Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Obessions Continue....

Meet Mini Isis! The latest in the long line of my characters who are now many dolls :D


She's so cute!!
I had a moment of missgiving while I was stringing her, her body is a little finicky, and holy freaking HELL I could not get her feet on!! But then I did, and threw some not-great clothes on her, and she sat on my desk in Big Isis's other wig (which I safety-pinned, it was way huge on her) all day with Mini Alex. I got home, put different eyes in her, sueded and wired her, put this wig on, and redressed her...and seriously, it's love. Her poor boobs are huge, and I don't think she'll stand with her knees straight XD But her little face is perfect, and this body is just so natural-looking! I had her sitting naked on my table at home and she looked...real. It was nice.

And I really like how she looks with my boys! Even if she is a little on the short side....she's like, the tallest girl I could get! So she's perfect lol I need to get her a better wig than this....at least one without bangs that's more brown and less red. I'd love the Monique one Big Isis has, but it only comes in 6/7 in one place :P And I have to email to order (I hate that....get a real website!!)

The minis, minus David (still needs mods)
Crappy group shot!!

 They look right. Everyone has the right expression, they don't clash horribly....they're all a good mix of molds! I really hope David doesn't throw them off with his real, the group is kinda wrong without him. I actually hope to mod him tonight. If I can, he'll get a faceup Saturday, and be ready to go to the meet Sunday, since they're all going to hang out with Aishe, who will be telling fortunes. Along with his his Big and Chibi selves.

I am fairly sure I have a PW Goldie head at home waiting for me, and now I have the DZ Fei on the way as well, in addition to another trade - Luts Delf Claus! incoming. Claus was a surprise, he was offered and I took him! I've always liked the new Delfs, and he was my favorite early on...so I'm excited to see him. I'm hoping to turn him into the Big version of Fei....but we'll see. They may not give off the same vibe. Not that Colin and Kara Klum look anything alike :\ but they're very much both Alex to me...so maybe it'll be fine!

As far as the minis go, once I get David finished, I'd like to get Anna, then that may be it. I keep thinking I should get Wyn, Gabriel and Kimi....and I have dolls in mind for all of them >.<
but I don't really need them.

But it's so fun! D:

And now a pic of James!


He modeled at Archon over the weekend. He does that sometimes XD
He makes a great model, he's cute and has bright hair!


  1. I really love the way you style your dolls. They're all so interesting.

    What sculpt is James?

    Oh that's right, you have a Limwha Mono too. Mine still needs a wig. Nothing I try on him seems to fit. He has such a small head!

    1. XD Thanks!

      James is an Elf Chiwoo...possibly modded. He was my damaged, project head when I got him, but he's all pretties now :)

      LOL They do!! I have to make mine wigs, and they're still too big XD I have to keep adjusting. This one needs an adjustment. Maybe this weekend...