Friday, October 25, 2013

Frustration - a non-doll related minirants

It was one of those mornings. Everything went wrong. Dog was obnoxious as hell, then had the nerve to look so sad when I yelled at her for the eleven-hundredth time to get out from under my bed. I couldn't find the shirt I wanted to wear -- and this was a shirt that I always "found" when looking for ANYTHING ELSE UNDER THE STUPID SUN, and now that I want that damn shirt, it's gone. I think I got angry at it the last time I "found" it, and tossed it somewhere. Now I'm wearing a different shirt, not horrible, but I was almost late for work because I refused to give up.

Cat 1 never bothers me (he old, I let him do whatever the hell he wants. He deserves it), but Cat 2 was a disaster as she usually is. When I turned around she was chewing on my leather boot I left out to wear. GOZER GROW UP ALREADY (she's like, less than three months old XDD I have a while). She really isn't awful, I actually find her funny as hell (not the boot chewing, but pretty much everything else), but I am so totally a cat person. Cats can get away murder and I'll think it's adorable. Dogs look at me wrong and I'm all DAMMIT MUT!! Learn to behave!! Horrible, because I do love dogs....but almost 17 years of owning cats (omg my baby is almost 17!!) have spoiled me.

I had no time to make lunch, and when I left the house it was 33° outside. Fuh? What happened to fall?? Oh right I live in the STL and we don't do things like fall and spring....we have winter (death), a few days that might less cold but will probably be raining or tornadoing, summer (more death) and if we're lucky, one or two days of fallish weather, then it's back to winter (death). Fall is my most favorite time of the year evah. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff, the clothes, the colors, the smells....everything. Too bad I never get the weather! So my cute outfits? hiding under coats because I freeze all the time.

The day was made slightly better by listening to Korn at top volume one the way to work, which normally takes me about the time of two songs...but was four today thanks to me hitting EVERY LIGHT.

Then the coffee ran out while I was getting some.

Now I'm ranting.

Believe it or not, rants were not the reason for this post!!

Well they kind of were.

So last post I gushed about my new favorite doll: Luts Delf Claus, who I turned into a Male Jean Grey. Then I thought I might try to write her story for Nanowrimo. I was all into it and excited until I got back on the forums for Nano and entered the fanfic threads.

Hmog. Those people are hard core when it comes to their fandoms. And total hypocrites, it's so bad. No wonder I never got into fanfic. I can't stand the cray. And there is just so much!!! I took a suggestion to look up X-Men fanfic and found a site that had about a million stories on it....all I read were synopsissseses (eh???) and seriously, it was worse than I'd imagined. Or about the same.
It didn't exactly kill my fun, but there was little maiming. I'm not sure I have the energy for it...even if I don't ever share it, which does take a tiny bit of the fun out as well.

So with that in my head I was wandering through the rest of the Nano forums and the other thing I was afraid of started happening...Alex started clawing his way back into my brain. He does that. I have two other ideas I kind of might want to do, both of which are horror – my preferred genre. I'm not sure how I'd even do anything else. I could probably start a straight romance and end up with them chased by zombies, haunted by ghosts and eaten by demons.

And then there's the whole "rebel" thing....I really need to finish chapter 2 of Forgotten Children, and could take November to do it. then maybe start 3!

I'm on the fence. I was going to write up my ideas last night but I got into my Halloween illustration which I really need to finish since Halloween is soon, and watching Chopped on food network (but hey I got my desk cleaned! STEP ONE–COMPLETE!) and it didn't happen. Maybe I'll do it at work today. Maybe I'll share all of them, and beg for help choosing!!

I have no clue. I might crawl under a rock and do nothing for a whole month (but I'm a total addict when it comes to Nano - seriously, I don't think I can not do it - I don't even mind the failing part! It's just fun to try...).

Now here's Jean in her long wig.

jean long hair

 I bought two of these and cut the second one shorter. It's so cute, but I've been busy and haven't gotten a pic of it. I also added eyelashes, something only Alex gets in my collection (because I hate eyelashes so damn much!! Everything gets caught in them!). I wish they were red, but I don't have red and I forgot to order them from Dollmore.....

Hey, I guess this makes it kind of doll-related!!
What d'you want, I don't have a personal blog, so this one has to do for now. Sorry! XD


  1. Jean is so pretty, omg I love that wig! Why do I not have a redhead doll? D:

    I feel you about NaNoWriMo, though. I have never finished in the 3-4 years I've participated, but I keep doing it anyway. I can't NOT NaNo! I even join in Camp Nano. Luckily, this time around I'm just focusing on working on my main novel (I started back in NaNo '11, that's how NOT GOOD I am at this). But knowing me, as soon as November 1st rolls around, I'm going to ditch everything and write something completely different. -_-

    Just ignore the wacky people on the forums, they scare me too! I just like hanging out on the helpful ones, about grammar or craft or whatnot. :P Or the MMO threads, those are fun.

    1. IKR? That's what I thought when I opened this wig for the first time...why did it take so long?! I love it. Cutting the other one almost hurt XD

      Ha we're like Nano twins! Can't....stop....Nanoing....

      For the most part, I don't mind the forums, everyone has their own opinions and, in general, respects or even will agree with other\different ones. But the whole fanfic was like if you didn't follow the "rules" they were going to eat you alive! And the rules are so silly....because irl none of it matters, the only ones who can dictate anything about said characters are the original creators. I just don't think I could share my fanfic....even outside of Nano I've seen people get bent out of shape over fanfics and their fandoms....not sure I want to get into that.

      And holy hell autocorrect is killing me. These are words you stupid program!! Just cause you don't know them...

  2. This is your blog. You can post whatever you want on it and I honestly enjoy reading your posts whether they are doll related or not. So post away!

    Cool to find out you are a cat person as well. I have two and they're thirteen this year. When we went to get them, we only planned for one but they were sleeping together and I couldn't bear to break them up so we ended up with two instead! They're such intelligent animals.

    This is why I don't often visit the Nano forums to be honest. There are a lot of hardcore people on there with very set ideas about the genres. I might say mine is YA but sometimes it's not and I stray into other genres a lot and usually write in cross-genre.

    As for me, I don't know if I will be able to do Nano now because I may have to go into hospital for an operation in November and won't be able to sit at the computer or do much afterwards as I'll be bedridden and in a fair bit of pain. I might start it but doubt very much I'll finish Nano this year even if I start it.

    Do whatever comes to you on November 1st. If you feel like doing a romance/zombie/demons/ghosts story, do it or if you decide you feel like wanting to spend that time with Alex or the Forgotten Children, do that instead. If you decide to pass on it, pass on it. The beauty of Nano I think is that it's really up to us what we want to do. And if you really want to write that fanfic, just write it (the way YOU want) and ignore the people on that forum. There will always be hardcore writers in the writing world who think things should only be done a certain way. This is why I rebel against joining writing groups in general or hanging out on writing forums. I just can't take that mentality without wanting to say something and that never ends well!

    I've always been of the thought that creativity can't be restrained by rules because it's a form of self expression which is subjective depending on the individual.

    1. Oh god, if you have to have your operation, good luck!! I hope everything goes ok! <33

      You're right!! I gave it some though the last couple days, and I think I will start the zombie story I've been wanting to do every year since starting Nano and somehow didn't. I have a good thought for a beginning, and that's where I usually fail.

      The fanfic I can do on my own, with my own terms, and the other FC story I'll incorporate into the comic. As for my actual comic...I'm so far behind there's no way I'll get it done by the show in Nov, so I think I'll give it a try, but not stress if it's not finished. The deadlines are self-imposed anyway XD so really, no one will be hurt if I don't finish. I'll move it do New Years. I WILL FINISH IN 2013! I will.

      I don't really mind the forums as a whole, just the fanfic people....they just seemed so rule-bound. They're already going against pretty much everything by writing stuff themselves, so what's with all the boundaries?! It was weird. IMO any fanfic is automatically AU, so who cares? I dunno, it's probably just me.

      The forums themselves are good for me, since I really have no idea what I'm doing XD and I really miss the community aspect in my hobbies. I don't really have that for art, and that's what I need. So at least with writing I have people to chat with, even if it's only for a month XD
      I keep trying to get something like going in my area for artists, but no one has any real commitment to doing it....

      Oh cats. I think I was a cat person before I ever had any! I'm so much more comfortable with kittehs, I understand them.