Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tis the Halloweens

sm2013 Halloween

That's all I got. No dolls, cause it's been gross here and I wanted to take skullface outside.
So you get My Bloody Vampires. Or Real Vampires Eat Your Face or Don't Walk in Cemeteries at Night, or one of the other many titles I wanted to give it XD
Ryuji!! I never draw him, and he's so easy!! His doll is an unfinished horror. I need to work on that.
Fangies fangies...I love fangs. All my favorite animals are loaded with teeths (cats, sharks...penguins...ok not penguins, but all the others!), its no surprise I like vampires so much....

I will be starting NaNo as soon as it's November, just like always! I'm 99.85% sure I'll be doing a zombie book. Well, it's a vampire vs zombie book and a look into the past of my FC group. Narrated by Alex, which is always scary because he has the attention span of a flea...I don't see how he'd manage to do a whole novel (or three, I have the vague idea this is part one in a trilogy) - but he's going to have too since the whole Zombie Apocalypse thing is (SPOILER) his fault anyway. Heh heh stupid Alex...YOU FAIL!

I honestly think that if I hadn't been trying to do/planning this particular story for years now, I'd scrap it and work on FC for NaNo...but I really want to try this stupid zombie thing. I had even set a blog not too long ago for it! I had the first part written out! I'm rewriting it now, and adding more intro, but the point is, this isn't something I just came up with and am trying to do on the fly....though it feels like it. I guess if I don't get too far into it and get stuck, I'll switch over to comic-writing and still call it a win! lol I will totally cheat. So there.

So good luck to all you Wrimos!! Let me know if you do it, we could all complain together! :D

An Happy Halloween!!! *Fangies*


  1. I'll be doing NaNo as well, about the back story of one of my dolls. I'm totally down for a doll-themed writing rant group. :D

    1. TOTALLY! Alex sat on my desk all day as inspiration...he sucks at inspiriting. He looks so angry! What doll are you writing about??

    2. My guy Ghost (Volks F-10 on the evil old SD10 body). Not to bore you with too much blah, blah, blah...But he's basically a young man who was born with a veil over his face so he can see/interact with spirits. Unfortunately he was also born to a strict fundamentalist family, so his abilities aren't exactly exalted. He finds himself caught between some supernatural craziness and his equally crazy family. More or less. :)

    3. Ooh I'd love to read it! Ghost and Alex would have a lot to talk about....he sees ghosts too. Not in my NaNo project, he's not there yet.

      Lol the old old SD10 body? That one was evil...I have a moderately old one and it at least sits (I actually love it), but I have a friend with the OLD old one and hers can't sit or stand, no matter what we do to it. It's a Michele too, which breaks my heart. But I at least have mine! So if she sells hers it's not too painful.

    4. Sorry for the forever late reply!

      I'm actually excited to see how it's going. The ghostie bits are based on some local legends, which add an interested aspect to it. I love your stories as well (shameless fangirling ahead...), I've been following your comic on DA and I'm pretty sure I used to read some of your work on a Livejournal at some point... Once I find my way to the end, I'd be happy to share. :)

      Yeah I thought I could do it, but I just can't. It took me weeks to string it when I first got him, and most of that was spent in tears. My guy is a pretty old guy I think, but either way the body is just awful. He can stand now that I've sueded the hell out of his hips, but I have to keep doing it. He can't sit (he sort of rocks back and forth on his bottom), he can't kneel, he can barely lean. So I made the executive decision to just give up.

    5. Hee hee that old body is so fail!! and omg restringing it is so hard!! One part torsos are just death. I'm glad you got him a new one. My second doll Lucifer had the worst body I ever owned (B&G Kid type 1), and it took me so long to break down and get him a new one.

      Yay I want to read!! Lol I'm glad you like my stuff! I will hopefully continue to post though with life interfering I'm not doing anything right now :(( I need to force myself to work on it so I can finish. Or at least get somewhere close....

  2. Oooh I am glad you posted your art here. I always enjoy seeing it.

    Best of luck with Nano! I will start mine but I think I will do it unofficially right now as I don't find out what is going to happen until I see my doctor this coming Tuesday.

    You know, I think it's not really cheating if you do a heap of projects together right? You're still doing writing for Nano, just spread out a bit over different subjects!

    Speaking of zombies though, have you read Warm Bodies? I haven't read the book (yet) but I saw the movie recently and I have to admit, I'm not usually a zombie fan (they scare the heck out of me!) but I actually rather enjoyed the movie so now I am curious about the book.

    Happy Halloween to you too! It's actually November 1st here so I'm technically talking to you from the future *cue spooky music and wavy fingers*

    1. :O AWESOME TIME TRAVLER FUTURE PERSON!! How did tomorrow go??

      I didn't read the book (though it's in my secret amazon wish list to remind me to get it someday), but I saw the movie and loved it. I thought it was such a great and different take on zombies. I am a zombie-freak. They scare the crap out of me, more than any other movie-monster...probably why I like them. Somehow in the back of my mind I am convinced that it could actually happen someday, which is what makes them so scary...

      IT'S CHEATING! ok it's not, but I feel wrong when I switch in the middle....I've done it twice out of three years I've NaNoed. Still counts, i wrote stuff XD but still...

      Again, good luck on tuesday <3

    2. Replying late as always. But "tomorrow" was a bit overcast and there was a storm during the night so I think it went well. The timezone difference sometimes boggles my mind though!

      Yeah I love how they reinterpreted zombies in that movie. It was so interesting and different. I managed to grab an excerpt from the book and so far, am loving the author's writing style.