Friday, February 21, 2014

Feeling the Dollmore Love

As if I need more reasons for them to be my favorite company....

So I was a little bummed yesterday after losing the doll I was bidding on on ebay (Dollmore Dollpire Shiloh). I've really been wanting another Dollmore Kid for some reason (I go through phases. It's Dollmore Phase time again) and I've wanted Shiloh specifically since it was released, so I kind of got excited only to literally lose in the last second.

So I compensated by contacting Dollmore and begging for a sold-out head XD

And they sold it to me!!  :O

Even cooler, they made an entire order page just for my head, which sold-out the second I bought it.

So anyway, I will be getting a Dollmore U-Jee :3
I was really saddened when they discontinued that doll, I had actively been planning to buy one the second I came up with a character that would fit (luckily I have a whole new storyline to play with, so characters aren't so necessary anymore when it comes to minis I like) and then one day it was just gone, along with a lot of their older molds. No warning. Just gone.

I saw a couple come and go on the MP, but I didn't have the $$ so I didn't bother to even try to buy one....and then they were just gone. No more anywhere.

My bff decided to buy her Souldoll Kid a new body and was going to sell her DMK mtf mod, and instead gave it to me....I wanted it (I get weirdly attached to bodies....I'd done the mods on that one and would have been sad to see it go), and she didn't want to bother selling it. It's old, from 2006, and roughly the same color as Alex I who is the older DM resin. So with a body stashed away I started looking for the one DM head I wished I had, U-Jee.

I tried WTT and WTBs on DOA and nothing. I looked on ebay and a couple other places...nothing.

I was playing around on Dollmore and went to the head and part section only to find that U-Jee was still listed as able to buy as a head....which I figured was an oversight...but it got me thinking.

I was able to beg them into selling me a Thinking Kara Klum head (Alex II) when they didn't sell heads separately.

When I bought my Miso head, she shipped the day after I paid, and is the old she'd been in stock for who knows how long, waiting for me to buy her...

So I thought maybe if I asked nicely, they might come up with a U-Jee head that was just laying around...possibly for a long time, not able to match a new body but maybe one from 2006?

I really did not expect a yes, to the point that when I read the answer I had to reread three times before I realized they weren't saying "Good luck finding one second-hand!!" and were actually saying "Hey we found one!! Buy her here!"

It's made not only my whole day, but week (which was pretty crappy.).

I'm already tossing around ideas of how I want him/her to look.....I'm thinking white hair with a color palate of off-whites/creams/tans and vintage lace. I want to get a corset from Raouken, and possibly give him the cat ears I've been hording away forever, along with the Dollpire hands I never sold. He'll hang out with Mir and Mocha and if I ever get another MNF Shiwoo, Soshi. I'm toying with having them join my circus of three....I dunno....

Anyway, I'm all kinds of doll happy right now! :D


  1. That's really awesome! I'm very impressed that they actually sold you one! This is why Dollmore is great! (I kind of really want one of their MSD bodies after seeing a picture of a hybrid with an Unoa L-bi since mine needs a body and I'm not sure I want to search for another Unoa body or spend that kind of money)

    I'm excited to see what you end up doing! It's always really neat seeing your characters come together!

    1. It is!! I'm so excited. They shipped it yesterday, so I'll probably get it Thursday...I need to get the body I have ready to go tonight so I can grab him at lunch when he's shipped. Yay!!

      You should get one for him! I had a Unoa hybrid for 10 seconds, but I didn't like the FP I had and it didn't have a character or anything...but the hybrid was great. And Dollpire hands are serious win. Just sayin.