Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Incoming and Outgoing

I sold my DC Ada on layaway, and the Unoa Sist head I've been stubbornly clinging too in hopes that someday I will have a Unoa or a hybrid. I finally gave up the dream. It's not going to happen....Unoa's aren't going to fit in with my Mini group, they don't look like any character I have.

Mini Isis as a Soulkid Janne is a go!! She will hopefully be shipping this week, so I could have her Saturday or Monday. Before next weekend would be great, she could go the meet with all the other minis (minus David - yep, still haven't modded him).
In her place I will be shipping my DZ bunny, Bean. As cutes as he was I didn't do anything with him. I think I need to stick to Hide and Seak, and no more anthros. Other than DF Conie. I suddenly want one!!! If you know anyone who wants to trade, let me know!!

Also got offered a straight trade of a Peakswoods Goldie head for my DIM Laia. Which I happily took! Goldie is not my first choice for Cassiel, but she's my favorite PW girl and I'll make her work!! Plus this is the OE version, I only have the WU version. So she won't look anything like Anna (who needs a new faceup like burning).

The sad news here is that Tween will lose his body and become a head. I really have to start saving up the $$ to get him his own bod. Actually I have almost half now! If I can hang on too it I might be able to order before the holidays :D

So two of my wishlist, Cassiel and Isis (mini) are down, leaving Tween's new body, Logan, and Mini-Anna. And a Puki Puki Pong SP face. I forgot about that.....Puki Aishe needs a smile.

In other news, AlexIII got a new faceup and Mini Uriel a new wig!

I should have styled it better >.<  but he looks like Uriel now, so yay!!

smalexIII new faceup
he was in desparate need of a new look, and I'm SO much happier with this one!! I was never really into his old faceup....first, it was the oldest of my Kara Klum's, the rest have all been redone in the last year. Second, his lips were off...they were too red and weird looking. He didn't have the blushing I do now and I just didn't like his faceup at all lol

After I took these I cut his hair again. I've been meaning to do it for a while now, the left side needed to be much shorter, but I was afraid, since it's not like I can get another one if I messed up. I didn't XD
it looks fine! I'm much happier with it now, it's more asymmetrical, as it should be.


  1. Yay for selling some stuff and getting new things! That's great news! I really like what you did with Uriel's wig and AlexIII's new face up looks great! I really love your style! The lips especially are always amazing!

    1. Yay is right! If only my poor Midori could go to a new home....I swear that poor girl is going to be stuck in limbo forever. It's been a good season for trades though! Now i have a Delf Claus coming in, possibly this week! :D Yay trades!

      Thanks!! I thought they turned out decent! Which is all I need sometimes XD
      Lips are my favorite thing, so I seriously appreciate that <333