Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Project Wolverine: another stage

I haven't updated this in a awhile, because there really wasn't anything worth updating, but here is what I gots so far. This is long btw...sorry....

Earlier posts about Wolvie: 1, 2
The thread I started on DOA
A lot of deciding happened on that DOA's been very helpful.

The parts
1. Dollzone Cosmo head
Been holding on to the head since November waiting until I could afford the perfect (or only) body for Wolvie -- Mirodoll 60cm. Luckily it's the cheapest body on the planet XD

2. Eyes
This seemed easy as I literally grabbed the best pair of eyes I owned that fit the head...only thing is, they're blue, which is a color I was unsure about. So, I had to do "research" on what color Logan's eyes are. Meaning I had to read comics. WOO HOO! What did I find out? Marvel colorists have no idea what Logan's (or James') eyes are. I found grey, brown, blue and black. I keep going back to one specific mini-series for references, and in that one, his eyes are blue, so I'm going with it. Though I'm still on the fence with the size...I feel like they could be a little smaller.

3. Hands
Regardless of what body I would end up with (Mirodoll is really the only option due to the shape and size of it...but whatevs) I would need either fist hands, or jointy hands for Wolveroonie claws. Since he has such odd proportions, I wanted larger than normal hands. I found a pair of NSP 70cm Dikadoll hands on the MP fer cheaps so I grabbed 'em.

4. Hair
Er. Maybe. I ordered some black fer on the nets, but when it came I was less than pleased. I'm not sure how it'll work out. I'm going to use it anyway, at least for draft #1 of the crazy mess Logan calls hair. Hopefully it'll work...there's a lot.

5. Body
I was set on using the Mirodoll body because it's only about 60cm and totally beeftastic, so next to my taller version of Gambit, Logan will be on the short side (hopefully), as he should be. Bonus for price, which is affordable. Unless you're me in the last 6 months. Then nothing is affordable. However, I did manage to scrape up the change required last month, and ordered! Of course this was right before Chinese New Year (which I hit every year it seems, with a doll order lol), and because I've been planning this since early November it seems like I've been waiting for always and all eterrrrrrnity (if anyone knows where that is from you get so many internet cookies). I've been obsessively checking Miro to see if my status has changed, and...nothing :PPPP

But I found out today that it shipped!!! :D
And it shipped Friday! So it could be halfway here already! I have no idea, because Miro updates with order #s in the waiting room thread on DOA (wat?), and so I have no tracking. It could be anywhere. It...could be at my house RIGHT NOW! D:

omgoa;dsikgva;orhgo;rwhG'LAKENFGKEnrg IT'S BEGINNING!!! Finally!

Up Next
We see if the head fits the body. This is #1 on my DEAR GOD I HOPE IT WORKS list.
I was thinking I might need to mod the neck shorter, but in some photos, it looks pretty short already so that might not have to happen *crosses fingers*.

#2 on the list is the hands. Supposedly Miro has oddly shaped balls and sockets for wrists and hands. The hands I have are huge and round, so modding will have to be done somehow. I will have to compare what I have and see if I can rig something somehow without totally rescuplting the wrist sockets. This is the second scariest part of this....head is the first scariest because if it looks odd, I don't have a backup head and will have to start from scratch on the mold...and I really like Cosmo as Wolvie.

head and hands


The giant hands that sorta match are his...the little hand is Alex's (he's no longer using them -- I got tired of jointed hands and missed his real ones). I'm glad I went big, proportionately I like them better than the smaller ones. They look like they'd belong to a massive yet short guy XD

So, assuming the head fits, I have to make him hair. I already have a good idea of how it will be done and attached so I'm more excited than worried about this. It's been killing me not to go on and do it, but it's easier to make a wig for a doll that has a body, and I don't really want to do it and find out that he won't fit :P

Faceup. Shouldn't be too hard. I'm good at natural, I have the mock-up to look at, and I have thought about it to death. Only problem is the weather -- single to negative degree temps and a shitton of snow (dear god when does it stop?!) do not help with faceups.

If you never saw it and don't feel like clicking the link to past journals, here is my original mock-up

logan mock-up1

That's the goal! I can do it...I can....

Body blushing. Hurrrrrrrr. Due to conversations on DOA about body hair, I have decided to give it a go. I wasn't going too, but I think I can do it so it's not too gross, and if it is, I'll just get rid of it! I was originally going to avoid it, but seriously, if one is ever going to attempt body hair on a doll, it should be on Wolverine.

Claws. Urg. I have thoughts. Again, thanks to DOA I have a few suggestions I think will work. I would be happier if I had fist hands to use that I could permanently mod claws onto, but I can do temps for now.

Wardrobe. Somehow I need to get a small wardrobe together for him. I'm not planning on doing yellow and blue spandex (though someday there might be a variation of that ala my Phoenix outfit for Jean), but I do want -- Jeans, white wife beater, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, plaid shirt, leather jacket.
I have found most of this stuff here and there on the nets, but want to wait until the body is in hand and I can try stuff on it and see about sizes before buying anything. I'm pissed about the plaid shirt more than anything...I used to have one that would probably fit and I sold it *headdesk* it was perfect too, unlike other ones I've seen since.

As you might be able to tell from the amount of wordage I have here, I am a tad excited to get started.

So that's the grand scheme. I really hope I can pull this off!

My current X-Men AU lineup: 
Gambit - Volks Heath on Granado 64 body
Jean Grey - Luts Delf Claus (boy)
Jubilee - CP Delf Dark Elf Soo

On the way: 
Shogo - Fairyland LTF Rose
Wolverine - Dollzone Cosmo (hopefully) on Mirodoll 60 body

Mystique - Some sort of Mirodoll sculpt. I found out the make the perfect blue for her, started thinking about it and now I'm obsessed!! Only I'm not super-crazy about any of the heads, so I'm holding out until they come out with one that's more Mystique-like XD
Mika might work in a pinch though...

That's it! I was really set on Storm, but I decided she doesn't interest me as a character along with the group I unless I get more random SD sized dolls in a trade, I'm stopping with Mystique.

Yay! *runs in circles*


  1. That's an awesome project and I hope when the body arrives that everything fits together nicely! It sounds like it should in theory! Looks like you've put a ton of thought into this so I'm really excited to see how he turns out! I had a similar problem to what you mentioned in this post or another one. I can't remember. But blogger was not showing me what people had updated so I was a little out of the loop for a while. That and I've been hella broke so I haven't really updated my own blog with anything new either. Tax returns are coming soon though. Maybe I'll have some left over for something exciting.

    Anyway, hopefully your body arrives soon! I look forward to seeing how everything fits together!

    1. It's (supposedly) at home right now!!! *wiggles* I'm dying. I want to go get it SO BAD but I still have an hour.
      Everything looks like it should work out in theory lol which is the scary part.
      I'm usually good at guesswork for hybrids (it's usually guessing, I don't bother with pesky details like neck measurements), but I have been wrong before (two big ones that I can name off the top of my head), so I am a little nervous.

      Blogger is ticking me off. Not only does it like to pretend I don't follow anyone, but it just logged me off even though I was on earlier today. :\
      I hate that. I wrote out a huge comment and wasn't me. XD

      And I hear you on the broke. I haven't been financially stable for months! It's awful. I blame it on friends and pets. My Dad was telling me not to buy so many dolls, and I was like "I haven't bought a doll in forever!! I just get trades" XD
      Not entirely true....but what I did buy was "doll money" from it doesn't count.

      Hey are you going to Akon this year??

    2. Oh that's very exciting news! I haven't actually read the newest post yet but I see it's there so I guess I';ll find out if this panned out in a moment!

      Blogger did the same thing to me again today. And then I came back later and suddenly it decided I was following people after all. Can never tell what it's going to do. I can see why you'd be frustrated with it.

      That really sucks! I'm sorry! Hopefully things will start looking up for you soon. I do the same thing though. If it's from a sale I consider it fair game for buying other doll stuff even if I technically probably should put it toward something more boring and 'grown up'. XD

      Yep the plan is to go to A-kon! Are you coming again?

    3. I will be there! I won't have an artist table this year though (booo) because I don't get to be a "special" guest, so I am staying with a friend in her room (I'm just a guest, so they won't pay for my hotel, only airfare...which is still good!!), and my friend who came last year to watch the table can't go. And I'll mostly be with Doll - A - Kon, but I'll still be there! I'm doing a faceup...thing. It's not really a class and it's not really a demo. Just a thing XD

      I haven't posted about Wolverine here yet....I did it on DOA and then got bored (it was long lol) -- for now I'll just say it's working! Someday the weather will stop being a dick and I'll be able to work on his faceup....but until then he's blank :\\\\\\

      Feh. What's grown up anyway? One of my best doll friends is 70! Actually almost all my best doll friends are older than me by at least 5 years XD it makes feel like it's ok to play with dolls at any age!

      Though some of them have way more money than me and they are all total enablers. None of us have the sense to talk each other out of buying >.<

    4. That's cool! I'll have to find out when your face up thing is and try to go to that! Last year I didn't know where all the Doll-A-Kon festivities were until the last day so I missed out on everything.

      That's really neat though! I have one sort of doll friend irl but she's the same age as me and generally a little more careful with her money. I've met a couple nice people on DoA but I'm so bad at keeping up with PMs and the like because half the time my email doesn't inform me they're there.

      Weather is cruel and I hope it decides to cooperate a bit better in the near-ish future!

    5. Lol if you do the faceup thing I hope I don't disappoint XD

      Seriously. I was so nervous last year!! But i lived so I'm all about doing it again. Doll-A-Kon is supposed to be even better this year, they have a market-place! Which I will be at least stop by there! Alex will be with me, his obnoxious green hair is visible from space so I'll be easy to find XD

      I'm terrible at keeping up with pms and email and any sort of communication. I keep trying to do better...but I suck. So I generally don't mind if other people are the same way. I'm lucky that there are a lot of people in my area with BJDs and so many of them turned out to be nice. That's one thing DOA was good for, that's how I met some of my best friends!