Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why I shouldn't wear white. Ever.

Wear white dress to work; immediately spill coffee on it.
Then stab thumb with pen (wat?) and bleed everywhere (not on the dress luckily - but still...).

The good thing is, I now get to wear a band-aid that has FUCK printed all over it. Yay!
I wonder if I tattooed a purple smear on my thumb...? Does that happen? I guess I'll find out when it heals.

Good news! Dollmore shipped the U-jee head and I have a working tracking number!

Noppin also shipped my Unoa parts! :D Tracking number does not work yet, but it will eventually, so they'll probably get here a day or two after the U-jee.

So many faceups I'll have to do D: I need to make a list.....

I have no idea what I want to do with U-jee. He has no name and though I know the style I want for him, I don't know what faceup I'll do or what color eyes he'll have. I'll have to think about it for awhile I guess.

I do have an idea of how I'll redo Mir's faceup at least. He'll be a little easier, though I'll have to do it three times >.<

More good news (but it's a secret!): I'm getting a Dollzone Carter for my birthday!! MANY YAYS!
I've loved Carter since his release -- I have his clothes, and he's often been on my trade list. Now he gets to come home! I know exactly what I want to do with him, he's finally going to be my everyghost. The doll that represents Alex's ability as a medium....I'll do a ghostly faceup on him and he will have the black and pupilless eyes my Volks girl had in her short time as a ghost. He'll be perfect for that! I have been trying to make a ghost doll since my first year in the hobby and it's going to happen, I don't think there's a better mold out there than Carter and all of his creepiness. :)

Really, I'm not supposed to be getting new dolls this year.....so I have a ton of dolls coming in D:

I got the wig in for my super-secret doll project involving the Dika Doll Aqua head. It's amazing....if I can pull him off he'll be so awesome. He needs a body. For what I need him for he may be able to borrow Alex's but then I want Alex whole and with me the whole time, so that could be a problem....I need to think about it more....

I wish Thomas would sell. Then I could buy bodies for the two heads and be done with it.....boooooo....


  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your thumb! How did you even manage that?

    Glad to hear your U-jee has shipped! Can't wait to see what you do with him! What sorts of Unoa parts are you getting? You're going to be quite busy with doll stuff in the near future it sounds like! You will have to post all kinds of pictures of progress on all of your projects!

    1. Dude, I have no idea. I think it's something only I can do....I was putting the cap on, but backwards -- holding the cap instead of the pen, and I must have used way more force than was necessary for the task. And then I missed. Somehow I'm not surprised. :\

      Thanks! I really need to get back in the habit of taking photos of everything. The lens on my camera is huge right now though, so it's hard to lug around (I have it at work today...but only Boo is with me) and my phone is a 4s so the camera is SUCK. I should use it anyway....I have more light in my apt since I moved my computer desk away from the window. The cat Tardis is there now, but it doesn't block the light like my computer did.

      I got the L-bi decadent FP, Lusis Yawn (I figure it's close enough to L-bi that Mir can use it) and fist hands. Which is something I wish I had for all my dolls....I love fisty hands.

    2. That sounds very painful. I hope it gets better soon.. O_O

      I would love to see more photos, yes! Even if they are just phone ones! You're a far better photographer than I am so I'm sure they'd be better than anything I could do with a real camera (not that my 'real camera' is that great either). And what is a cat tardis out of curiosity?

      I am not familiar with the decadent FP. Is that new? I've been a bit out of the loop for a while now. Not much in the way of spare funds so I tend to avoid temptation and that often means avoiding DoA and other doll related things entirely. Fist hands are awesome though! It's nice to be able to have different hand expressions for characters!

    3. You know, I had never heard of a Decadent FP until recently....Maybe it is new! I found one while I was looking for Unoa pics during the really long and bad wait for mine, so I've only known about them for a month or so. It's a nice face, so I'm sure if it is new, we'll be seeing more of them. If I had enough $$ I'd have bought the Lusis Decadent, winking and Sist Bully too, but I'm pretty happy I got what I did.

      For some reason I thought I'd posted about the Cat Tardis...but I don't think I ever did. My cats have a Tardis. I found one on Pinterest and was telling a friend about it. It's a big tardis-shaped cat tree, with two levels and carpeted on the inside and roof. When she found out I was getting a kitten in September she had her husband make one for my cats. It's awesome, but they totally ignored it until I moved it into the room I'm in the most. Now they're in it constantly. And peering out of the widows and doors at me...like the creeps they are <3

  2. Baww - isn't that always the way, last time I wore white I fell in a mud hole... haven't worn it since haha

    Congrats on all your new incomings! Looking forward to seeing your U-Jee - They're such an under stated sculpt but I find them cute :D

    1. I know right? White is a magnet for everything stainy. And Bird Poo if it's a car (I once watched an entire flock of birds change coarse to crap all over my car...:P). I wore a brand new white shirt to my moms birthday party, took one bite of salsa and dripped it all over the front of the shirt. I tried everything to get it out....and eventually tea-dyed the whole thing because nothing removes salsa. And I had to tea-dye it twice just to get it so the stain wasn't noticeable (I can still see it.).

      Thank you! They really really are, there are so few of them in existence I'm not surprised Dollmore stopped selling them. I was surprised by the lack of warning...I would have bought one if I'd known they were going away. They are super-cute....I am a sucker for odd noses and open mouths with lots of teeth. If all my dolls could look like Volks Michele I'd probably be happy.

      Except Alex...but then I did mod one of his mouths open too, so the obsession continues....

    2. Jeebus - clearly they had it in for your car haha Is it a particular colour? Perhaps they mistook it for a giant purr-beast *snortle* Though they do say that it's good luck to be hit with bird muck, so that ought to make you pretty damn lucky!

      Oh I'm definitely the same, I have a real thing for open mouths in particular - even mod it in if they don't have one! In this hobby, little bitty teefers are my biggest weakness - hah :D
      I do think it's a shame Dollmore just doesn't seem to be very popular in general these days... There was a time they were slightly ahead of the market with their 'mature' sculpts but these days they seem to have been almost completely forgotten about!

    3. They do. And I must have the best luck ever then...I came out this morning to the biggest poo ever all over my windshield :(
      The hawk must be back. The thing blocks half my vision...it's awful. Oh my car is white. White is bird-poo magnetic. I could be in a lot with a dozen other cars and they'll only hit mine....

      Eeeee! I don't understand why so many people don't like open mouths! They're so much fun! I love it when I discover a sculpt has one and I didn't know, like Migidoll Jina. I had no idea that mouth was open and had teeth until I got one.....I ended up selling him, but I was kind of torn up about it because of the open mouth.

      Yeah Dollmore really isn't popular at all. At least, the bulk of their dolls aren't. There's a decent following with the Kids, and a lot of people like Gu mi-jeong's sculpts, and Lusion and Trinity are really popular (though it always amazes me when people can just buy one of those...they're so expensive!! I bet they get a lot of use from that year-long layaway policy they have)...And I guess there's a few Models and Glamor models out there....but none of the threads are very active, and hardly anyone owns the Adam/Eve line. Which will always be my favorite.

      I guess that means those of us who have them need to do our best to make them look good! And maybe actually take a photo of them once in a while D:

      That would probably help. lol *fail*