Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I lost an Alex

I did.

Not permanently, but for a while.
Tween (DM Eve Liebe Klum) gave up his body for the Peakswoods Goldie I got in the mails yesterday. Even though it was a planned happening, it was still kinda sad. Only Alex II has ever had to go bodiless and that was only for a few weeks while 2.5 borrowed him. I guess IV did too, but only for like a day. This is pretty much forever, or til I get a new body for him. Which may not happen for a while, I dun runned out of doll funds (after I buy a couple wigs).

No more Tweens *snivels*

I gotta say though, the PW Goldie is awesome on the Zaoll body. She's so freaking cute!!! Exactly what I wanted for Cassiel. I think I'm done looking....Goldie was going to be a temporary fix until I got the head I "really" wanted (Volks DWC02), but I think she's perfect as is. I'll need to get her a new wig, and maybe some different eyes, but she looks like Cassiel to me! She looks good with Israfel (Hound), is tiny and cute, somewhere between a small adult and a child -- perfect! I can't decide what to do about boobs though. Right now she's completely flat, cause that body was a boy. I was going to mod some modest breasts on to her, but with a flat chest she might fit into more clothes....I'm not sure. I guess I can leave her as is for now and decide down the road depending on wardrobe - which she has none of atm XD
She will get a faceup this weekend when I give (wait for it) Mini David his faceup!!

I finally modded him! Head fits perfectly now! I'm so happy and relieved. I was so afraid of ruining him and I kept putting it he's good to go! Just in time for the meet this which I will be bringing half my dolls at this point :O

Maybe the Alex's will have to stay home! (like that ever happens)

Dollzone Fei is expected today, leaving me one more trade (we're shipping today) and then I'm done for the year (baring more trades, or Tweens new body if I sell enough). I don't know why I can go months and months with no dolls and then get 5 or 6 all at once :\\\\

Hopefully I'll have pictures of David and Cassiel soon, even blank, for their hybridness. They really look good! :D


  1. Looking forward to see what Cassiel will look like!

    I have a MYD Heeah and Zaoll's body I think looks similar, just a bit taller. The two sculpts are made by the same artist anyway. I love my Heeah's body. I had considered a Zaoll as an older version of Heeah at one stage. Never got around to doing that though.

    1. Yeah, I hadn't known she had other dolls until recently, and I found her website. They do look similar....I love her stuff. All her dolls have such a unique look! I still wish I could do a Zaoll, but they just don't fit in with my group somehow...even though I can make almost anything work.