Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Chibi: Day 1, Assessment

Long post is long. Just warning you ahead of time.

Last night I got them all out, looked at all their Faceplates, bodies, faceups, wigs, eyes, ect. and tried to figure out who needed what done or bought. I found out a couple of things.

1. While some of them need things done, it's not as horrible as I thought

2. I had enough spare parts laying around to literally piece the two characters I had decided to add together last night, and my group went from 7 to 9 in minutes (more like hours). Still considering one or two more, but it's not as imperative as the two I have now, so after I snag a few more faceplates, I'm good.

So here's what I gots.

The Characters:
As you may have guessed, Alex is the main protagonist in my comic (duh). Everything should revolve around him, but I like to keep a few more characters reserved as "main".

David and Isis are the others, and several years ago, I realized Uriel had moved up there too.

When I decided to make a small group of my Dolls/Characters into Chibis (Pukis) I started with Alex (Chichi) who I bought from Fairyland new, and then later, David who was at first a Madelene that I got from DDE because it was in stock. Mad didn't work out as David...

I tried making it Uriel, and then Alex with Blond hair and finally gave up and started buying other FPs and parts off DOA. Sugar was next, and easily became David. I managed to get a bunch of other faceplates (I don't even remember what) and ended up with Uriel and Aishe and Isis who became the Madelene (finally lol). I ordered a Felix Brownie LE fullset Jini from....somewhere. I don't even remember now...and waited a million years for it and it became Wyn. I was good with this group as they all can easily interact, their relationships coming from outside places, but centering around the coffee shop Dante's.

That was supposed to be the last, but my little bunny formerly known as Pipsqueak started traveling with them in their bag and now he's kind of assimilated...

So that would have been it except for something I did with my comic XD

I've never been really happy with 4 "main" characters...even numbers bug me a little and they can't really be split well. My most obvious choice for 5th was Kimi...but as a character she can't move the story alone. I'm not sure how else to say it, she's just not strong on her own, without the others. She's really a supporter.

I promoted Gabriel from barely existing (and showing up at the end) to one of the First Group. She's already appeared in the actual story (if you follow me on DA, she's the chick with all the curly hair that's a huge pain to draw) and can easily do what I want her too. Which is mess everything up with all my other characters! Yay! Go Gabriel!!

Then I found a Chibi generator on DA. Beware if you choose to follow the link. It is a huge time-suck.

I made chibis of pretty much ALL my characters. All of them. Even the ones that have no name yet. It was fabulous XDD

I had them all on pages to be printed out for other uses, and one of them looked like this

chibi group1 main PRNT

Lol some of them needed some photoshopping.

Anyway, for my Resin Chibis, I realized I could really do all of them on this page. So that's why I wanted at least two more, to be Kimi and Gabriel.


The Dolls:
When I went home last night I restrung the Brownie body (OMG that was death) and put the extra NS headback (the damaged one from Aishes old body) on it. Then I got the Elfindoll bunny's old body and string the extra WS puki headback on it. Instant dolls!! :D

Kimi is way shorter than pretty much everyone, and the Elfindoll body is tiny, so that's her. I had a Puki Mary FP from the puki that became Aishe's new body, and it looks Gabrielish to me, so she's good to go. Kimi has no face....she's borrowing Alex's extra screaming face (Cupid 3 sleeping).

This is what they look like in a lineup and bareassnude. And bald. David and Alex aren't wearing their feets, so they keep their boots on 24/7.

chibi group1
 From L to R
Kimi (N/A), Uriel (PukiPuki Pipi), Aishe (PukiPuki Flora SP), Isis (PukiPuki Madelene), Wyn (Felix Brownie Jini on a Puki body), Gabriel (PukiPuki Mary on a Brownie body), David (PukiPuki Sugar), Alex (PukiPuki Chichi), Harvey (ElfiNdoll Pet Bunny on a Puki body).

here's one of all of them individually, for some closeness - in the order I bought them. Sort of. My favorites are Chichi, Pipi and Sugar <33 No one else can be those molds. Everyone else may change as needed. Except for Wyn. THOSE EARS!!

chibi group2

Yep. There they is. Ugh. Some of them really are that miss-matched. I did buy all kinds of parts and kind of throw them together XD

They all have wigs, even Gabriel amazingly enough, but some of them need bettter wigs. I'd like to get Isis better eyes, and Kimi will need eyes - though I bet I've got some.

New wigs (if I can make them, if not, he keeps what he's got)
Faceup on five Faceplates (two of which I haven't gotten yet): Chichi, SP Chichi, SP Cupid 3 and Nanuri 13 (if I get one) and OE Cupid 3 (if I get one)
Blushing/tiny tattoos (if I can manage lol)
Maybe clothes, but he's got the most and best, so maybe not.

He's actually fine as is. Though I might try to get him a sleepface.

New wig
Possibly new hat

Also fine as is...but I'm trying to get him some alternate FPs which will need a faceup catered to him (meaning his scars)
I'm looking for a SP Pong and Cupid 3 in NS.
Clothes that aren't scraps

New eyes
new wig
possibly a Sleepface

New faceup
New eyes
new wig (that is not so big D: )
Tail glued on
more clothes

New faceup - she has the worst FL default I think I've ever seen. I bought her new too.
Wig needs dying

Uh, she needs a whole faceplate XD
shoes - her feet are huge. No way is she wearing Kelly shoes.

Fine as is

So that's what I got. Or don't got. Or something. Either way, I really think the reason I think my poor Chibs are all a mess is because 5 of them have fur wigs and always look disheveled. And Aishe is only wearing material scraps...so he needs real clothes.

Some night I'll dress them up in their very best, hopefully have Gabriel's wig dyed, and fix them all up nice so they can be their characters! Then take another group shot(s)

Tonight I'm looking at the rooms (which I did get last night), so maybe tomorrow will be updated again...D:

If you read all that holycrapinternetcookies!!! <3

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