Sunday, September 1, 2013

Death the doll

I've been having a rough couple days. My dad is in the hospital, and it's kind of a touch and go's freaking me out. I got my Li yesterday but she's already neglected due to all the crazy, so there may not pictures of her for awhile. Its not fun. :((

However, the DOA contests are over and I can finally post my face up, which I've been DYING TO DO FOR MORE THAN A WEEK!!!

This is my floating 6th Dollmore Kara Klum head. He's got a Doll Chateau body on the way but it's on layaway and will probably take a while still. I hope it comes by Halloween, this guy would LOVE Halloween.




I LOVE how he turned out. I was planning on wiping this faceup after the contest, but now I'm going with it. Officially he's Azrael Version 2, I'll continue the skelly\bone theme on his body and he will be amazing.

I would like to get him deader eyes. That's the wig I got for him though, so this is pretty much what he'll look like.

I gotta say, when I first put him on Az1's body he severely freaked me out. I didn't do any mods on him at all, but keep in mind, this is a head I am extremely familiar with, and this faceup kind of changed the planes of his face. He looks nothing like a Kara Klum and just like one. It was very weird and I almost couldn't look at him. The one eyelash didn't help (it's kinda gross for some reason). Then I took all the pictures and took him home and put a hat on him (me and's a thing) and I just fell in love. I really can't wait for his body, I wish DC would hurry the hell up lol.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he'll be fine and things get better. I know that's small comfort for you but I really do hope things are okay.

    I had to look twice at the face up you did on him. I definitely couldn't tell he was a Kara Klum! You did an amazing job on the face. I love how detailed it is and I really love the duality of the face up. It's intense and intriguing and I seem to be seeing new details everytime I look at his face.

    Really stunning work.

    1. Thank you for the well-wishes. *hug*

      Thank you! I still get a little weirded out when I look at him. I expect to see one thing and instead there's this! But I can't wait for that stupid body to get here so he can be a full doll! This has turned into a really hard wait D: