to wait. It's torture. I already know what it is, I picked it out and found it second-hand...but I want to see it so bad!! I bought clothes already lol. I need to make a wig, but will have to wait until I actually get him, so I can use his head....TORTURE!!!

So all this crazy-timed arrivalage means...I'm not waiting on anything but wigs and clothes. And probably won't be for a long time. I don't even really want any new dolls lol. I have enough!!

Well, I do want a new head for mini-David, but since I don't know what that will be yet, I'm in no hurry.

I really will be listing a few extra pieces for sale soon, I'm thinking about one more that may or may not go up for sale for sure first. Then some sales pics. Then I'm not sure I have anyone else to sell. D:

Scary thought.

In the meantime, I wiped a bunch of heads yesterday adding to my faceless-monster group. Since David's new heads will be here, he'll have to get wiped as well. I am INSANELY behind on faceups. I have like, 6 now that need them plus all three Ryus. The Vampire head will have to get modded first, no way am I keeping those pointy ears. Maybe the fangs. Maybe. Boo has to get his mod as well....Then I have two heads that aren't mine, one of which needs sanding first. Ugh. SO MUCH WORK. I started to work on Michele and Rian, because they'll be the easiest (I know exactly what I want to do to Michele, and the Rian will get the same faceup the Elijah has) last night, and the stupid sky opened up and it freaking poured on us. The hell. So nothing got done on them. Maybe tonight. I'm crossing my fingers. It would be nice to have someone off my work table soon....

And finally I would like to share this, which I'm having made for Baby and Little Alex. Because it's so FREAKING CUTE!!! This kinda thing is one reason I have so many Alexes. I couldn't put that on big Alex without gagging a little at the wrongness of it all, but the Kidlets can wear it with no issues at all :D

I can't wait for the eyes to show up. If they're all the right colors, I think there might have to be a giant Alex-group photo. I haven't done one since I had 6 Alexes...that was years ago lol. So many more now....


  1. That hoodie is cute. I get the same way about my SDs which is why I have tinies because those sorts of things just look cute on them!

    Congrats on impending arrivals. I am in a similar situation myself.

    The DT Rian on the RS body sounds intriguing. Would you be able to post a photo when you get a chance? What is the resin match like there? Did you do an Oriental DT head on NS RS body?

    I've been wanting a DT doll myself for ages but their last website was too confusing. I'm glad they changed to the new site which is much more user friendly.

    MYD are pretty fast too with their dolls. It's a refreshing change to see companies who are fast with their production and shipping times.

    1. I was also afraid of Dollstowns old website! Anytime I have to email an order I get wasn't horrible though. They have amazingly good communication, then and now. I got WS RS and Paleskin from Dollstown...the texture of the resin is different, but that's the only thing that's noticeable! Other than that it's a perfect match. And I like to blush my girls, so when she's blushed I don't think she'll even look like a hybrid. I'll try and get pictures of her this weekend....I should be finished with her faceup tomorrow. I'm hoping anyway. I got a lot done last night! Now just waiting on her wig *crosses fingers for fast shipping*

      Tinies are made of cute >.< I'm still surprised it took me so long to get one. I do have a few SD sized dolls I can get away with cutes on but not bunnies, I reserve that for Alex(es). I know it'll be a while before she gets the hoodies done, but I'm already excited XD