Monday, December 30, 2013

First Doll of the New Year!! ...Wait...

Ok, so it's not 2014 yet...and technically I don't have a new doll. Yet.

BUT, I have a trade going for a doll that's been on my wish list off and on for YEARS and I am so excited I can't stand it!!! So it's my final trade of 2013, which has seriously been the Year of Trades for me.

If all goes well with the trade, I should be getting a Unoa L-bi in a week or so. We're planning to ship tomorrow, but with the holiday in there I'm not sure how that'll affect the timing. Could be this weekend, which would rock because I have NOTHING planned, so I'll have time to play. And I only have the vaguest idea for this doll, so I need time to play XD

I've wanted a Unoa, any Unoa, since 09 when a close friend got a Lusis. I started seeing a few really well done ones around (and by well done I mean weird...I like the weird ones.) and seeing one in person really made me fall in love. Unfortunately I never really got past the insane price tag, and really, with no character for one at all I had no reason to shell out the cash. My friend sold her Lusis in 2010 and I haven't really seen one since. I had a FP for a while, but it never really worked out for me...first it was a SP Sist, and my favorites were always Lusis and L-bi. And I never really ironed out a character for it. And it was sleeping. Not normally an issue, but this time, yes.

Off and on I had trades up for Unoas but never got anything....just the other day I re-added it back to my sales stuff because I had seen one or two up for sale and got the bug again. The next day I got the offer for my Switch/Souldoll and went for it. He has what is possibly an Angel Toast faceup, and since I like her work I may try to keep it...or I might wipe it. As I mentioned, vague plan is vague but it doesn't involve a natural faceup.

As far as Unoas go, I didn't really care which I ended up with, but really wanted a boy, so L-bi is perfect. I kind of want to maybe get him a Lusis fp, or maybe the Sist Bully and I've always wanted that Akubi face, so that might be something I try to get regardless, but we'll see how he works out first. Cause my car just broke down, and my cat is getting "fixed" finally, so I see two huge bills in my future plus rent and other bills so I am totally broke atm. Doll money is ZERO. Yay.

I was looking at my list to see if I could sell anyone and really, the only ones right now I care to get rid of are three I know if I sell I will never own I'm not really ready to give them up. With no sales, there's no doll money in my future...not that I've sold anything lately :\\\\

I got a new lens for my camera yesterday, so maybe I can sell one or two of the old ones... That might bring in a couple bucks. Or not, they're not great lol

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great and SAFE New Year!!! I may do a quick post before then but just in case....


it better be better than this one was....alls I'm sayin.

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  1. Happy New Year to you!

    Congrats on the impending trade. Hope all goes well. The Unoas are pretty nice dolls. Don't think I will ever get one myself. I think my doll quota is pretty much reached now. That or I am starting to feel I have way too much!